You’re Just Trying To Keep Me Down

New Toy!

Taken using my new camera!

I bought myself a new camera. I was looking at a Cannon, but I ended up going back to my first love: Kodak. Not to mention my camera is WHITE.

When I bought it the guy told me that even though the picture on the box was black that the unit was white. Honestly it didn’t matter to me, but when I opened it…white is so pretty.

Since I’ve had a weird work schedule and the weather has been crazy I haven’t been able to take it outside much to try it out. So far though I am enjoying it. I’m still getting used to the different settings and everything. I do use my other camera from time to time still and I don’t see that stopping any time soon.

It’s just honestly nice to have something new. I did take pretty much a whole pay check to buy it, but I think of it was a little gift to myself.

I am going to use my new camera for Christmas pictures, in hopes that will get me used to it a bit better.

Christmas Shopping

I’ve been done with all my shopping for a while, but my mom isn’t. So tomorrow I have to go out with her to help her finish. I’m not looking forward to it because I know how crazy everyone is going to be.

I did go out tonight to pick up some food because I was too lazy (and sick) to cook, honestly there was like no one out. It surprised me how few people were out.

I do have to work on Christmas Eve 1pm to 9pm. I’m crossing my fingers that it won’t be super crazy, but I figure it will. I think everyone is staying at home and resting up to be crazy on Christmas Eve and finish shopping all on that day.

I’m just glad I have my shopping done though so I can just focus on getting my mom what she needs to hurry and get home.

New Things

Dean Winchester

I finally have a little Dean Winchester!

I found them on ebay for around $20, but I found them somewhere else for only $10! Oh yeah, and they had free shipping when I found them…so yes I had to buy one!

Now I’m looking for the Castiel one.

Anti-Flag 'Fuck Police Brutality' Shirt

I also finally bought the Anti-Flag ‘Fuck Police Brutality’ shirt. Every time I was going to buy it they never had smalls in stock, well they finally did so I bought one. Plus they donated money they made from the shirt to the ACLU.

Food Porn

Cabbage Soup

Red Cabbage Soup – Red cabbage, carrots, black beans, Onions, garlic, tomatos

Buffalo 'Chicken' Wings

Buffalo ‘Chicken’ Wings – Recipe

Orange Cauliflower

Orange Cauliflower – Recipe

Asian Inspired 'Chicken' Salad

Asian Inspired ‘Chicken’ Salad with Crispy Rice Noodles

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