Your Candy Kiss Haunts My Soul

I’ve been away trying to work on a lot of sewing. Not working out that well. Yesterday I was working on some new aprons and I just started feeling so sick, so I ended up stopping for the night.

In the end I guess the good thing is I was to the part of ironing everything. So it was a good spot for me to stop. I don’t know why I started feeling sick because today I feel fine. Maybe it was just something I ate or something.

I was able to get half of the ironing finished today though. I still have another waistband to finish ironing before I’m going to start sewing again. It’s hard to iron though with a two year old in the house. So I’ve been trying to fit it in when she’s busy or sleeping.

I’ve found it easier to do these aprons in pairs – especially if I’m using the same thread to sew both of them.

When I finish the two I’m working on right now I think I have maybe five more cut out. I still need to cut a couple more out though. I’m not sure of my count on adult and child sized. I do know for a fact I’m not where near the 12 of each. Ugh.

Instead of switching between headscarves and aprons, I’m sewing all the aprons before I start on the headscarves. In the end it’s just going to be so much easier.

In the end if I have extra of anything that I won’t be taking with me to events, I’m going to put it in my shop [LINK].

Once I’m finished with sewing these two together, I’m going to start on one of the new things. One of the new things is going to be baby bibs – which is 100% new for me because I’ve never made a baby bib before.

I’m trying to find some new things to make. I do have that little list of ideas but since I’m working on aprons and headscarves right now I haven’t taken the time to try any of them. I just really want to get one thing started before moving onto something else. When I have a bunch of things going on at the same time, that’s when I get nothing finished. And honestly if my niece wasn’t here this weekend I would be able to get these aprons finished in one day, no problem.

I true goal is to have the aprons and headscarves finished by Sunday night. Once I have those finished, like I said, the next thing I’m going to do are the bibs. I figure I’ll make around a dozen of those too.

Oh! And I took a chance to finally make new headers for both my shop and facebook [LINK].


Facebook Header
For those who like reading and use a Kindle (or Kindle App) you should check out Book Gorilla [LINK]. You sign up, tell them what kind of things you like to read and every day they send you an email with a list of free (or on sale) books. Every day I find at least one (free) book on the list. ^_^ It’s great. I’d get more if I was really able to spend a load of money on books, but that’s a bad idea. Haha.

Last week I finished reading 2:46: Aftershocks: Stories from the Japan Earthquake [LINK]. It’s a great read, but make sure you have tissues. So many of the stories are so heartbreaking and so sad. That was the second book for 2014! A day after I finished reading that book, I started reading my next book: Van Gogh’s Inner Struggle: Life, Work and Mental Illness by Liesbeth Heenk [LINK].

Today for lunch I made something new, and I think it turned out good. I made rice and lentil balls in a tomato sauce with mashed potatoes. ^_^ So good.

Well this is a short blog for me but I just started a movie and I just want to veg out. I’m missing someone a lot tonight.

Blog Title: Candy Kiss by The Creepshow

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  1. Sorry you hear that you felt sick. I hope that you are feeling better now?

    Hopefully you were able to get all the ironing done and started on the sewing? 😀 That will be great and more things for the shop.

    Creating new things is great, but like you said too many things and it all ends up in a big jumble. It is good to know what you will do next though and the baby bibs sounds really awesome. 😀

    The new headers look really good. 🙂

    I had not known about that site with the book deals and that is awesome. I am going to sign up. 😀

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