You Realize That You’re Talking To Yourself


Spring! It’s finally spring! Not only does the calendar say it’s spring, but the weather has finally realized it’s spring! I took the above picture while with my mom going out to my younger brother’s place to pick up the kids. He lives on a hill and has a perfect view of everything below.


One of the wind chimes that hangs on the pourch

We didn’t get to the nice weather without the bad. It felt like it rained for weeks on end, but it really didn’t. Though there was a lot of rain that caused the rivers to rise high and even in some places run over the roads.



A couple weeks ago since it was suppose to be spring I wanted to buy some house plants. My mom used to have loads of house plants while I was growing up. I want some of my own…even though I’m not that great at making things grow.

My Flower

I bought this flower! It’s white but the middle flowers have touches of pink in them. I’m going to plant it outside once I get the flowerbed cleaned out. No worries, this is a flower that is suppose to go outside.

New Two Piece

I did buy myself a new two piece! It does have a high waist, which is going to take some getting used to. I do love it though.

New Corset

I also bought a new corset. It’s not really a corset because it’s made from fabric that stretches, but at least it fits. Haha!

New Shirt

We have a new store in our mall that has been having killer sales. Last time I was in there I bought this top for $4 and two pair of jeans for $6 each. Every time I’m in there and see jeans on sale I usually buy a pair because they have size 0 and they actually fit me. I’ve also bought underwear from this store when they had them on sale for $1 each. Oh and I’ve bought a bra for $3.

Origami Owl Skull Charm

I’ve been doing shopping for new Origami Owl charms. I’ve been looking for a skull charm and finally found one on ebay so I ended up spending around 75 cents on it – WORTH IT! Now I have a skull, teapot, rolling pin and a cat. I have a few more ordered but I ordered enough of the other charms to share with those I sent necklaces to – so I want them to be a surprise.

I’m considering doing something like those subscription boxes for the charms. It would be under $10 a month and you would get so many charms each month. I don’t know how I would get it together though- but if you have one of the necklaces you know how addicting the charms are! haha.

Punk In Nature

Punk In Nature

While it was nice last week I went outside and took some pictures. I have a lot more that I took but these are my favorites. ^_^ I’m looking forward to taking more pictures like this when it is warmer and I have my new boots.

Potato Pirates Logo

On the 4th I got a new tattoo! This one is the biggest one to date, but like two out of the three I have it is all black ink. I swear, I’m trying to think of a tattoo to put a little color on my arm! This new tattoo is the logo of the band The Potato Pirates. If you’ve been following my blog very long you would know my growing love for them. I did leave the name off the logo though, I mean the skull and bats are awesome on their own!

In the next couple months I’m going to be getting another new piece – as soon as I figure out what I want next. I think I may end up getting either my flower tattoo on my leg or something related to A Clockwork Orange.

I’m also planning to get a piercing at some point soon. Yes, any extra money I have I put toward tattoos or something like that. haha!

Blog Title: White Crosses by Against Me


  1. Clockwork Orange…such a haunting book. I haven’t actually seen the movie all the way through but I’ve read the book a number of times and taught it once. What tattoo will you get? A quote from the book?

  2. Love the pictures 🙂 never read the book to Clockwork Orange, but I hear it differs from the film on several levels. But the movie is haunting and just amazing.

    Plus, your vest is badass.

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