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Iced Oatmeal Cookies

I love oats. I don’t know why, I just do. So last week while I was out with my mom one day I picked up a container of old fashioned oats – awesome for baking with. This led to me making cookies I’ve been craving for some reason. I made iced oatmeal cookies. Um. It was so worth it.

The only downside is the fact that the recipe I was using had the wrong amount of flour in it. So I ended up making one batch that looks super odd. After that though they all looked a lot better. I only had to add a bit more flour to the dough.


If you don’t already know my nickname is Ms Cherry – thanks to that cherry tattoo on my butt. Before my boyfriend and I started dating he joked that if we ever started dating that I would have to make him a patch for his vest. Well I did. haha. I’ve shown a picture of it to him. And in this picture it only has one coat of paint on it. I think it’s going to need two more coats of paint for it to look better.

The joke came along because I’m working on a bum flap for myself that has two big cherries on it and on the bottom it says ‘Ms Cherry’. ^_^ I’ll share pictures once it’s totally finished.

A friend of mine also asked me to do a back patch for him. I bough the black fabric already, I just need to get a hold of him to see what size for sure before I start sketching it.


Tuesday I had to run to the store with my mom, so I found this charm that I picked up for my charm bracelet. ^_^ I couldn’t pass it up. I know I’m going to have a hard time finding punk related charms though.

S'mores Cupcakes

Tuesday afternoon and night all I did was bake for this event going on this weekend. I’m honestly sick of seeing cupcakes. I baked 168.

I baked: S’mores (Pictures above), Marble, Twinkie, Confetti, Peach, Vanilla & Apple Pie.

New Hair

I also found time Tuesday to dye my hair! I still need a haircut, but here’s a picture of it – Wednesday made it in the picture too. I’m seriously missing my red a lot though, so before I dye it the next time I’m just going to order the dye.

Tuesday night also means Supernatural. I started to dye my hair during the episode because…it was just SO boring! Dean and Sam were in it just for a short time it seemed. I’m just hoping next week is better.

Today was the first day of the event and the cupcakes did sell pretty good, even though where we’re at is nothing but a mud hole.

Last night we set everything up and by the time we were done my shoes were soaked through and my socks were totally wet. I wouldn’t even wear my shoes today I had to wear my boots – and today my boots are soaked.

It was cold today too, which didn’t help.

One good thing is we’re right next to a yard sale, so I went over there a couple times today. One time I went with my mom and niece because they came for a little bit today. Since my niece is growing out of all of her clothes my mom ended up buying her a lot of t-shirts and pajama’s at this yard sale. I bought myself a pair of purple and black tights and a pair of pajama pants.

While my mom and niece were still there I ended up having to walk back over with my niece because they had a mini recliner that my niece wanted. She ended up getting it. It was only $1 because there were some marker spots on it, but I’m going to recover it for her.

When I came home tonight she has the recliner sitting by the coffee table. When I walked past it to get to my bedroom I seen a blanket and one of her dolls sitting in it – so at least she’s using it.


When I came home these were waiting for me in the mail. I ordered them to turn one into a clip on charm for my niece’s charm bracelet for her birthday. I just have no clue what I’m going to do with the other five. haha. I guess I could turn one into a necklace for her too.

Her birthday is coming up so quickly, which is making me crazy. I wanted to make her a backpack like Dora, but I think that’s going to be more like a Christmas gift. So instead I’m going to make her a quilt. Since I’m going to stay with my boyfriend for a week (starting next weekend, yippie!) I think I’m going to at least take the fabric to cut the pieces, I mean I’m sure he’d at least help with measuring so all the squares are the same size.

He did say he’s going to help me finish putting studs on my vest! Which I can’t wait for, but I have a feeling I should have ordered more studs.

I just honestly can’t wait for this week to be over. I pretty much have no life from now to Sunday. And the best part is once this week is over I’ll have a few days and I get to see him and spend time with him. ^_^

I’m so excited I’m already packing things in my mind. haha.

Since I just got home around an hour ago I’m going to get in bed and not move for the rest of the night. Tomorrow is another early day…and long boring day.


Blog Title: Never Gonna Tell You by Teenage Bottlerocket

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  1. I’m totally entry hopping through your site to catch up on what I’ve missed out on, haha.

    But like I said on Facebook, I would love to cupcake the crap out of someone’s house with you, especially after you’re sick of seeing cupcakes. I love them myself and all, but 168 is so many! 🙁 I wish I lived nearby, I would have helped you eat them or even sell them off to people. I also love oats, like you… I don’t even know why either, I put them in everything… yogurt, cookies, muffins, ice cream (if I’m feeling really eccentric LOL). Just baked some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies over the weekend.

    Your hair color looks fantastic, by the way. What dye do you use?

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