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First snow

First snow of the season happened last night. I didn’t really go out in the dark just to get a picture, I stuck my camera out of the dog door. Haha. It worked because I did get a picture in the end, though Odie had to see what I was doing. He’s a snow dog. There’s not really enough snow for him to play in yet though.

First Snow

First Snow

First Snow

I couldn’t sleep this morning, half of that is because of Lola. So I got up and went outside to take a few pictures of the first snow. ^_^ These are not all of the snow pictures I took, but they are a few of my favorites. The last one is the photo for the day on my photoblog – On-The-Streets.Net – I had to use it for today’s picture because of how great it turned out.

Boot Covers

With hearing there was snow coming I thought it was time for me to make my boot covers. So I’ve heard them called many different things, but I’m sticking with boot covers. I seen them in a catalog I get in the mail, but they wanted $35 for a pair. Overly priced! I knew I needed a pair though to keep my boots from rubbing against my legs and to make sure my feet are nice and warm in my boots. I made mine around 5 inches long – enough to fold over the boot and know there’s still more below the fold keeping it on my leg. I’m glad I finally made them and well even if I ordered them I wouldn’t have been able to get them in black and red! It only took me maybe two hours to make both of them – but I was piecing the yarn together since it’s two colors.

Pumpkin Pancakes

Sunday night I ended up making simple pumpkin drop cookies – I’ll post the recipe soon. I only used around a half of a can of pumpkin for the cookies so I had the leftovers to do something with. This afternoon I used a bit more of the can to make pumpkin pancakes! Oh yeah and they were vegan pancakes. So good. In the picture that stuff beside the pancakes is vegan bacon.

There’s still around 1/4 cup of pumpkin left, so I’m thinking about doing pumpkin french toast tomorrow.

I also have some blueberries. I’m not sure what I want to do with those. I was thinking about making turnovers – because I’ve been dying for a turnover. I just don’t want to make a pie – I know turnovers are like mini pies, but around here turnovers get eaten sooner then pies because you can take it on the go.

A special thing I’m going to be posting a recipe of soon is – well there are two things – the first one being the recipe for Date & Nut Whirl Cookies. This recipe is one my grandma always used around the holiday season. The second recipe is the raisin cookies my grandma always made – it’s a recipe that’s near to my heart because I grew up on these cookies and I’ve made them vegan now so I can pass the yumminess along.

Thanksgiving is coming close here in the US. Which means nothing to me really other then dinner with family. It also means me stressing out over what I’m making. This year though the stress hasn’t hit yet. I’m going to use the same stuffing recipe I used last year, I’m going to make the same mushroom gravy, I’m going to do the same noodles this year…and as always I’ll be making the pumpkin pies. I have thought about doing something else just to mix it up a little bit, but I’m not sure what I’ll do.


Today I finally took the chance to upload some new film ratings to TaV [LINK].

The first film I uploaded a rating (and very short review) is for Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006) [LINK], it wasn’t the first time I watched the film.

The second film is Sherlock Holmes (2009) [LINK], which I liked a lot more then I thought I would. I’ve already started watching the second film.

The third film is The Raven (2012) [LINK], what can I say I’m a John Cusack fan. ^_^

The fifth film is James And The Giant Peach (1996) [LINK], this was the first time I watched this film since I was a child.

The last film is Crush (2013) [LINK], which turned out to be a great little surprise since I didn’t have my hopes up for the film at all.

I still have two films left from when I watched films last week to rate and upload all that info. I’ve been trying to do rating at least once a week to keep on top of the website. So far so good. I even added a TV ratings section [LINK]! Right now all I have is ratings for Supernatural, but I’m working on ratings for Wilfred, Workaholics, Drawn Together and Bob’s Burgers.

Aside from website work I’ve also been working on something new for Cheri Delights [LINK]. I’m making a new kind of coaster. I’m making them in pairs because I honestly don’t know anyone who buys coasters in sets of 4 any more. Also look Cherri Delights up on facebook, I finally made a facebook page. On the facebook page I’ll be making posts of things you won’t find in the store, special order items and images of all the items I have available right now. ^_^

Well I’m going to get back to working on those coasters.

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  1. Snow hasn’t hit UK yet but there are weather warnings of a blizzard of the coldest weather to come our way for year (i swear they say this every year…) next week. So we shall see…

    Your boot covers are cute 🙂 I’ve never seen them before! I’ve only used leg warmers.

    Good luck with your shop and hopefully you’ll be able to move it to your own domain soon and get everything up and running!

  2. Seeing the snow reminded me of Iowa, which is where I lived during college. I really miss it, and we don’t get it here here in Texas. Beautiful picture.

    2 hours? That’s pretty amazing! Love those boot covers. Cute and comfy. 😀

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