Wow, 2016.

Hard to believe it’s 2016, isn’t it? It may be just me, but it seems last year just went by in a flash. As 2016 starts rolling I’m already planning the first trip of the year. The trip will be at the end of April and we’re going to Waverly Hills Sanatorium. It’s going to be a weekend trip since the drive will be 6 hours just to get there. I’m super excited over this trip because it’s the first one my boyfriend is going with us on. ^_^ I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.

And it’s a new year and I’m still waiting on my glasses. They’re closed Sunday and Wednesdays, but I figured I’d have them by now. I just want to be able to see. I have my fingers crossed they call tomorrow. Since they’re open 9 to 5 I figure they would call before noon whenever they do call. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

I’m also only a few days away from my biopsy. I just can’t wait to have it over with.

CarrieCarrieCarrie is already getting used to having clothes. Sadly her dress and her hoodie hardly fit her now. I have to go find her another hoodie/sweater because she wears it when she goes outside a lot. Her collar is also on the last hole, so I need to find her another one.

VeganEGGI am one of the lucky people to have found VeganEGG in stock somewhere. I know it’s been hard for some people to find it in stock. Pretty much you have to find an online store and sign up for a notification for when they have it back in stock. I ordered mine from Vegan Essentials. I was so thrilled with the purchase from them I ordered more items and got them today. I’m seriously in love with VE store. ^_^ I’m planning a big purchase at the end of the month so I can stock up on pantry items.

Anyways back to the VeganEGG…

VeganEGGVeganEGGAs every other egg substitute it comes in powder form and you have to mix it with water. But what you get when you cook it made me happy…

VeganEGGIt actually is egg! An egg you can feel fine about eating. I was honestly impressed with the product. Next, I plan to bake with it!

MoonMoonMoonMoonMoonChristmas night we had a full moon, well Christmas Eve the moon was just as nice. The first two pictures were taken on Christmas Eve and the others were taken Christmas night.

Bullet BraLast night I opened one of the two bullet bras that I won on EBay. They were both in the original packages. The crazy thing to think is they cost $1.29 each. You can’t buy a bra for that now at all. I am in LOVE with the bras though.

And as always, food pictures…

Truffles, Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies, SnickerdoodlesFrosted BrowniesPeanut Butter CookiesFried Rice


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  1. Carrie is too cute ^^ It reminds me of my dog, Marley, who’s growing so fast! Also those moon photos are gorgeous! I can’t wait to see your pictures from your next trip!

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