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Over the past few weeks there has been some people who think they can bully fellow bloggers and well just create drama where there shouldn’t be any. I think it’s taken a toll on everyone involved, and everyone who just knows about it. I’ve told my friend the whole time it just reminds me of middle school and a mean girls club that found a target just for the hell of it. They just need to chill and refocus on what THEY’RE doing, not what other people are doing. I’ve realized though this will never happen with those girls, but I’m just hoping it does. Blogging isn’t suppose to have rules, it’s suppose to be fun. I’m an old school blogger though, I remember when there wasn’t groups and there was no drama. Everyone was on the same level and just enjoyed hearing what everyone was doing in their lives – even stood by them through some seriously hard times.

Old times, oh I miss them.

I started blogging before wordpress came along. It was my way to have a diary and I found making the sites around that “diary” was a great creative outlet that I loved.

I was bullied in school, so it was my way to reach out to people and to find others like myself. As I grew older and got out of school though it has become my way to just de-stress from daily life.

I blog to make no one else happy, just myself. I’ve also enjoyed writing my whole life.

At one point in my life I wanted to be a writer. I just want to write books. Of course that one dream never comes true. There’s so many other people who would love to write books for a living, but we all have day jobs we really have to do.

If you’re thinking of starting a blog, don’t let that first paragraph scare you from doing it. Honestly there are a lot of great people who blog for the same reasons I do. There just always have to be those people to drag anything down, right?

I also blog as a way to share things. I could be sharing a new great recipe, a photograph or a new product I came across.  I like exposing people to new things – no matter what kind of new thing it is.

In the end, I blog for myself. No one else.



  1. How “old school” are you? I started blogging back in late 1999-2000 with manual coding before I finally understood Blogger LOL.

    It wasn’t just the “blogging world” that all the nonsense bullying was occurring but throughout hobbyist web designers/developers too (to be more specific, those who build fansites/fanlistings of a particular subject, like video games and anime/manga). I’ve gone through all that just because of my opinions on what works and what doesn’t work with just websites in general (probably still am, just not “active” at the moment). It annoys me when some of these people say they’re “open” to all, and yet their actions are doing the opposite.

    I’m a web developer (more like student/amateur trying to get into the field) who also loves to write (and do art) too. I opened my creatives blog (http://ninpojineous.adrimarie.us) as a journal, but also to share what I learned with others too. Apparently, some people believe that those who write tutorials that are “not so common” means they’re showing off. When does one write tutorials and share tips to others considered to be showing off? I don’t get people… either that or that their ego has skyrocketed so much that they feel bitter when someone appears to have a better way of doing things. Happens all the time.

  2. That’s yeah unfortunate, to what happened to a lot of people: bullying sucks and after being in the middle of such drama, I’m stronger than ever. Bullies can’t keep me down.

    Glad you blog for yourself, as I do too!

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