We’ve Got No Rights

I think that one “word” sums up how I’ve been feeling lately. It seems this time of year I always become depressed. It’s not because of family that I hate visiting or being forced to be around family. I mean I’m around my family all year. It’s just the fact that I’m always alone.

Both of my brothers are dating someone again this year and well I haven’t dated someone for nearly a year. It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long but it has, which amazes me.

I don’t hang around facebook – not that I normally do anyways – because all people seem to talk about is their relationships and how happy they are. I have learned that this time of year everyone is happy in their relationships and over half of them are just lying.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re in a relationship and happy that’s great. I’m not anti-anyone in a relationship. I’m just depressed over the fact that I have no one and I’m figuring I’ll never have anyone.

My habit of when I become depressed is to shop…which is all I’ve done this week. I’m to the point of being broke. It sounds horrible…but yes I buy things I don’t even want sometimes.

Though this week I did buy something I was waiting to be back in stock. Anti-Flag has a ‘Fuck Police Brutality’ shirt. Whenever I had the extra money they were always out of stock. Well they’re back in stock and I had the money to buy one! In total it was $24, but I don’t feel bad about spending that much on a shirt since some of the money they make on the shirts go toward the ACLU to help fight against police brutality. I am excited to finally get this shirt…even if it will be too big.

Monday though I went to the mall for a few, just to get out of the house honestly. I did shop though.

At one store I bought a Marvel comics crop top and a red & black scarf for $12. So $6 for the top and $6 for the scarf, super deal. In the end though I figure I’m going to end up giving the scarf to my mom because I don’t like it as much as I like my skull scarf. The fabric of this new scarf…I just don’t like it.

I was able to find a few stocking stuffers for my niece. One of the shoe stores has little bracelet and ring sets for 98 cents so I picked up a few different ones.

Since I have my DVD burner I did buy some discs. I spent $13 on 50.

There’s a candy shop in the mall and well I go in there every time. It’s just something to have to do – even if you buy nothing. They have all their holiday candy out now too, so it smells amazing. I love the smell of mint.

In the end though I did buy my mom and I dinner to take home.


Lizzy & The Christmas Tree

When we were younger my mom would do a lot of decorating, but now we just put a tree up & stockings.

Last night I finished decorating the tree. Well my niece was suppose to be helping but she was just making a pile on the floor for me to pick up and put on the tree.

I’m glad it’s finally up though. That means I have some where to put all the gifts I had wrapped. haha.

Food Talk

Cookie Dough Fudge

Cookie dough is one of the best things ever to eat, raw. We’ve all done it even though we’re not “suppose” to. But you can never say no to that amazing taste. So I gave cookie dough fudge a try!

It does taste just like raw cookie dough. So amazing! You can find the recipe on AnarchyKitchen.Com!

Biscuits And Hamburg Gravy

Growing up any kind of gravy and biscuits was on the menu during cold days. I was craving that so I ended up making some biscuits and hamburg gravy – all vegan.

Spring Rolls

I made spring rolls for the first time this week! I think they turned out awesome considering it was my first time. I know they seem scary to make, but it’s honestly so easy!

Hot Chili Sauce

I also bought this!

Eggplant Burger & Garlic Fries

Today for lunch I made eggplant burgers and garlic fries. I usually don’t make lunch on my days off because I’m doing something else. Today I did it…mostly because I didn’t make the burgers last night like I was wanting to.

Blog Title: Police Story by Anti-Flag

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  1. Being single during the holidays can be a lonely time. To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I was single on Christmas. It would really suck for me because all of my family is on the other side of the country so I would truly be alone on Christmas. At least you are surrounded by your family. I will be celebrating with my boyfriend, alone together.

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