Mother’s Day

Grandma Jean

Mother’s Day was Sunday.

As many people, I grew up with a few strong females around me. One being my mom and one being my grandma (pictured above). They both taught me to be who I am, demand respect and to love the simple things. My grandma has been gone since 2005, but it feels like just yesterday. She was the center of the family. I never really knew my other grandparents so I really only had one grandma.

My mom & II worked on Mother’s Day, which I kind of figured I would because everyone who is a mom took the day off. I ordered my mom a package from Swiss Colony. I know it sounds super weird, but she used to order stuff from there around Christmas every year for us to snack on during Christmas activities.

Mother's Day Dinner

So my mom isn’t a vegan or vegetarian. I wanted to make her dinner for Mother’s Day. I actually cooked meat – no I am not going to start cooking/eating meat. And I’m sure I’ll lose vegan friends over the fact I made this dinner, but I don’t care. It wasn’t for me and I wanted to make my mom something she would enjoy. So, this is what I made my mom: Steak (with garlic/thyme compound butter), cheddar mashed potatoes & green beans (green onions & bacon).

I am going to use the compound butter for dishes I’ll eat – vegan compound butter. It’s actually fun to make.

Gift For Myself

Forever In My Heart

I never order myself anything that costs much money. Well I finally changed that. I found this great shop on Etsy called Handemade by Remember Me. I loved the pet necklaces, but my problems was they only had one picture charm on them. I needed one with two picture charms. I sent her a message and she was so nice and willing to help me out. I was able to get my necklace with both Odie and Stinky on it. I’m so in love with the necklace I just take it off to shower and sleep.

After a few things coming up this month I’m going to order my mom one with a picture of Puppy on it.

Cherri Anarchy

Lip Balm

How cute are the stickers?!

I’ve been secretly making lip balm for the past few weeks. I’ve sold a few, but I’m going to ask my aunt to sell some at an event at the end of this month. I won’t be in town so she’ll have to keep track of it.

I just bought bottles and am going to order stickers so I can make some more items. The major item being bath salt! I do love a bath and well, it just seems so fitting that I make bath salt. I’m super excited to start making it.

New charms

I also bought some new charms to make into keychains/earrings/necklaces. ^_^ I need to go pick up some more earring hooks though.


Yesterday from 4pm to 7pm I was at training for work. Training to become a “mini manager”. So I’m a step below a manager now. The class was around two hours of talking and going over a packet of papers. Following that was a test. The test was the part I was freaking out about. I didn’t feel like I was ready at all for the test.

I passed the test with a 90%. I got one wrong about PHU, but the thing that kills me is if I’m standing in front of the PHU I know everything about it. Ugh.

The next step is to talk to one of my managers about becoming a shift manager. Which is another class/test, along with like three weeks of training at another store.


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Simple Dinner
Chick’n (lightly breaded with flour and spices) over Cabbage and Onions (salt & pepper) with a (vegan) Butter Caper Sauce (capers, veg broth, vegan butter, lemon juice, bourbon smoked chili powder, sage, garlic, pepper)

Banana Bread
Banana Bread

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