It seems there’s a great little cold going around, yep I have it.

At first I thought it was just allergies or something along those lines because I’ve been sitting outside every morning from about 10am to 3pm. My nose started getting stuffy after someone cut their grass, so I figured that’s why.

Well by the next morning I woke up without a voice and by the time I had a voice it was one of those that you could hardly hear. People don’t hear me that well normally so ugh!

I’m just hoping this cold is over before Thursday because if it’s not…Thursday is going to be such a bad day.

Thursday is set up for the steam show – yippie. Which means hours of standing at the fairgrounds trying to figure out where to put the tables under the tent. Once that’s figured out the next thing is to fill the tables with everything. Not looking forward to it at all.

Then Friday to Sunday 8am to 5pm…I’llĀ  be there. Though I am hoping to be able to get a little visit with my friend in. ^_^

I am going to take my sewing machine and everything else I need to I can work a bit on the apron Randi ordered for me, the collar she wants, and work on the tops to my cosplays.

Yes, con is closing in fast and I still don’t have tops done. I’m still kind of stuck as to what kind of tops I should do. The maid outfit I was just going to do a basic side zipper sleeveless top with a bit of a lace ruffle going down the front of the top. And I’m completely stuck when it comes to the basic sweet Lolita outfit top. =_= I think what it’s going to come down to for both tops is just a lot of playing around once I get the basic top finished.

I am considering adding some fake pearls to the skirt, as soon as I figure out where I put them. Haha. I’m just trying to add a lot to the skirt so it really looks like a sweet Lolita skirt because I guess right now it doesn’t really look like that. I mean I know it’s not going to be perfect since it’s my first try at any of the Lolita clothing, but I think so far as good.

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