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Yippie! I finally have my new desk together!

Well it’s not a new desk, it’s an old desk my mom had but it’s so much better compared to my old desk. I had my desk since middle school, so it was really beyond dead.

The only thing I have left to fix with this new desk is where I have my tower. Right now I have the tower sitting where a printer goes, I didn’t think it would bother me but it does because it sticks out a little bit so sometimes I hit my knee on it. Tomorrow I’m going to move the tower to where it should go, I just hope that helps me from not hitting it.

I also need to find a basket or something to put on my desk so I can put the cables in that I don’t keep plugged in – mp3 cable, etc. I mean I need them so I can’t put them away or anything like that.

The good thing is since I have the new desk and everything moved, I’m able to keep my camera cable plugged into my tower. I can’t tell you how much easier it is that way!

The top of the desk is bigger, so it’s my excuse to look for a larger monitor. Haha. ^_^


I like things that are complex to make but I also like things that are totally simple to make.

So my simple dinner this week a load of veggies. I put onions, carrots, green peppers, potatoes, a little garlic, and cabbage in a pan and tossed it in the oven. I even had some leftover rice with it.


The following night I made a soup with the veggies – all I added extra was some pasta.

I’m all for having leftovers that can be turned into something else the next night.

Peach Crisp

I also made peach crisp this week! I love any kind of crisp – but not the ones they fed you in school. Haha.

Don’t forget you can use canned fruits in your crisps! It’s a great way to use up canned fruits if you have a lot, for some reason we always seem to.

We always seem to have a lot of apricots, which I have yet to figure out something to make that would be good. I love them, but I think I’m the only one in the house who really eats them.

Some how we did come across a can of cherry pie filling – which I don’t really like canned fillings of any kind, but I’m going to use it anyways. I think I’m going to use the mini cupcake tins and make tiny pies – I’ve thought about doing cookies instead. The recipe I want to use looks so cute, but I keep forgetting about whipped cream.

Button Coaster

I finally got the coaster I ordered! I only ordered one because it’s for my bedroom and well I’m the only one ever in my room. I love the coaster and everyone says it fits me so well. I am a little sad that I couldn’t pick the color I wanted, but I’m okay with green. ^_^


I got the pyramid studs I ordered – 200 of them. I also got these little guys, they’re tiny and I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to get most of the back of my vest done with them.

I’ve also been spending the week working on my Tank Girl cosplay. ^_^

I got the goggles in the mail I ordered and I’ve been keeping track of my spending. So far I’ve only spent $14.00 in total! My goggles were $3.50, the jacket I cut into a vest was $10 and the pants I cut into shorts were 50 cents. I’m still considering buying a guy and that will cost around $10.

Yesterday I painted my shirt and once it was dry I just HAD to try on the costume so far…

Tank Girl Cosplay

I’m so excited to finish this cosplay and go to con!I don’t have my belt on in the picture – I’ll be wearing my red belt. Also my hat is broken and my aunt has to fit it with heat bonding – something I haven’t really messed with.

I’ll either have a pouch that slips over my belt or a pouch that’s on its down belt – I’m still not sure which way I want to go. In the end I think I’ll just take both and have a little pre-con poll with friends.

The con I’m going to is Glass City Con IV [link]. This is a huge con for me since the first con I went to was a one day con at a college that only cost $5. I was hoping to pre-order my badge and save the $5 – but taking a three year old to the store doesn’t help with saving any kind of money. But the badge is only $30. Fingers crossed the next few weeks go well so I’m able to  have a little extra spending money this time.

This Saturday I’ll be at the flea market, not sure about Sunday due to the chance of rain. The 19th I’ll be at a big strip mall bash – all the stores are having big sales and giving things away. The 20th I’ll be at the flea market.

I do have some money in the bank and I just put two of my Hello Kitty shirts up on ebay. I know it’s odd for me to be selling anything Hello Kitty, but these two shirts I never really liked and I only wore them once:
Hello Kitty Hello Love T-Shirt [link]
Hello Kitty Year Book Committee T-Shirt [link]
I’m only selling to people in the USA.

I’m also going to go through some of my jewelry tomorrow and maybe list a few more items. ^_^ This is a great way for me to clear out some things I just don’t wear and possibly have some extra money for con.


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  1. You look amazing in your cosplay! ^.^ I have to admit, I saw the Tank Girl movie and have always liked it.

    I hope you have a great time at the con! Cons are fun 🙂 Good luck with selling your things and going to the flea markets. I do know deals like crazy. my husband searches for them constantly. Hahahaha

  2. Congrats on getting the new desk! One of the most important places where you need to have things comfortable is your desk. It sounds like you got some moving stuff to do :P.

    You dinner looks simple and delicious! Especially the pasta :). The coaster looks so trippy because it looks like an oversized button or a regular button zoomed all the way in XD.

    You always rock your outfit :D. I like how you get your things for a really good price. You know where the good deals are at~

    Hopefully you’ll get the money you need to enjoy your time at con :d

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