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I made crepes for the first time! I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but to me it is. It takes some time and effort to get a perfect crepe. If you don’t watch you’ll end up with a browned crepe…and that’s not what a crepe is suppose to look like.

I filled mine with blueberries, so good. I made a pig of myself and ate three. Oh and I had some leftover so I put some peanut butter one one.

A crepe is pretty much and open canvas to whatever you want to fill it with. A lot of people think they’re only for berries and sweets, but not true. The next time I make crepes I’m going to do a mushroom filling.

I did type up the recipe [LINK]. After I made them I really want to buy a crepe pan now. haha.

Last night I went out with a couple friends…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an outfit picture so I thought it was about time to!

The outfit: Cherry print circle skirt (made by me), Black Stray Cats t-shirt, red waist length cardigan, leopard print flats, black & red checkered bandana, black belt.

It was the first time I wrote the skirt and it fit great, except near the end of the night I realized the binding around the bottom of the skirt was coming off in a small spot. So I’m going to buy some thicker binding and replace it.

Since I wore my circle skirt, I’m pretty stoked to wear my swing dress! I’m thinking about taking it with me for the weekend, in hopes I’ll have a reason to wear it.

Last night while I was out I was able to download some little games to play for the car ride up and back.

I even found apps for cats! I know, cats don’t use tablets. That is a picture of Kitty enjoying Pocket Pond 2.

Here’s a screenshot of Pocket Pond 2. You raise fish, but you can also just watch them swim around – which is what Kitty was doing. Both him and the kittens have enjoyed watching the fish. It also has the sounds of the outdoors – birds singing and if you tap the screen you hear water splashing.

This is another app I got for the cats. It’s a mouse that runs around the screen. When the cat taps the mouse he gets 10 points and the mouse squeaks. So far only one of the kittens have figured out if you touch the screen the mouse makes sounds. The others just watch the mouse run around. Haha.

I’m not going to write about any of the apps I got for myself until I’ve played with them for a while. I don’t want to give people advice on fun apps when they turn out to be horrible. And plus the apps I always end up getting are free. Free is awesome.

I did get two more apps my niece can play. One is a pet spa – where you give the cat/dog a bath and groom him/her. The other one is a kitty birthday party – you make the kitty a cake, dress him/her up, open gifts. There was another one of the kitty games but I couldn’t get it to download for some reason. I’m hoping the hotel has wifi – which it should – so I can try to download it again.

I also got a few more books – not that I needed them. I figure I’ll be able to finish reading the one I’m currently on during the ride up, so I wanted to have a few books to pick from for my next read.

Oh! And I did get skype for my tablet. A friend told me to get it so if I’m stuck in the hotel room bored we can at least talk since I don’t have my phone. ^_^ I just hope I can remember my password.

As it’s getting closer to time to leave I am getting a little more excited. It’s just going to be fun to get out of town for a weekend.

My mom picked up carrots Friday for me to take so I’ll have something to at least snack on. I’m kind of waiting until closer to time to pick up chips or something like that – but my aunt is going out Tuesday so I may just go with her and pick a few things up.

I have collected a few empty water bottles that I’m going to fill with tea and freeze. I know it sounds weird since you can buy tea everywhere, but I’m picky about it and since it’s a city I’ve never been to I don’t want to chance getting gross tea. haha.

I do have to remember to remind the friend I’m riding with to bring his laptop so I can take loads of pictures on the way up and while I’m there and on the way back so I can share everything…so be ready for picture spam next week.

My thought is if I don’t have him bring his laptop and even if I take both cameras I still won’t have enough space. Yes, I take that many pictures on trips.

I was at a zoo for one day and took over 600 pictures, so that’s why I’m trying to cover all my bases. I would ask my mom for my other SD card back but I think she has pictures on it and I don’t really have an empty flash drive to stick them all on – plus that card is only 1gb.

My costume is on hangers inside of a white trash bag – I don’t have a garment bag, works just the same and cheaper! I know most people don’t hang up their costumes, but I’m just afraid if I’d put it in my suitcase the sleeves and stuff like that would loose the puff.

The petticoats are on hangers inside another bag…even if I wanted to they would never fit inside my suitcase!

While I was putting them inside the bag Friday afternoon my niece had to try them on.

The headpiece is going to be a last minute sewing job because I have to put my wig on and place the headpiece on to see where the clips need to go and sew…so I figure I’ll do that Friday night at the hotel.

My wig is all ready to go – but I will need a brush for it because I’m just going to put it in my suitcase. That’s a last minute packing item for sure!

Tomorrow I’m going to put together a mini sewing kit. I’m only taking white thread though so I hope no one needs to sew anything last minute.

Now I’m down to the hardest choice ever. Do I take the bag I use at my “purse” and my Hello Kitty backpack or just my backpack? I will have things I’ll want with me in the car – tablet, camera, gum, snacks, chapstick, MP3 Player, headphones and I’m sure a few other things.

I do have a serious question: How do I get a smell out of my suitcase? The suitcase just hasn’t been used in a while and it has a musty smell to it. I’ve let it air out for a few days and it’s not as strong as it was but you can still smell it. It’s the main reason I haven’t packed things I could now because I don’t want clothes to smell like that.

As far as what clothes I’m packing…no clue. Well except for my swing dress. I do want to take an extra change of clothes, just in case something happens. It’s just hard to pack when the weather has been crazy and when you’re not sure what you’re going to do.

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