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I took some time to think about it all and…fuck that psycho ex. I mean it says a lot if he’s still trying to be up my ass four years later. It says – to me – he’s not happy with his life and he hasn’t dated much (if at all). That’s all his problem, not mine.

Moving on…

December 31

December 31

December 31

Crazy to think I took this pictures on the last day of 2014. Yes, it was a little cold but that was the only major change in weather. It was sunny enough to get some great shots of the leaves that are still holding on to the trees.

I’m still learning how to change things on my camera to my liking, but I’m in love with it so much. The only issue I’ve had is doing basic photographs – but I’ll get that problem fixed. ^_^

As I said the weather was pretty mellow for the end of the year. Everyone was wanting on snowfall, but it never really happened until after the 1st.

January 5

The first snowfall of 2015! This picture is the one I liked the most of the pictures I took of the first snowfall. I just love it.

Shopping Spree

So before Christmas I went on a little shopping spree for myself. I ended up spending nearly $60 on just two items. When I ordered they also had free shipping.

Now this site I ordered from had nothing about their holiday “hours” and such. So nearly a MONTH later I finally received my package! Yes, it was around 20 days later my package came. I was doing a lot of complaining on twitter about how they don’t tell anyone their “hours” straight out on their website.

In the end they sent a pair of sheer back seam stockings – which I had plans to order at some point.

The fit on the items are okay. Both sets I bought are made by the same company. The solid black set fits perfect. The other set…not so perfect, it’s actually kind of big.

I also bought a new wig. So with the new wig and new items it was time for a photo shoot. ^_^

Photo Session

Photo Session

Photo Session

Photo Session

As far as work goes, it’s okay. Last week I worked six days. This week I’m working four days and next week I work three days. I’m in the process of looking for another part time job since my hours will be cut due to them hiring more people.

The only highlight is the fact that I have two weekends off in a row. I’m excited or no reason because in the end a weekend off will just mean junk food and movies. Haha.

Talking about food…

Beefless Stew

Teriyaki White Rice & Wontons ("chicken", shaved brussels sprouts, onion & garlic)

BBQ Tofu, Roasted Potatoes & Brussels Sprouts and mushrooms

Taco Rice & TVP Wontons

"Chicken", Mushrooms & Pasta

Vanilla Waffles with Warm Cherry Sauce

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  1. First off, you’re gorgeous and I LOVE every single picture you put up. Wait, that sounds like I’m a creeper lol Oh well, but yeah, don’t let one psycho ex ruin anything for you. You deserve to be free and open, even if he’s going crazy. My thing is if he is still harassing you, I would keep track of everything he does or say, so you can get a restraining order, only if he’s harassing you, which in this case seems so.

    Regardless, yummy food photos!~ Yum! Yum! Now, I’m hungry. Lol

  2. LOVE your photos! All of them. The ones of you, the food, the leaves! All gorgeous. 🙂 I hope that things start to pan out for you at work. I never understood this logic…if you have people why hire more to make the ones you already have work less? It just doesn’t make sense to me. It seems like it would cost more $ to train the new people. Anywho…are those beyond meat chicken strips??

  3. Love these pictures! I was about to comment on how it has grown so much since the last time I was here. Then you mentioned it was a wig. Could’ve fooled me.

    Regarding your ex, I like your attitude and how you’re not giving in. By that, I mean you’re not letting his inability to move on control your content control. You’re correct. That’s on him, not you.

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