The Way Your Perfume Makes You Stink


Last week was the fair. I ended up going four times, yes four times to an event that doesn’t really change day to day. The only change that happens is the daily entertainment in the grand stand area.

The first day I went, I went with my mom and we took my niece. I got my mom in for free and it was family day anyways so regular admission was only $2 (normally it’s $5).



The number one rule of any fair is that you have to get something deep fried. I went for a small order of deep fried veggies. Yes, that is a small order…I’d hate to see what a large order looks like.

Ride tickets were $2 each – one ticket per ride. I’m not even joking. My niece only got three tickets because we were sure she wouldn’t want to ride much at all. Well she rode the carousel and I had to ride with her – really I just stood there making sure she wouldn’t fall off the horse. After that she made me ride something called the Wiggle Worm. Ugh, never again.


I did spend $3 and bought myself another dream catcher bracelet. A few years ago I bought my first dream catcher bracelet and I thought it was time to buy another. I’ve bought bracelets from the same guy for the past few years when I’ve gone to the fair. It’s an addition.


The next fair trip I went with my younger brother, his girlfriend and my niece. And the last trip I went by myself. I was there for three hours while I waited to pick up the pictures I had in the fair. And no, I didn’t win a ribbon.

So here are some random fair pictures.






Even though I didn’t win a ribbon or anything it was fun to go to the fair this year. I didn’t go last year because I wasn’t home.

I do plan on submitting pictures next year, I’m going to submit more. I already have a folder on my computer to put pictures to consider for the fair. I’m also going to start printing them off little by little so I can pick from the printer picture and not what I see on the screen.

A few friends have suggested that I submit one of the self portraits I’ve done. But honestly, I’d feel kind of weird.

Last week (and this week) have been a week of mail for me. I received the last Christmas gift for a friend of mine. So I’m done ordering things for her, but I am going to do some local shopping too. I also got the Peppa Pig patches for my niece’s jacket and the hair clips I ordered.


I did receive a lovely package from the people at Primal Strips! I’m going to do a huge review of all their flavors on Anarchy Kitchen [link]. ^_^


The big thing I got in the mail this week is my new wig! I’m in love with it and I’ve been wearing it at random. If you follow my Instagram [link] I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of me wearing it. I am looking at a med/long length black wig right now. ^_^

This week has also been a mess…I’ve been staying up until 3am watching movies. It all started because Chiller was showing Night of The Living Dead (1990) and I’ve never seen the remake, so I watched it. Now every night at midnight I start a movie (or two). Ugh. Last night though I did watch one of my all time favorites: What Ever Happened To Baby Jane (1962). It’s a habit I need to break before next week…I’m sure I won’t be able to though.

I have been able to catch up on the sewing I have to have finished (and prices) before Wednesday.

Tote Bag

I have, in total, six new lined tote bags finished. This is just one of them. I was hoping to have 10 finished, but I have to stop working on them so I can get the major things finished.

Crayon Apron

This is the major thing I need to have finished. No I don’t have just one to finish, I have at least 10. I would like to make more, but it will all depend on time.

My goal is to have these aprons finished tomorrow night. I have three that are just ready to be sewn together, at least the skirt part. The waist/tie part is going to be the hardest because there has to be enough fabric left to tie.

I have five fairy wands finished, and I started on music sticks. Which will be $2 each and I’ll have four of them. They’re just sticks with bells on the end. Super simple and easy to make, but the bells are not cheap. I’m just using some bells we have and are never going to use.

I can already feel myself becoming stressed out over this whole thing. I have so much to finish and do but I honestly don’t want to do it. Which I know isn’t right to do, but it’s the truth.

Having a cat with a dislocated leg/hip isn’t helping anything either. He wants to be held all the time and well I can’t sew and hold him at the same time. He has been okay with me leaving him laying on the bed, as long as he’s asleep when I leave the room. Ugh. The good thing is, he can jump down from things. He just has trouble jumping up. Today he even went outside for the first time since he found his way home. Him going outside was really just him laying on the steps, but he liked it.

I’ll end this post with loads of food pictures…

Dumpling Soup

Dumpling Soup

Stuffed Shells and "Chicken"

Stuffed Shells and Italian breaded “Chicken”

Braised Veggies and "Chicken"

“Chicken” with braised veggies.

Asian Dish

Asian spiced chicken, spinach, white rice and Asian veggies.

Cheese Potatoes

Cheese Potatoes and a warm tomato/spinach salad.


Personal Pizza


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  1. It sure looked like you had an eventful (and such yummy food) week! I’m a bit jealous! I haven’t gone to the fair for about a good two years now and I never missed it until now. Perhaps next time when the fair is in town, I’ll go and post up my adventure!

    And btw, that Asian spiced Chicken, spinach, white rice and Asian veggies looks DELISH. Ugh. I need.

  2. That apron is such a cool idea! I really loved the fair images, so colorful and full of fun. I love going to the fair. We have had a few midways (fairs) here this summer and I went to one of them down on the waterfront. The view of the harbour from the ferris wheel was amazing. Despite being terrified of heights I went 3 times.

  3. Wow! I can’t imagine going to the fair four times.. In a row? :o! Hopefully you had fun all of the days there ^___^. Your niece looks adorable!!

    Oh man, I forgot that there are deep fried everything at fairs! I heard they even deep fry grass *o*. The dream catcher bracelet looks cute :3. Would you make your own dream catcher bracelets sometime later on too?

    Every time I’m at a fair, it’s too tempting to play those games for a plush!!

    It looks like you got some interesting strips! They look yummy :3. And you’re looking good with your wig! Vegetarian foods look yummy~

    Good luck with your crafting projects!!

  4. Those fair pictures are amazing! And your niece is a cutie ^_^ That dreamcatcher bracelet looks so cool, I’ll definitely have to keep an eye out for one for myself. The Dora apron is awesome – keep up the good work – I may have to make something similar for myself, but for paintbrushes 🙂

  5. Ahh the fair! Looks fun, even though you went so many times. Eating one deep fried thing at the fair is a must! You might feel like your heart is going to stop, but that’s why you should realistically only eat one deep fried item & then…well, do some exercise or something haha.

    Wow!!! Totally jealous of your vegan soy jerky. I think that’s one of the things I really miss from my meat days: beef jerky. I loved the really moist ones though, the ones that were just so soft & chewy & soaked full of flavor (probably tons of molasses & brown sugar!). Please let us know how those strips taste. I’m always in the market for some vegan jerky given that they’re not incredibly unhealthy for you. I try to steer clear from the processed vegan items, especially the chicken ones you posted. They’re delicious, don’t get me wrong, & I love them, but the ingredients list for them….just so long & not in a good way kind of long. I’ve read that tempeh is a good alternative though! Haven’t tried cooking with it yet, but I will eventually!

    Those aprons btw, are so adorable! Love them. Kids are gonna loveeee them. Good luck finishing them!!

  6. The fair! I need to go again, because last time, I didn’t have so much fun, but at least, you guys looked like you had so much fun!

    I’m glad!

    Beautiful photos, btw!

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