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Sunset - February 07

The sunset may look pretty, but the weather has not been. Snow and cold…but it is still winter. It is crappy when the low is a negative though, that’s without wind chill. =_= I’m ready for warm weather, no joke.

The Tilted Kilt

On the 6th I took my older brother out for dinner after I got off work. I picked the place, so we went to The Tilted Kilt [link].

Mmm…boys in kilts!

I ended up getting a salad and some of their garlic fries. I love garlic…what can I say. And well fries are awesome. Mix the two and I’m in love. My brother got a burger and fries. He was all worried about spending all my money – he didn’t know I was saving for the little trip. For our dinner it was under $30. But I did give the waitress a $10 tip because she was seriously making it to every one of her tables – which were all full – every few minutes.

After eating we did a little shopping.

The Vegan Bible

We went to Target because…well we don’t have a Target around where we live. And we went out of town for dinner. I ended up buying this book…as well as a few things for my niece and I bought myself two shirts.


We went to one other store where I seen this Daria set…I could not turn it down for $17! And yes, I’ve already watched it all. ^_^

After that little trip I was kind of broke but a girl at work is having a baby. I don’t do baby showers but I am going to make a quilt and give it to her at work. So I bought all the fabric. The theme is animals and it’s pretty much pink and white. I do have all the squares cut out and I’m just waiting for a good time to set my sewing machine up to start sewing it all together. Her baby shower is mid-March so fingers crossed I can get it together and finished before.

Potato Chip Maker

While I was out buying the fabric for that quilt I found this! It’s a microwave potato chip maker! I know it sounds weird and like it wouldn’t work, but it does! If you buy one like this you have to keep in mind it takes a little testing to get the time right for your microwave. ^_^

And you all know I don’t really go out much so most of what I buy is online. So I got some things I had been waiting on…

Origami Owl Charms

I now have a cat charm for my origami owl necklace! ^_^ I also just ordered a skull charm!

Supernatural Backpack

My Supernatural backpack came! I mainly bought it to take to work, but what can I say…I love it.

Supernatural PJs

I also ordered myself a pair of Supernatural pjs. ^_^

This past Saturday I bought myself something that I’ve been wanting for a while…

'Everything Gets Reduced' Tattoo

I finally got my ‘Everything gets reduced’ tattoo. For those of you who don’t know the words are from a song (The First Of June) by a talented dude named Roger Harvey – not only talented but just an amazing dude. I love how it turned out and this tattoo means the world to me.

While I was there I talked to the guy about my next tattoo. So at the end of March I’ll be going back to get another – and I’m excited!

Rosemary Potatoes & Scrambled Tofu

Rosemary Potatoes [recipe] & Scrabmled Tofu [recipe]

Apple Cinnamon Tortilla

Apple Cinnamon Tortilla [recipe]


Mac-N-Cheese [recipe]

Sweet And Sour 'Beef'

Sweet And Sour “Beef” – Sweet And Sour Sauce Recipe


Sushi! Yes, vegan sushi…and I made it! I’ve always wanted to make sushi, so I finally gave it a try and well I think it looks pretty good for my first try. Plus it was yummy. ^_^

Curry Chickpeas & Veggies

Curry Chickpeas & Veggies

Gnocchi with Onion, Spanich & Mushrooms

Gnocchi with Onion, Spanich & Mushrooms

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