The past few months…


We received the Kuchi Kopi from SDCC.

Sometimes it’s nice to buy yourself something. I usually buy items with black cats, but the cat on this purse looks so much like Bobcat. I just had to buy it. It’s a “small” purse, but the awesome thing is my phone fits into it. The only downside is, there’s no zipper pocket inside for loose change and things like that.

I used to have my movies spread across three small bookcases, which made it hell whenever I bought a new one and needed to add it to my collection. To solve the problem I found this dvd shelving unit, oddly enough by the same company my small bookcases are from. It took us a couple hours just to get the unit put together, and another hour to just get my movies put in order and on there. The best thing is, there’s that shelf that’s an odd height so I’m using it for a figure shelf. And now my bookcases are being used for books.

I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping from one shop, it’s just easy & it’s getting cold – meaning I can be comfy and warm on the couch. I found they had Thug Kitchen 101 for a lot less than other sites and book stores. I picked it up. I haven’t made anything in the cookbook yet, but I can’t wait to because fast recipes is a must when I’ve been working 6 days a week and one of those days is a 10 to 12 hour day.

As always, pirate day came and we dressed up and went out. I’ve put a lot into my outfit this year. I’m slowly adding pieces to it each year. Next year I’m hoping to add a hat. The corset is the one I bought at C2E2 this year.

Watches are a personal choice. I’ve found a few that I just love and some that are just so ugly. In the end I bought this one. I think as kids we’ve all had a watch at one point or another, I remember going through a few watches while growing up. I would really enjoy having a few watches. What I’m really looking for a nice watch with some kind of a cat on it. I found one, but it was more of a Halloween themed watch.


October is filled with a lot of costumes, this year though for our Halloween party we held a Gothic dinner party – including costumes. We went more along the lines of Victorian Gothic.

I cooked all the food – with the help of my boyfriend. I ended up having to work the morning of the party, meaning I was up and at work by 5:30am and worked until close to noon. I came home and set my boyfriend up with recipes for a few of the simple things while I took a nap. I had so much fun just cooking everything.

We’ve been talking about having another dinner party in February or March. This one will have the theme of Bob’s Burgers – because who doesn’t like a good burger?! In the spring, once the weather feels like spring, we’re going to do a tea party – which gives me an excuse to wear one of my vintage dresses.

Ash finally has a tag with his name and my phone number. He’s only gotten out once and was only out for maybe an hour, but I don’t want to take that chance again. I mean we let the dog out when it’s dark and he’s a black cat. He does have a bell and at tag that makes noise though, so it will be less of a chance that he can sneak out with the dog.

Best Buy finally had the Switch in stock, so we picked one up. We only have one game right now, due to lack of games we want to play. It’s fun though. I can’t wait to get the Sonic game – I’m a sonic girl.

I was only able to go to one Halloween party this year – due to working so much. The costume I put so much work into was Alex Delarge (A Clockwork Orange). I still have a little bit of work to do before I take it to C2E2.

My boyfriend and I signed up for the Movie Pass card. It took a while to get it since there are so many people signing up for it. It’s only $10 a month, so we got it to just try it. We have seen more movies, compared to before we bought the card. You just check into the movie on your phone, buy your ticket and you’re good. When I say buy your ticket, you just swipe your movie pass card and you don’t pay. I know next year we’ll be using it a lot, due to all the movies coming out we want to see.


I don’t really play video games, but I’ve been dying to play the Friday The 13th game – so I bought it while it was on sale. when I bought it I was in the middle of a horrible cold (and working 11 days straight). So I haven’t really played it much.

My brother got married and they’re expecting a boy in March!

For the wedding my boyfriend was in charge of playing music, which is easy when you’re both tech nerds. I did some photography for the wedding. I haven’t gone through all of the pictures yet because at that point I was still trying to get through that cold – plus it came with an upset stomach.

And we celebrated our 2 year anniversary. It was during my 11 day straight time, so I requested Saturday (November 11) off and we spent the day in Cleveland.

Movies I’ve Watched

I know I’ve been seriously lacking in updates. But hey, I’m trying with these crazy work hours. Here’s the movies I’ve watched over the past few months.


  1. Hey Christa, I found you from Bloglist Me while looking for bloggers to network with. I’m going to be honest: the picture of your bookshelf with Funko Pops and your list of horror movies drew me in, I’m a huge horror fan, and I love Funko Pops. I have a little over 100 of them.

    I hope it’s cool if I keep following you!

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