Survive A Horror Film Crate

Man Crate is a company offering crates for guys, things they’d want to receive as a gift. The guy receiving the crate doesn’t have to have a crowbar to open the box, don’t worry they receive it with the box. Oh and it’s not a box, it’s a wooden crate. No lies though, I want a wooden crate that has to be opened with a crowbar.

The people at Man Crate asked me what I would want to survive a horror movie. After long thought, this post is what I want.

Horror films come in all kinds. You have the supernatural, slasher, “monster”, zombie and the list goes on.

No matter what kind of horror is your favorite you need a few things to survive the movie.

If you were in any kind of horror film, what would you want to make surviving a little easier?

Please don’t think ‘Cell phone, I would want that’. Why? Because you know within seconds of pulling out a phone something is going to happen to destroy it.

I’m going to break it down into the top five items I would want if I was trying to survive a horror film.

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Everything Fall

Horror Pack

First I want to talk about something neat I came across while just randomly looking through things online. You all know I do love a great subscription box and the horror themed one I used to get just didn’t excite me. I think that’s mainly due to the fact I’m not a huge fan of current horror.

What can I say, I love what I grew up with.

Horror Pack

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And His Own Sweat Smells The Best

First: Peanut Butter & Jelly Cookies!

I finally typed the recipe up and posted it. I’m also in the middle of rebuilding my recipes page so it’s kind of…wait it is a huge mess. I’m slowly making progress though, that’s the good thing.

There are a couple recipes in odd sections because I’m not sure where they should go. haha.

During this process I’ve also learned that there have been so many recipes I never had time to post! So with each section I add I’ve been typing up at least one recipe. With the section I’m working on now I have six sections left until I’m totally finished with it. And well I just can’t wait to be finished. It has taken so much time, but it’s going to be great in the end!

I want to thank everyone for having positive things to say about me sharing the ability to identify as your true self.

I joined two online dating websites, right now just to make some friends – see how things go. Well on their sites I’ve been getting a lot of hate messages asking if I’m transgender and telling me to get off the sites because they are not for “your kind of people”. A lot of the messages come from people who considering themselves “country boys”. Which also means they’re close minded hill folk.

I have nothing against the transgender community, they are the bravest people in the world.

The reason behind me being called transgender and getting hate mail is the pure fact that people are still stuck in thinking someone who is born a “female” needs to have long silky hair and show her breasts to the world.

Hair doesn’t make your gender.

And by no means am I depressed or sad over this, I find it kind of funny that people still base 90% of what they think on pictures and a black and white society. In a way I’m glad I’m getting these messages because I know a lot of people are hurt by them, I’m taking them for those people who can’t emotionally handle such hate.

Those close minded people are not going to make me grow my hair out, change how I dress, become Betty homemaker, or stick to gender roles. No thank you. I am the person I’m suppose to be,  it’s written in my D-N-A.

Now that I’ve got that out of my system I feel so much better.

The weather has been kind of nice over the past few days. The downside is, cold weather is coming back. Ugh! Why can’t winter take a vacation? Another bad thing about this weather is due to all the changing, I’m getting a damn cold. So far though I’ve been able to hold it off, but all I want to do is sleep, but I think a lot of that has to do with my sleeping problem.

My sleeping issues hasn’t change though, still having major issues falling asleep. When I finally fell asleep last night I was woke up by two things. One thing being my knee just killing me because of the weather changing again. I did take a pain killer and fell back asleep.

The second thing was a nightmare. There was a big mean dog running around outside and I heard Odie bark and made a super sad noise. I went outside to find Odie because he got out of the fence and I couldn’t find him! This dog ran up to me and grabbed the back of my coat, trying to bite me. I did find Odie and he was covered in blood. =_= I have no clue what was behind that dream, but I don’t want to have another – ever!

Since I was feeling down about the distance thing I kind of threw myself into a little Supernatural marathon. I know, it sounds totally nerdy – but it helped.

I finally finished season 4 – which has always been my favorite season. I think for the main reason of that being when they really used the angels and demons storyline. I loved that storyline. But season 4 also made me not like Sam even more – well season 9 has made me not like him again.

I started season 5, which has some great episodes. But I also know how it ends and that Lisa is part of that. Yes I’m one of the fangirls who always wished Lisa and Ben would die.

Next Saturday night I’ll be watching Lifetime. I’m not a huge fan of lifetime movies, but they’re doing one based on the happy face killer [LINK]. I’m kind of excited to see how this little movie turns out, I don’t have a lot of faith in Lifetime movies in general.

Tonight the new season of Food Court Wars [LINK] starts, yes I know I watch too much Food Network. It’s really interesting to see the ideas people have for food court stalls. Last season one of the stalls was all about having your chips on your sandwich.

Well I thought I was going to work on those pages some more but I’m going to try to take a nap. I feel like crap.


Blog Title: A Well Respected Man by The Kinks

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I’ll Always Be Around

Over the past few days I’ve been getting anything together to make my swing dress!

I’ve always wanted one but due to my size it’s just been super hard to find one. So as I’ve said in past posts, I’m going to use one of the fabrics I got for Christmas to at least make the skirt part of the dress. ^_^

I found a pattern the other day, but it was in a size 10 – which I’m smaller than a size 0. So it took some doing but I think I have all the problems worked out. I ended up using some bad fabric to make the top (bodice) piece of the dress just to see how much cutting down needed to be done to the pattern pieces. So with that part done I can relax a little bit. The back piece of the top I almost had to cut down totally in half.

The best part is that I won’t have to really do any sizing to the skirt part of the dress! The skirt part is just going to be a lot fuller compared to someone who actually is a size 10. Since I am short though I will have to play with the length of the skirt.

I am hoping to make a long petticoat [LINK] for under the dress. ^_^ So it will be super puffy and fun. I’m pretty sure I have everything that is needed to make a long petticoat and they’re not hard to make at all. I’m not super sure on how I’m going to do the hem of the dress – a lot of them have lace around the hem. Which is easy to do but I really don’t have the lace to do it and lace isn’t cheap. If anything I could do a basic rolled hem for now and go back once I find lace and add it on.

I’m also slowly working out a pattern for my next cosplay. Due to the fabric I’m using, it’s going to be a bedtime (or naptime) theme. ^_^ So I’m going to make a cute pair of bloomers! This is going to be another two piece Lolita cosplay. Which I know 99% of Lolita cosplayers don’t do two pieces, but I like doing two piece because down the road I can swap the skirt out for a different and do the same with the tops. I’m also not doing my bloomers in a crazy color so I can use them with different outfits. As far as the head piece for this naptime cosplay I think I’m going to do another bonnet – bonnets make me think of naptime.

My swing dress is top of my clothing to do list because I want to have it finished for the little movie date Jason and I are having next month. I just think it will be so much fun to wear out for a date. But the problem is what shoes would I wear – aside from my mary janes. I do have one pair of heels but I’ve never picked up the thing to put in the back of the shoe so they fit better – they’re a size 5 so they’re a bit too big. I guess in the end I could always wear my boots – which is what I may do anyways. Haha.

I am looking for back seam stockings. I’ve found a few pairs for under $5- I just can’t pick which ones I want the most. I’ve always wanted a pair of back seam stockings and since I’m working on this swing dress it’s a perfect time to buy a pair. I may buy two different pairs. One pair being back seam fishnets and the other pair being back seam basic stockings.

Circle Skirt

This is one thing I finished today. I took one of the fabrics I got for Christmas and make myself a circle skirt. I just wish I had some red stockings to wear with it! I do have black though! ^_^ It comes right at knee length. I’m thinking about wearing it this weekend if I go any where – which as of right now I’m not.

Tablet Case

This is the other thing I worked on today. I still need to add a closure to it though. I think for the first ever tablet case I’ve made it’s not that bad. Later when I have more time and am thinking more clearly I’m going to make myself a better tablet case – but this one is just fine for now.

The sad part is I haven’t been working on shop [LINK] things like I was hoping to. I’ve just been catching up on sewing things for myself. I know that sounds selfish but I haven’t really made myself clothing in a while and that’s just what I wanted to do today.

Tomorrow while I take a break from cutting fabric for my dress – I know it’s going to take some time to get all the pieces cut for it – I am going to at least get the two pencil cases sewn together and ready to be ironed at least. I also have a couple birthday gifts for a friend that I should be working on.

I just really want a break from all the shop work and such to work on things for myself – I’m just holding myself from doing that because I know that’s not the right thing to do. I need to get some new shop items and I really don’t want my friends gifts to be late. Ugh. I think all of this says I need a vacation.

Since it’s getting late I think I’m going to load season 4 of Futurama on my tablet and get in bed. I finally finished up season 3 and hoping to run through season 4 quickly. I just really want to get the show finished – not that I hate the show, I just told myself I can’t start any other show until I finish this one. I have a few episodes from season one of Supernatural on my tablet, and even though I’ve seen those episodes hundreds of times before I won’t watch them again until I finish with Futurama.


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Keep The Wolves At Bay

19 days until Christmas?! CRAZY!

Good news is all my Christmas shopping is finished, I finished it today.

I ordered my mom something the other day, and I had to do online shopping for her. She was looking for a ballerina jewelry box, turns out I had to order one from Amazon. She also had me order a Doc McStuffins doll and a Mickey Mouse puzzle.  Fingers crossed it all gets here online. It’s suppose to anyways.

Bad news is, I haven’t finished all my Christmas sewing.

I have everything cut out but I haven’t started sewing. Okay that’s a lie. I don’t have everything cut out. Since my mom is making my niece doll clothes to go with her new baby doll, I’m going to make her a diaper bag. I haven’t even picked fabric out for it! I guess the good thing is, it doesn’t need mailed so I can put it lower on my list of things I have to finish.

I really hope to have a chance to at least sew on the one thing that I really need finished since it has to be mailed. It’s just going to take some time since it’s something I’ve never done before.

While I was Christmas shopping online, I have to admit I bought myself a few things. I found underwear for under $2 (and free shipping) and I bought a skirt for $8 (free shipping). Today I bought a top that will match my skirt so well. I should have my skirt next week!

Today I took my niece to the mall so she could Christmas “shop”. She bought her dad (my brother) a pillow with a moose on it and she bought his girlfriend a nail polish & lip gloss kit. In the end though she bought more for herself – she is 2. She bought herself a bowl that has Santa on it, Sophia the first stickers and a Hello Kitty “makeup” kit.

Hello Kitty Nails

The kit had chapstick (strawberry), lip gloss (watermelon), clear sparkly nail polish, a nail file, a little zipper pouch and fake nails. The fake nails stayed on for about 10 minutes, then she wanted them off. I told her she wouldn’t be able to do anything with them on.

As I said before I bought myself the top that will match my skirt and I bought another top. They’re both “crop” tops and sleeveless. This means I’ll be wearing them with sweaters and such. But I really loved them both and plus they were both on sale and they had a buy one get one 60% off. So I walked out of the store with two shirts for like $5.

While I was out I picked up the last gift for Jason. I just hope he doesn’t have anything like it and that he’ll like it. When I first seen what I bought him I thought of him but I didn’t want to get it right then – I’m glad I waited! They had them on a major sale so I saved $30.

I did buy Jason something a few weeks ago but it’s something that needs painted and put together, I just started painting it. I guess the good thing is it shouldn’t take me very long to put it together. Key word: SHOULDN’T. Which means it will. Haha.

Earlier in the week I did go out with my mom so she could finish – or get close to finishing – her Christmas shopping. Which was mostly just buying for my niece and my “nephews”. I also used the $10 gift card I got when I bought my tablet for a 16gb sd card to be used with my tablet. I only got a 16gb because that’s all they had – so I thought it was better then not having one and I can always get a larger one later. I didn’t get the screen protector like I wanted though. I figure after Christmas I’ll get that and a stylus. It did come with a case that hold the tablet & keyboard, so that’s a good thing…but I an going to make a sleeve that it all will slide in. ^_^ Not until after Christmas though so I can measure it and everything. I admit, it is kind of killing me knowing it’s under the tree and I can’t have it yet. I can survive though.

My mom still has around $5 left to spend on me so I figure she’s going to go to some place like the dollar tree and get me some lotion and bubble bath. I have no problem with that. I know some people look down on others if they shop there, but it doesn’t matter to me. Plus most of their bath stuff smells SO good compared to larger stores. I love the creamy apple bubble bath they had last year.

Oatmeal Cookie Bath

While I’m talking about baths, I made my first bath item! It’s a oatmeal cookie bath. You just put however much (or little) you want in running water and enjoy. It really does smell like an oatmeal cookie and it will make your skin soft. It’s not listed in my shop [LINK] yet. But I have one container like the one in the pictures (the lid is yellow and white though) – which is 12 tablespoons. And I have three smaller square containers – 4 tablespoons.

I’ve always wanted to start making bath items, so I think this was a great way to start. I’m going to hopefully do a few bath salts sometime soon – but it may not be until after Christmas.

When I do finally finish my Christmas sewing I’ll have at least one new thing to add to the shop though. It’s the new thing I’m trying out. ^_^

Tuesday was the last episode of Supernatural [LINK] until January. So I’m going to feel lost until then, I’ll have nothing to watch Tuesday nights now. But I’m glad they ended with the episode they did because I really can’t wait to see how the rest of the season plays out. I used to be so into Supernatural but Season 6 they just kind of lost me, mostly for the fact of Dean having a love life that was one person all the time. Season 8 I got back into it, but that wasn’t until a few weeks before season 9 started. I was able to catch up though thanks to a friend. I’m just a nerd when it comes to Supernatural. I can’t help it. ^_^ I mean I have a tattoo on my arm because of the show.

I guess Tuesday nights I can work on finishing Futurama [LINK]. I think I have like four episodes left in season 3. It’s not new to me at all, I’m just going through and watching all the episodes.

And I can’t wait until I can get season 3 of Wilfred [LINK]. I have the first two season and I could honestly watch them non-stop. I have the first season of the Australian (original) version, but I haven’t watched it yet.

I know it sounds like I watch a bunch of TV, but usually I’m sewing or working on something. Though the other night I did watch a bunch of Futurama while playing my DS…it was just a lazy night.

I have been having those sleeping issues again lately. Last night I fell asleep before 12:30, but I was up at 6am and finally I just gave up on trying to sleep around 8:30am. I just can’t sleep through a night and I think that’s the biggest part of my problem when it comes to feeling so tired. Tonight I’m super tired because of the whole mall adventure too. I was looking at the clock at 9:30 and thinking the clock was way off because I thought I was going to have to go to bed – but I knew if I did I would have been up at 4am ready to start the day.

There’s another wild weather storm coming across the US again. This the weather people are thinking we’re going to get INCHES of freezing rain. Freezing rain is bad, but INCHES of it is just super bad. So everyone is stocking up on food as well as batteries for flash lights and such. I’m hoping they’re wrong and we don’t get the inches of freezing rain they’re staying because I really want to see Jason this weekend. I miss him to pieces.

I have to leave this entry on a sad note.

Today Nelson Mandela [LINK] passed away. There will never been another person like him. Though it’s not a time to mourn him, it’s a time to celebrate everything he did throughout his life. I came across the news of his passing about a half hour after news stations started reporting it. I was shocked at the news, but I knew I shouldn’t have been because of his age and the fact he had been sick for a long time. My thoughts are with his family.

So on Friday, do something kind for another person.


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You Are Trouble Yes Indeed

First snow

First snow of the season happened last night. I didn’t really go out in the dark just to get a picture, I stuck my camera out of the dog door. Haha. It worked because I did get a picture in the end, though Odie had to see what I was doing. He’s a snow dog. There’s not really enough snow for him to play in yet though.

First Snow

First Snow

First Snow

I couldn’t sleep this morning, half of that is because of Lola. So I got up and went outside to take a few pictures of the first snow. ^_^ These are not all of the snow pictures I took, but they are a few of my favorites. The last one is the photo for the day on my photoblog – On-The-Streets.Net – I had to use it for today’s picture because of how great it turned out.

Boot Covers

With hearing there was snow coming I thought it was time for me to make my boot covers. So I’ve heard them called many different things, but I’m sticking with boot covers. I seen them in a catalog I get in the mail, but they wanted $35 for a pair. Overly priced! I knew I needed a pair though to keep my boots from rubbing against my legs and to make sure my feet are nice and warm in my boots. I made mine around 5 inches long – enough to fold over the boot and know there’s still more below the fold keeping it on my leg. I’m glad I finally made them and well even if I ordered them I wouldn’t have been able to get them in black and red! It only took me maybe two hours to make both of them – but I was piecing the yarn together since it’s two colors.

Pumpkin Pancakes

Sunday night I ended up making simple pumpkin drop cookies – I’ll post the recipe soon. I only used around a half of a can of pumpkin for the cookies so I had the leftovers to do something with. This afternoon I used a bit more of the can to make pumpkin pancakes! Oh yeah and they were vegan pancakes. So good. In the picture that stuff beside the pancakes is vegan bacon.

There’s still around 1/4 cup of pumpkin left, so I’m thinking about doing pumpkin french toast tomorrow.

I also have some blueberries. I’m not sure what I want to do with those. I was thinking about making turnovers – because I’ve been dying for a turnover. I just don’t want to make a pie – I know turnovers are like mini pies, but around here turnovers get eaten sooner then pies because you can take it on the go.

A special thing I’m going to be posting a recipe of soon is – well there are two things – the first one being the recipe for Date & Nut Whirl Cookies. This recipe is one my grandma always used around the holiday season. The second recipe is the raisin cookies my grandma always made – it’s a recipe that’s near to my heart because I grew up on these cookies and I’ve made them vegan now so I can pass the yumminess along.

Thanksgiving is coming close here in the US. Which means nothing to me really other then dinner with family. It also means me stressing out over what I’m making. This year though the stress hasn’t hit yet. I’m going to use the same stuffing recipe I used last year, I’m going to make the same mushroom gravy, I’m going to do the same noodles this year…and as always I’ll be making the pumpkin pies. I have thought about doing something else just to mix it up a little bit, but I’m not sure what I’ll do.


Today I finally took the chance to upload some new film ratings to TaV [LINK].

The first film I uploaded a rating (and very short review) is for Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006) [LINK], it wasn’t the first time I watched the film.

The second film is Sherlock Holmes (2009) [LINK], which I liked a lot more then I thought I would. I’ve already started watching the second film.

The third film is The Raven (2012) [LINK], what can I say I’m a John Cusack fan. ^_^

The fifth film is James And The Giant Peach (1996) [LINK], this was the first time I watched this film since I was a child.

The last film is Crush (2013) [LINK], which turned out to be a great little surprise since I didn’t have my hopes up for the film at all.

I still have two films left from when I watched films last week to rate and upload all that info. I’ve been trying to do rating at least once a week to keep on top of the website. So far so good. I even added a TV ratings section [LINK]! Right now all I have is ratings for Supernatural, but I’m working on ratings for Wilfred, Workaholics, Drawn Together and Bob’s Burgers.

Aside from website work I’ve also been working on something new for Cheri Delights [LINK]. I’m making a new kind of coaster. I’m making them in pairs because I honestly don’t know anyone who buys coasters in sets of 4 any more. Also look Cherri Delights up on facebook, I finally made a facebook page. On the facebook page I’ll be making posts of things you won’t find in the store, special order items and images of all the items I have available right now. ^_^

Well I’m going to get back to working on those coasters.

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