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It’s been a LONG time since I’ve wrote anything and honestly I miss blogging like I used to. I just ended up getting busy with things and never found the time to do it like I used to. I’m hoping, maybe next week, I’ll be able to get somewhat back into the habit – we’ll see!

I’ve been closing at work, so that means I end up sleeping a lot during the day. That just takes all the fun out of everything. Like tomorrow I work 6pm to 2am and Saturday I work 8pm to 3am. I do like closing, but my body doesn’t like when I have to change between a regular “lunch” shift and closing.

With that said, this isn’t going to be a super long post and it will mostly be pictures. I just wanted to sit down and post SOMETHING.

Engagement Pictures

My brother is getting married next year – October, I think – so they asked me to do a couple pictures for them to use as their engagement pictures. It’s been a long time since I’ve been asked to do pictures for anyone, so it was kind of fun to get back to doing something like that.

My Brother's engagement picture.

My Brother's engagement picture.

They went to a park for the pictures. It was kind of chilly, which sucks and the wind ended up picking up because not long after we finished it ended up raining.

Shoes & River

Washington, D.C.

Last month we spent a weekend in DC! It was the first time I ever had a chance to go. It was around a six hour drive (one way). It was cold, but so worth it. I’m hoping to go back sometime within the next year. There’s just so much to see and so much to eat!

Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C.

I have a page full of the pictures I took during the DC visit!

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Not Much

I know it’s been a while since I’ve actually wrote something worthwhile. Well, I am still alive. I’ve just been working odd hours and lately I just want to go to bed after work. Saturdays I’m now working nearly 9 hours. For the past two weeks though I’ve had three days off in a row. On these days off my body just doesn’t want to do anything.

When it comes to life, I am dating. I’m dating someone I’ve honestly loved for a while. I adore him and I’m happy for the first time in a long time.

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Our Voices Sing In Union

I told myself I was going to blog in the morning so I would have something to do before I had to get ready. Well everything has changed and that leaves me to blogging tonight – I do want to write something before I leave.

I just finished packing. It took me all day – mostly due to the fact that I really wanted to use my favorite suitcase.

My favorite suitcase is an old powder blue 1950’s suitcase, it’s the size of a train case but it opens like a regular suitcase. I just love it so much – and at some point I am going to restore it. I knew in my heart though everything wouldn’t fit in it.

This left me to asking my mom if she had a suitcase I could use. So now I have a late 1960’s/early 1970’s suitcase. At least everything fit…for the most part. This suitcase is a soft sided suitcase, so it was super easy to fit nearly everything in it. I’m just not looking forward to opening it. Haha.

The only things that didn’t fit in the suitcase were my shoes and a couple long sleeve shirts I’m taking. I know it seems weird that I’m packing my shoes, but I’m wearing my boots.

My backpack is going to have my shoes, long sleeve shirts and other things. This sounds super weird but I’m putting my camera charger down in a sock since I have to put it in my backpack – it will be harder for something to happen to it. Plus I’m taking the cable for my camera…oh and photoshop.

I’m taking photoshop with me so we can put it on the laptop. Just in case we take some awesome pictures and have to share them. ^_^

The last thing I haven’t packed yet is all my bath items, I always pack them in their own bag so nothing happens to all my clothes.

My boyfriend is going to be down this way tomorrow afternoon. But in the morning I have to go with my mom out to a tractor show.

Okay, I don’t enjoy tractor shows at all but my mom is taking my niece there to see her dad. He’s staying at the event so this is the only way she can see him. Oh yeah and the best part is there are always loads of yard sales around!

We’re going to leave at 9:30am since it take a half hour to get there. We’ll be able to be there for a while before having to come home so I can be home between noon/1pm.

Since I’ll be with my boyfriend all week I really don’t see me being on social media next week. But if I am it will only be short random things. And I’m sorry now if we spam facebook with random pictures. haha.

I’m just so excited for tomorrow to finally come. Now the downside of it is, I won’t be able to sleep tonight! Not only am I getting to spend time with my boyfriend, but I’m also being able to spend time away from everyone around here – which is well needed.

What can I say, I’m happy.

Oh yeah! This will be my last blog entry until I get back. With that said, Movie Wednesday will be posted since I took the time to write it up so it will post.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and a great next week! ^_^



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My War Paint Is Sharpie Ink


Here are some better shots of that haircut. I’ve been told it’s too short. I’ve always been told by many females that they wish they were like me and could “pull off that style”. The key is, it’s all about attitude. That’s the key to any style honestly. It’s all about how that style makes you feel. And well punk style, I feel home in that style.

Something else I’ve heard a lot of lately is people wishing they were as ambiguous as I am. I admit, I love to blur the gender line – I love to blur it a lot. Blur it beyond the point of just being through of as a tom boy. I have a chest binder that I’ve wore a couple times, I love how it makes me feel. Yes from time to time I am girlie, don’t get me wrong – I’m only overly girlie when I do Lolita. Lolita is my true girlie time.

Ever since I was little I never felt like I could identify as strictly male or female. I’ve always felt as though there was more to it. A couple years ago I found who I am, I’m a pansexual gender fluid person. When I realized who I really am, it felt amazing.

Gender Fluid (to me): Moving between genders or with a fluctuating gender identity

I wanted to change my social media accounts to gender fluid, but one of the major ones didn’t have a section for GF people. You had to ID as male or female.


Finally last week Facebook made the move to include nearly all genders! It felt awesome to finally be able to click ‘Gender Fluid’ beside ‘Gender’! I’m not only proud that I can fully be myself, but I feel like a weight has been lifted from me.

Now to the more boring items I wanted to talk about, but I really had to talk about that first.


I wanted cookie so I made these peanut butter & jelly cookies. The jelly is blackberry. ^_^ They turned out great, I wasn’t sure how they were going to turn out honestly. The recipe just seemed a bit off. I’ll post the recipe later this week, they’re super simple to make.

I made these cookies to give them a little test. At the end of May at the major craft event I’m at I usually always take baked goods and do a little bake sale. Well I want to have some new items this year, as well as have a bit of a selection. These cookies did make the cut.

On my little list of ideas I do have chocolate cupcakes, white cupcakes, peanut butter & jelly cookies and lemon fingers (or lemon bars)…

What do you guys like to see when you go to a bake sale? What one item do you always look for?

In the end I will throw together some chocolate chip cookies. I also hope to do some cookies with a cotton candy icing & another cookie with a lemonade icing.


Friday I finally got the earring I ordered. Yes – earring – as in I only ordered one. I love it. I haven’t had a chance to wear it yet though.

I also got another package in the mail. The last thing I ordered for him. I honestly wanted to cry a little over the package because I was sure he was going to love the gift when I put it all together. Now it’s just sitting on my desk and I have no idea what I’m going to do with it.

My emotions have been a bit touch and go over the past few days. I know it happened for the best, but my heart still hurts.

I went out with some friends Friday night, and I know I just brought the whole room down. It was just so hard with him not being there and me knowing there was no chance of him making a surprise pop in. I know it will get easier as time goes on…I just…I don’t know. He seemingly always found a way to make me smile, even if he didn’t know it.

Friday morning/afternoon I really stayed in bed and read, I read until I got a text saying my friend was coming to pick me up.

So with all of that reading I was able to finish 5, 742 Days: A Mother’s Journey Through Loss by Anne-Marie Cockburn [LINK] – it’s a great book. After I finished it, I did laugh a little to myself. Just for the main reason of me reading a book about loss and now being single. In some ways I could connect with Anne, the little reminders and such – those are still around.

The next book I’ll be reading is Playboy Bunny or Stewardess?? The Uncensored Memoirs of a Pan Am Flight Attendant by Dona Jay Epting [LINK]. I haven’t had a chance to really start reading it though. I think it will be a good book, well I hope it will be.

I’m still reading through all the free books I’ve “bought”. Which is kind of sad, or it says something about me. ^_^ Yeah, I like a good deal.

Having loads of books is a good thing though since I’m still dealing with major sleeping problems. Now I can’t go to bed until around 3:30am or 4am. >_<

I keep thinking about when all the craft events start again…how am I going to do them? 90% of them I have to be up and out of the house by at least 6:30am. I can’t do them with little or no sleep.

I’m hoping I can figure out what the problem is soon. I haven’t been taking a nap or anything either. I can be ready to pass out at 8pm, but as soon as I get in bed I’m wide away. Ugh.

A warm bath before bed doesn’t help either, I’ve tried that.


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You Have No Integrity

I’m just not going to take my time to address it. That’s all I’m going to say.


I spent two days searching online for a new cosplay wig. The one I have is just so old. I finally found one Sunday night!


This is what my new wig looks like! I wanted a straight wig, but I couldn’t find one in the price point I wanted to stick to. But even though it has wave to it, I’m happy. I can’t wait to get it in the mail. I should get it sometime during the end of the week.

To celebrate the new wig, this means I’m making a new outfit. I’ve had the dress cut out for a while but I’m finally putting it together now. It’s a JSK (Jumper Skirt) but I’m considering making it so the straps tie behind my neck instead of making it like all the other JSKs out there. ^_^ It’s like 60% finished right now, that’s just the basic construction.

Once it’s totally put together I have a layered ruffle to sew along the bottom of the skirt – the top layer is lace, second layer is sheer white, last layer is solid pink. And I think I’m going to do small bows down the front of the bodice. The straps have a main fabric that is white and I’m going to layer blue, pink and purple on them.

When that is all finished I have to work on the blouse to wear under it. It seems like it won’t be very hard, but we’ll see. I’m going to make a large white detachable bow for it too. ^_^

I’m still searching for a pair of mary jane’s that are not black. But I’ll wear my black ones until I find the perfect pair.


I did finally frame that picture of the RMS Queen Mary that my grandma book in the 50’s. For the background all I did was cut a piece of cardboard to fit the frame. I found fabric and painted the cardboard with homemade mod podge. I laid the fabric down and smoothed it out – that simple! If you do something like this, let the glue & fabric dry 24 hours. You don’t want to mess your picture up.

Even though it’s framed now, I have yet to put a nail in the wall and hang it up. I’m honestly not sure where to hang it.


I started on a couple new paintings last week too. I really haven’t painted in a while and both of these paintings I’m doing are for me. I’m doing two paintings that are lyrics from a couple songs that mean a lot to me.

The first one says ‘Everything gets reduced clarified with truth’. The lyrics are from the song The First Of June by Dandelion Snow. I’m nearly finished with it, I just have a bit left to paint.

The other painting will say ‘There are some things you can’t stop from happening’. Those lyrics come form the song Fireworks Display by Dandelion Snow.

Last night I went with my aunt to the store. It ended up being a like four hour trip.

We did get something to ear first.

The first store was the dollar tree. Sorry, I love that place. I was able to find the book Death On The D-List by Nancy Grace for $1! I’ve been wanting to buy the book but we don’t have a bookstore around here and since my mom wants to read it too I was going to buy the hardback. Yeah, hardback for $1- you can’t beat that!

I did get a cute Valentine’s Day card for J – well funny is more of the word, not cute.

And I found two little books for my niece. One is colors and shapes and the other one is ABC’s. The book has plastic on the pages so you use washable markers to write on the pages and it can be washed off.

Aside from the book the only other thing I got myself was nail stickers – the set I found is skulls.

After that we went to another store and I had to get cat food there…$5 later…Okay I know I shouldn’t complain about paying $5 for cat food because I know some cat food is $10 for a small bag. But these cats are so picky. >_< Usually when my mom buys the cat food she’ll get random generic cat food, I think they just get sick of it after a while. So this time I got them 9 Lives…well I had to get 9 Lives because the store didn’t have anything else stocked.

The last place was JoAnn Fabric. To my great surprise I only bought a few small things! I bought my niece a new Dora book and one of those paint with water books, and I got Jason something funny for Valentine’s Day. ^_^ I’m super glad I didn’t go crazy in there because I always do.

Today I’ve just spent most of the day laying around. I couldn’t sleep last night and I guess I fell asleep around 4am, but I was back up at around 6am…in the bathroom being sick. =_= Ugh. Even after that I couldn’t fall back asleep. I finally did though around 8am or so. I slept until 11am. I ended up getting a warm bath and when I laid back down I fell asleep until around 2:30pm. I think it may have been something I ate yesterday, I still feel just yucky.

I guess the one good thing is I was able to get through nearly half of Supernatural season 3. ^_^ I’m sure if you’ve visited my blog before you know my deep love for that show. I’m just glad to have all the seasons so I can rewatch, which I’m enjoying doing. I’ve seen all the episodes before but it’s just nice to watch them again.

And tonight the new episode of Supernatural was on. I’m enjoying this season a little more now. But I have to say seeing that snookie thing int he previews for upcoming episodes made me want to throw up. Considering she’s on Supernatural though, I hope she’s a demon from hell so they can kill her. Just saying.

Friday night some friends are playing a free show, but I’m not sure if I want to go. I mean it’s been a while since I’ve seen them play so it would be nice to see them play and everything…the cold weather is just holding me off a little bit. I know it’s inside and everything but you still get blasted with cold wind going inside the venue. And deep down inside I was hoping to see Jason this weekend…I miss him so much.

Oh! One last thing. I said something on twitter this morning about it, but would anyone want to do a small, fun candy swap? It’s been so long since I’ve done any kind of swap and I kind of want to do one. It wouldn’t have to be a candy swap, any kind of swap honestly. ^_^ I’d have to look up shipping costs first though.


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Where is me bed

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Today has been one big sewing day, well for me it has been.

For a while I had been putting off things I wanted to make for myself since I’ve had other things to do. Well since I kind of screwed up on the apron I was making and can’t really do anything until I get more fabric for it, I took the day to work on things for me.

This skirt I’ve had cut out for a while. I even had the panel pieces sewed together, Cherry Skirtbut I had kind of forgotten about it until the other day. I was cleaning up a bit of my sewing mess I had in the living room and found it. I was going to be doing some sewing with red fabric anyways so I figured I’d at least do the hem on it. Well just going the hem turned into finishing the whole skirt. I thought I’d have a bit of trouble with it due to the fact of it being made up of panels, but no problems!

I am going to start selling these pleated skirts (panel and no panel). I’m just flipping around the price in my head. There is a lot of work, and a lot of fabric in each skirt. Plus the elastic for the waist and the hook/eye closure. I was thinking about having a base price of around $25. That would be for a simple solid colored skirt. The price would increase based on size (use of fabric and elastic) and type of fabric (print vs solid). I was thinking about having a somewhat “base” price for the printed pleated skirts right around $35. Some print fabrics though are beyond $10 a yard – and how much fabric I need depends on the size the end skirt will be.

I was finally smart though, I made little templates to use when making the pleats so it doesn’t take me very long at all to put the pleats in. I do them all and pin them, then I go back and double pin so I’m not losing any of them.

In the end though, I’m super thrilled over how it turned out in the end! I really can’t wait to wear it. ^_^

I’ve never been a skirt/dress kind of person, but lately I have been wearing them a lot more. I think it’s because I’m finally feeling a little more like home in my own body. I know that seems odd to hear, but blurring the gender lines is something I’ve enjoyed over the last year. And just because I embrace what society says a female should wear does no mean by any means that I think every female should wear those items. If you’re gender queer, go for it, you’re beautiful! Wear what you want, and don’t let anyone look down on you for doing it.

The next skirt I started work on is for a costume, a pirate costume. I admit, I’ve Pirate Skirtalways wanted a skirt like this anyways. ^_^ So it just means I’ll be getting a lot of use out of this skirt aside from dressing up like a pirate. It was also the first time I made a square circle skirt. Yes, I said square circle. It was super simple and easy. Though I always hem anything I make so it took longer then it should have. I think if I was doing it just out of t-shirt fabric then I wouldn’t hem it and it would only take me maybe 15 minutes to get it cut and sewn. I was going to originally do it just black, but I found enough red fabric. How could I not add a touch of my favorite color? haha.

As far as the rest of the pirate outfit, I’m pretty sure I’m just going to wear my corset as my top. I mean I haven’t ever had a reason to wear it. Considering the weather will be cooling down I may at least get some kind of shrug thrown together just in case. I guess my whole thing is, I don’t want to have to make a top if I have something I can wear.

I have yet to work out some kind of belt though. The only reason behind a belt is so I don’t have to carry a bag just to have my camera/phone. I made another belt pack, this one out of fake leather with a big (fake) pearl button on it. It’s larger enough for my camera, phone and anything else I may need. Now I just need something to wear so I can have it on me. I know the easy thing is to go through belts and just find one…well I have no belts that would fall under this type of costume. I could just do the old (easy) fabric belt. No sewing just cutting. Or I could take some of the fake leather I have left and make one.

I’m just torn on what would look better.

The last thing is my hat. My damn hat that has taken two weeks instead of two Hatdays. I’m still not sure if I like it or not. I’ve never made a hat before and I’m kind of doing it blind. But I just have to remember what I see isn’t what other people see. And I know the picture is bad lighting, I just didn’t want to move from my bed. Haha. It’s kind of hard to tell from the picture, because the hat looks kind of dead for some reason…but I did finish the front stitches on the hat today. All the stitching you see is just “cosmetic”. The back part of the hat is still pinned there, I have yet to be happy with how the back part of it looks to even try to stitch it at all. All of the work though on the hat is hand work. Which means sore little hands because of how much work it takes to get the needle through that stuff. It’s not as hard as real leather, but it’s hard enough for me to have to use pliers sometimes to get the needle pulled through.

Yeah and my wig needs a wash and brush.

Tomorrow I’m going to hopefully work a bit on this tiny painting I’ve been trying to get ideas for…for like three weeks. I think I finally have a solid idea. Since the canvas is tiny anyways I wasn’t going to do anything with detail. I do know I want to take the time to make sure I have a good solid background paint on it before I start painting the main image on it.

I still need to get pictures of a painting I touched up so I can put it in the album of things for sale. It’s just one of the bird paintings I did. I had no idea what was on the canvas but it wouldn’t come off, and what bit came off the rest of the painting was just faded for some reason. I repainted the bits that I screwed up while trying to clean it. From how it looks to me, I don’t think you can tell any of that happened.

I have a 4×5 canvas left too. No clue what I’m going to do with it, I just want to do something fun. Or try something new. I have been talking a lot about giving Pop Art a try. The only thing that really means is doing a lot of reading and looking at Pop Art. I like to know the history and everything about a type of art before I try it. I know about Pop Art, but I want to know more before I start playing with it.

Today I did get a surprise in the mail. What can I say, I don’t really get mail that much at all, so when I get mail it’s a surprise to me. I got a sample of Hemp Hearts. I’ve heard a lot of people liking Hemp Hearts and that it’s something good for you. I read the back of the sample and just with the small sample I received there’s 10g of protein in it. Which surprised me, but also got me thinking to check out what places around here sells Hemp Hearts so I can start adding them to my diet.

I’m back to not being able to sleep at night, or through the night. I thought maybe it was because the dog kept coming in and out all night so I shut my door. That didn’t help. I thought maybe I was getting too hot so I turned the fan on. That didn’t help. Ugh. I just want to sleep.

I didn’t take a nap today though so I’m hoping that will help a little.

Toady I woke up, I guess for the main reason of sending Jason a text…because I fell asleep right after I sent it.

That could come across as cute though, but I swear I was going to get out of bed after I sent it…I just never did because I was watching a new story. I never seen the end of the news story though because I fell asleep.

I just really hope to get this sleeping problem worked out soon. It usually takes me a while to get this problem fixed, which sucks since it happens every few months.

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