Why I Blog

Over the past few weeks there has been some people who think they can bully fellow bloggers and well just create drama where there shouldn’t be any. I think it’s taken a toll on everyone involved, and everyone who just knows about it. I’ve told my friend the whole time it just reminds me of middle school and a mean girls club that found a target just for the hell of it. They just need to chill and refocus on what THEY’RE doing, not what other people are doing. I’ve realized though this will never happen with those girls, but I’m just hoping it does. Blogging isn’t suppose to have rules, it’s suppose to be fun. I’m an old school blogger though, I remember when there wasn’t groups and there was no drama. Everyone was on the same level and just enjoyed hearing what everyone was doing in their lives – even stood by them through some seriously hard times.

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You Never Really Leave My Mind

I know I’ve just been completely horrible at blogging lately. I am trying to blog something real twice a week.

Last week was hard for me to blog because of starting the job.

I worked Tuesday and Thursday 4pm to 8pm. Saturday I worked 11am to 4pm – which is their lunch rush. I’ve only been working on the front registers, which also means cleaning the dinning room and bathrooms – which I honestly have no problem with.

Friday was also my first pay day, but it was only pay for my orientation. So I had an extra $10, which was nice. I did a “test” transfer of $2 from my debit card the money is put on to my bank account. Since I did it on a Saturday it took until today for it to transfer. So today I finished the transfer of the rest of the money.

This week I have the same schedule, which is nice. The time I work Saturday though is their crazy time. Seriously crazy. I was the only one working up front and I had a line, plus there was a line of people waiting on their food.

This Saturday is going to be a long day for me. After work I  have to hurry home and change because I have a little movie date – I am super excited for this!

I did buy a new dress for this little date. ^_^ Sometime this week I have to find my red cardigan though, I have no clue what I did with it.

All I’ve really been doing is working and sleeping.

My niece was here over the weekend and she’s sick. So by the end of work Saturday I was feeling horrible. I came home and drank two glasses of orange juice and took some medicine. Sunday I seriously slept all day. Today I didn’t sleep all day since I have to work tomorrow. I am tired, but that will help me go to bed early…or at least I hope so.

So within the next few days I’ll be posting a better entry and one with loads of pictures.


Blog Title: You Will. You? Will. You? Will. You? Will. by Bright Eyes

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