Not Much

I know it’s been a while since I’ve actually wrote something worthwhile. Well, I am still alive. I’ve just been working odd hours and lately I just want to go to bed after work. Saturdays I’m now working nearly 9 hours. For the past two weeks though I’ve had three days off in a row. On these days off my body just doesn’t want to do anything.

When it comes to life, I am dating. I’m dating someone I’ve honestly loved for a while. I adore him and I’m happy for the first time in a long time.

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Everything Fall

Horror Pack

First I want to talk about something neat I came across while just randomly looking through things online. You all know I do love a great subscription box and the horror themed one I used to get just didn’t excite me. I think that’s mainly due to the fact I’m not a huge fan of current horror.

What can I say, I love what I grew up with.

Horror Pack

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I’m Flat Broke, But I Don’t Care

I hope everyone has enjoyed the holiday season so far. I’m honestly glad it’s nearly over with – then life can get back to normal. Which means I get to spend time with Jason like I used to. I just miss spending time with him.


This is all the hair – well most of the hair – that was cut off when I had my hair cut. I took a lot off the top, the sides really weren’t grown out that far but it was too far for me. I think you can really see the difference in the picture below. I used to be able to pull all my hair back in a ponytail and now I can’t do that – it feels so great! But the good thing is I can still wear headbands – when I’m doing small hand projects I just like having my hair out of my face. And Jason liked my haircut too. ^_^

On the 23rd I did get to see him and spend some time with him. ^_^ It was great to see him, as I said I miss him bunches.

Jason and Me

Jason came down after work and picked me up. He was taking me out for dinner and so we could exchange Christmas gifts. We had sushi – animal friendly sushi. I had been craving sushi for the past couple months and just never got around to getting any – plus I really wanted Jason to go to the sushi place that’s near where I live. It’s not big or fancy but they do have good sushi.

When we got there though there was a group of people standing inside the doorway so we thought we would have to wait in line – luckily that wasn’t the case. They were just such a large group they were having to wait for one of the larger tables to be cleared so they could be seated. They were a bit busy – which surprised me – but we got a seat right away.

Jason ordered two rolls that had fish in them and he ordered a sweet potato roll (meat free). I ordered an asparagus roll and an avocado roll.

As usual the sushi there was great. And well it was great to be sitting across from Jason talking about things and just getting to see him.

We were nearly finished when we realized it would have been a good thing to bring the gifts in so we could exchange gifts.

After sushi we went to the coffee shop to exchange gifts – they were open until 10 which surprised me. At first there wasn’t really anyone there but after we had been there for a bit there seemed to be more people coming in.

Camera Cup

Yes, Jason got me the best gift ever. ^_^ He said when he said it he thought of me because he doesn’t know anyone else who is as into photography as I am. And well…I LOVE IT! I even came home, washed it and used it Christmas Eve.

I gave Jason a wooden pirate ship I built, a pirate rubber duckie, pirate related temporary tattoos, a grow your own zombie thingie, a mix cd (because I’m a dork) and whiskey stones. Okay I know whiskey stones sound weird so I’ll explain – they’re stones you chill and put in your drink to keep your drink cold without watering it down. When I first seen them they only had packs that were all one color, so I searched around until I found a set that had a couple different colored stones.

Oh and I got his puppy a stuffed animal, treats and a rope toy. ^_^ I was told he loves the rope toy.

Christmas Eve we opened gifts at my moms house.

It really took my niece two hours to open her gifts. You have to remember she’s two – so everything she opened she had to take time to look at before she opened the next thing.


My aunt made my niece a family of three pigs – a big pig and two little pigs. She also got a pig purse and a pig calendar. I have no clue why she likes pigs.

She also ended up getting two baby dolls. One of them came with bottles and little toys. So she ended up having the diaper bag I made her shoved full of stuff for her baby dolls.


This was my “big” gift from my mom. It’s a SmartTab and it came with a keyboard! I know a lot of people are against buying products that are not name brand, but my mom knew how much I never want any Apple product. So anyways, I love it! It works great. Today I sat and fixed the screens – so I have the music player on the same menu with Last.FM – twitter on the same menu as facebook – and so on. Last night I went to Denny’s while Missy was working and used their wifi to download some apps and play around with it. I downloaded a twitter app, facebook app, flixster app, a photo app, a word app…oh and I also downloaded Kindle app. ^_^

I use the amazon app store so if anyone has any app suggestions let me know – just keep in mine at home I don’t have wifi so I’m looking for apps that will be useful/fun without a wifi connection. And if you have any (free) book suggestions please feel free to let me know.

The app I got for typing docs is awesome. I used it this morning and wrote for about an hour – which felt awesome. That is one of the main reasons I wanted the keyboard with the tablet is so I can lay in bed and write a little.

And I already have the last three episodes of season 3 of Futurama on my tablet too. And I have the first four episodes of season one of Supernatural. ^_^


And this is my stylus for my tablet – it’s also a regular pen. ^_^


My mom got me this backpack. ^_^ It’s smaller than the one I usually take with my when I stay at Jason’s, but the next time I stay with him I’m going to try the backpack out and see if I can fit what I need in it.

My younger brother’s girlfriend gave me a little lotion and perfume set & a necklace that says “Love, Peace, Believe”. My younger brother gave me fuzzy dice that has Hello Kitty on them. From my mom I also got a Mama’s Family [LINK] DVD (Mama’s Favorites from Season 1), Re-Animator [LINK], a wok, a Potato Express (gag gift, because I had been talking about it so much after I seen an ad for it). My older brother gave me two kinds of chap stick.

The only persons we didn’t open gifts from was my aunt and grandpa because she thought we were just opening gifts for my niece since we didn’t have her on Christmas Day.

So on Christmas day we opened gifts from my aunt and my grandpa. My grandpa doesn’t come to family holidays due to his new wife. Long story.


My aunt gave me these two fabrics – there’s around 1 yard of each. If you’re new to my blog you’ll have to know I love cherries – I even have a cherry tattoo. I’m looking for a swing dress (50’s style dress) pattern. I’m going to use the fabric with the black background to make the dress and I think the other I may make myself a new bag – or an overnight bag using the pattern for that baby doll diaper bag I made.


And my aunt made everyone pillows. I got these two that have cats on them, my younger brother got pillows with deer on them, my mom got OSU pillows…I’m not sure what was on my older brothers pillows though.

My grandpa put $45 on my phone account. Which will pay for my phone bill for one month and the following month I’ll only have to pay $25.


I got this in the mail today from my friend Maki. ^_^ It’s so cute I’m not going to put it away just because Christmas is over. I’m going to start a letter to her sometime next week so I can get it in the mail and I’m going to draw her a picture or something to stick in with the letter.

Overall Christmas was good this year – well even though Christmas day didn’t feel like Christmas at all. To me it just felt like any other day and I really don’t know why I felt that way. Maybe it was just because I’m so over the holiday season already. I want life to get back to normal.

As I’m trying to get my life back to normal – since I’m not doing anything for the new year – I’m looking through some ideas for new shop [LINK] items. I am going to hopefully find the fabric I want to use to make one Hot/Cold Compress. I already bought the rice so I’m going to at least make one small one just to see if anyone is really interested in them. I’m going to try to make it in the shape of a heart or something like that – these things are great for little kid boo-boos too, less mess then when you use ice. So this first one I think I’m going to use this flannel frog printed fabric.

I’m also going to try to finish up this pencil sleeve I have all cut out – I just haven’t had time to finish getting it together.

Also in this long list of crafts, this week I’m going to sit down and draw out a new pattern for the 50’s headscarf [LINK] so I’ll have child sized ones too – and so I can make myself one that fits without having to wear a wig. ^_^

There are two packages I need to get ready for the mail too. One is a late Christmas package and one is a birthday package. I really have no clue what to put into either package. =_= I know that’s horrible. I think though once I get to work on these new items for the shop my brain will start working again and I’ll get some new ideas.

Blog Title: Stray Cat Strut by The Stray Cats

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Keep The Wolves At Bay

19 days until Christmas?! CRAZY!

Good news is all my Christmas shopping is finished, I finished it today.

I ordered my mom something the other day, and I had to do online shopping for her. She was looking for a ballerina jewelry box, turns out I had to order one from Amazon. She also had me order a Doc McStuffins doll and a Mickey Mouse puzzle.  Fingers crossed it all gets here online. It’s suppose to anyways.

Bad news is, I haven’t finished all my Christmas sewing.

I have everything cut out but I haven’t started sewing. Okay that’s a lie. I don’t have everything cut out. Since my mom is making my niece doll clothes to go with her new baby doll, I’m going to make her a diaper bag. I haven’t even picked fabric out for it! I guess the good thing is, it doesn’t need mailed so I can put it lower on my list of things I have to finish.

I really hope to have a chance to at least sew on the one thing that I really need finished since it has to be mailed. It’s just going to take some time since it’s something I’ve never done before.

While I was Christmas shopping online, I have to admit I bought myself a few things. I found underwear for under $2 (and free shipping) and I bought a skirt for $8 (free shipping). Today I bought a top that will match my skirt so well. I should have my skirt next week!

Today I took my niece to the mall so she could Christmas “shop”. She bought her dad (my brother) a pillow with a moose on it and she bought his girlfriend a nail polish & lip gloss kit. In the end though she bought more for herself – she is 2. She bought herself a bowl that has Santa on it, Sophia the first stickers and a Hello Kitty “makeup” kit.

Hello Kitty Nails

The kit had chapstick (strawberry), lip gloss (watermelon), clear sparkly nail polish, a nail file, a little zipper pouch and fake nails. The fake nails stayed on for about 10 minutes, then she wanted them off. I told her she wouldn’t be able to do anything with them on.

As I said before I bought myself the top that will match my skirt and I bought another top. They’re both “crop” tops and sleeveless. This means I’ll be wearing them with sweaters and such. But I really loved them both and plus they were both on sale and they had a buy one get one 60% off. So I walked out of the store with two shirts for like $5.

While I was out I picked up the last gift for Jason. I just hope he doesn’t have anything like it and that he’ll like it. When I first seen what I bought him I thought of him but I didn’t want to get it right then – I’m glad I waited! They had them on a major sale so I saved $30.

I did buy Jason something a few weeks ago but it’s something that needs painted and put together, I just started painting it. I guess the good thing is it shouldn’t take me very long to put it together. Key word: SHOULDN’T. Which means it will. Haha.

Earlier in the week I did go out with my mom so she could finish – or get close to finishing – her Christmas shopping. Which was mostly just buying for my niece and my “nephews”. I also used the $10 gift card I got when I bought my tablet for a 16gb sd card to be used with my tablet. I only got a 16gb because that’s all they had – so I thought it was better then not having one and I can always get a larger one later. I didn’t get the screen protector like I wanted though. I figure after Christmas I’ll get that and a stylus. It did come with a case that hold the tablet & keyboard, so that’s a good thing…but I an going to make a sleeve that it all will slide in. ^_^ Not until after Christmas though so I can measure it and everything. I admit, it is kind of killing me knowing it’s under the tree and I can’t have it yet. I can survive though.

My mom still has around $5 left to spend on me so I figure she’s going to go to some place like the dollar tree and get me some lotion and bubble bath. I have no problem with that. I know some people look down on others if they shop there, but it doesn’t matter to me. Plus most of their bath stuff smells SO good compared to larger stores. I love the creamy apple bubble bath they had last year.

Oatmeal Cookie Bath

While I’m talking about baths, I made my first bath item! It’s a oatmeal cookie bath. You just put however much (or little) you want in running water and enjoy. It really does smell like an oatmeal cookie and it will make your skin soft. It’s not listed in my shop [LINK] yet. But I have one container like the one in the pictures (the lid is yellow and white though) – which is 12 tablespoons. And I have three smaller square containers – 4 tablespoons.

I’ve always wanted to start making bath items, so I think this was a great way to start. I’m going to hopefully do a few bath salts sometime soon – but it may not be until after Christmas.

When I do finally finish my Christmas sewing I’ll have at least one new thing to add to the shop though. It’s the new thing I’m trying out. ^_^

Tuesday was the last episode of Supernatural [LINK] until January. So I’m going to feel lost until then, I’ll have nothing to watch Tuesday nights now. But I’m glad they ended with the episode they did because I really can’t wait to see how the rest of the season plays out. I used to be so into Supernatural but Season 6 they just kind of lost me, mostly for the fact of Dean having a love life that was one person all the time. Season 8 I got back into it, but that wasn’t until a few weeks before season 9 started. I was able to catch up though thanks to a friend. I’m just a nerd when it comes to Supernatural. I can’t help it. ^_^ I mean I have a tattoo on my arm because of the show.

I guess Tuesday nights I can work on finishing Futurama [LINK]. I think I have like four episodes left in season 3. It’s not new to me at all, I’m just going through and watching all the episodes.

And I can’t wait until I can get season 3 of Wilfred [LINK]. I have the first two season and I could honestly watch them non-stop. I have the first season of the Australian (original) version, but I haven’t watched it yet.

I know it sounds like I watch a bunch of TV, but usually I’m sewing or working on something. Though the other night I did watch a bunch of Futurama while playing my DS…it was just a lazy night.

I have been having those sleeping issues again lately. Last night I fell asleep before 12:30, but I was up at 6am and finally I just gave up on trying to sleep around 8:30am. I just can’t sleep through a night and I think that’s the biggest part of my problem when it comes to feeling so tired. Tonight I’m super tired because of the whole mall adventure too. I was looking at the clock at 9:30 and thinking the clock was way off because I thought I was going to have to go to bed – but I knew if I did I would have been up at 4am ready to start the day.

There’s another wild weather storm coming across the US again. This the weather people are thinking we’re going to get INCHES of freezing rain. Freezing rain is bad, but INCHES of it is just super bad. So everyone is stocking up on food as well as batteries for flash lights and such. I’m hoping they’re wrong and we don’t get the inches of freezing rain they’re staying because I really want to see Jason this weekend. I miss him to pieces.

I have to leave this entry on a sad note.

Today Nelson Mandela [LINK] passed away. There will never been another person like him. Though it’s not a time to mourn him, it’s a time to celebrate everything he did throughout his life. I came across the news of his passing about a half hour after news stations started reporting it. I was shocked at the news, but I knew I shouldn’t have been because of his age and the fact he had been sick for a long time. My thoughts are with his family.

So on Friday, do something kind for another person.


Blog Title: Train In Vain by The Clash

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