The past few months…


We received the Kuchi Kopi from SDCC.

Sometimes it’s nice to buy yourself something. I usually buy items with black cats, but the cat on this purse looks so much like Bobcat. I just had to buy it. It’s a “small” purse, but the awesome thing is my phone fits into it. The only downside is, there’s no zipper pocket inside for loose change and things like that.

I used to have my movies spread across three small bookcases, which made it hell whenever I bought a new one and needed to add it to my collection. To solve the problem I found this dvd shelving unit, oddly enough by the same company my small bookcases are from. It took us a couple hours just to get the unit put together, and another hour to just get my movies put in order and on there. The best thing is, there’s that shelf that’s an odd height so I’m using it for a figure shelf. And now my bookcases are being used for books.

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Let’s talk about Comic Con!

I know, I know. It’s been so long since I’ve wrote or posted anything. Going on a vacation followed by moving, well that just made everything so hard to catch up on. I’ve also been working, it seems like all the time. Being on opening shift is kind of okay. I mean I get the rest of the day to do things, but it also means I have to go to bed crazy early because I get up at 4:10am.

Now, vacation was amazing. I went to Comic Con with my boyfriend and a couple friends. I just can’t wait to go again in a couple years. There are a lot of people, which is no surprise to anyone. I did have a panic attack while lost in the crowd one day when I didn’t go to the convention – I walked around the city instead.

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One Perfect Night’s Not Enough

What a crappy weekend.

Friday afternoon I was in town with my aunt, mainly because I needed to go to the bank to deposit money. The bank wasn’t the only stop.

Before I left my house though I was on my phone checking my bank account, only to see I had a few extra dollars in my account! The reason for this is there was something I was thinking about buying and I kept thinking I didn’t have that extra money…when I never ordered what I was looking at. haha.

I also had to mail a package before going to the bank so I only put $5 in my account – which is enough to renew my domain and still have extra left in my account.

And my aunt gave me some money to put in my account to order her something from ebay since she doesn’t have a computer. Which I’ve already ordered what she wanted.

I do have to get on ebay sometime to complain about a package I ordered nearly a month ago and I still don’t have it. I want a refund if I don’t get it any time soon.

Anyways…with the little cash I had on me I did buy a few things, but I bought nothing for me.

I bought my niece this magic wand that makes noise when you shake it and I found a piggy coin purse.

After I talked with my mom yesterday I think we’re going to do an Easter egg hunt for Easter…as long as there isn’t snow. We have a bunch of those plastic eggs so we’re going to get little candies and things to put in the eggs.

So we’re leaving for con on March 21st around 11am.

I know it’s so early to be thinking about things, but what can I say I don’t want to forget anything at home or not get something finished.

My goal is to be packed on the 20th – as far as a couple outfits, pjs and things like that goes. The morning of the 21st I’m going to gather up all my bath items and get a little sewing kit together.

The big thing is going to be taking the two outfits. One of them I have on two hangers with a plastic bag over it – I still need to fix the front ruffle on that one. So I’m going to be looking through the house for two more plastic hangers and another plastic bag that will fit over this outfit. I’m going to take both petticoats just in case I get there and I don’t like wearing one I have another one to wear. And I’m just not sure how to pack my wig. I still do have the net on it that it came in the mail with, so I may try to put it with my clothes. I don’t know.


This is the top of my new outfit, so far. It is suppose to have four buttons but two of them came off when I was trying to sew the white ribbon on it. But I love the buttons! I was going to use smaller brass buttons but when I found these huge white ones I had to use them.

The last major thing I have to do to the top is the collar of it. I have it sewed together, I’m just waiting until tomorrow to iron it…once I iron it I have to figure out how I’m going to sew it on. Fingers crossed what I have in my mind comes to life.


And this is the skirt so far. For the most part it’s finished. The only major thing left is adding a bit white bow to the back of it. I was thinking about adding some beading work to it but it’s all going to come down to when I finish the top if I have time for that kind of work.

I have tried the skirt and top on, but I haven’t tried them on together. I’m kind of scared to because I don’t want it to look horrible. Unlike some people I don’t have $300+ to spend on an outfit, so I know mine are going to just look so bad next to theirs. That is honestly the only reason I’m scared of going to con.

Aside from that I’m excited to go. As I said we’re leaving the 21st and won’t be coming home until the 23rd.

I am worrying about having the money to eat on. To get in the con it’s only $3, but eating isn’t going to be that cheap. Well at the con it should be because it’s a college and well college kids don’t have a lot of money. Fingers crossed it works out that way. But it’s around a 3 hour drive from home to where the con is so since we’re leaving around 11am I’m sure we’ll have to stop for a snack or something…same way with coming home – plus dinner Friday night and at least breakfast Sunday morning.

My mom is going to pick up some snack food when she goes to the store this week so at least I’ll have some snacks while I’m sitting in the hotel room.

Due to con and a few other things I am doing something special for blog readers with my etsy shop [LINK] – or not through my shop. This is for US people only – all bow earrings and (bow) keychains I’m offering free shipping! ^_^ If you order any of the bow earrings/keychains drop me an email and I’ll take the shipping from your order or drop me an email and we can do an order through paypal!

I’m also thinking about doing a mini giveaway to celebrate my blog turning 8. It won’t be a huge thing due to money and it will only be open to the US only, I’m still on the fence about doing and I’m not even sure what will be in the giveaway. I’m glad I still have a little time to think about it. haha!

Blog Title: Constant Headache by Joyce Manor

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Drawing Me In With Those Big Brown Lion Eyes

I had no reason to be nervous or scared about last night.

In the end I had a fun time and I hope he did too. It was great to see his face in front of me and just randomly talk. ^_^


He did bring me a little gift that made me laugh. I usually don’t like Oreos at all but all last week all I wanted was an Oreo. Every time I was at the store I just forgot about picking some up. So he brought me a whole package of Oreos. It was really sweet.

Stack The States

This was the free app of the day on Tuesday, so I figured I’d give it a try. Half of the time with games I don’t even play a whole game before I realize I don’t like it. Stack The States is fun though – yes even though I know all the states and everything. You answer questions to get a state and on the screen here’s a checkered line. You have to stack enough states to reach that line. And there was other small games you can unlock.

Free Flow

This is another free game that I love. It’s called Free Flow. It’s super simple and a great time killer. You pick a time limit and just connect the colored dots. But you have to use the whole board!

I still only have a handful of games on my tablet. Most of the room on my tablet is filled by books – mostly cookbooks.

I did find a book on gardening in a small space. Every year I try to grow a garden my older brother’s dog makes it a point to come and dig everything up. So I’m thinking about moving it closer to the house this year and seeing how well that works. I’m glad it’s still cold though because I have no idea what I want to grow.

I am thinking about growing carrots because my niece loves them and I think she’ll like picking them out of the ground.

As always we’ll have raspberries. haha.

Oh and I have kind of cool news! On the 22nd I’ll be at a con! It’s a one day con but I’ll be there all weekend with a couple friends. So these next two weeks are going to be me working on costumes.

I’m going to try to fix the ruffle for the little bo peep costume. It shouldn’t take that long, it would only take long if I have to take it completely apart – which right now I don’t think I have to.

I’m also working on that new costume I’ve been talking about. I started sewing it last night, but I was only sewing the top ruffle for the skirt. It’s going to be white and a light green. The bottom ruffle is going to be solid white. I don’t even have the bottom ruffle cut out yet – mainly because I know this top ruffle is going to take so much more time.

By the time I go to bed tonight I’m hoping to have the top ruffle finished and the bottom ruffle cut out and hemmed.

My thought is to get the skirt together first since it won’t take as much time as the top will. I don’t even have the ruffle for the collar thought about yet. haha.

I’m doubting if I’ll be able to get this costume finished in time.

I know it’s only a one day con but I want to take two Lolita costumes because I don’t know what I’ll feel like on that way.

I am super excited to wear my new wig though. And both of my Lolita costumes are skirts but I wear tights under both of them so I’ll be warm no matter what! haha.

This new costume I’m going to have a basket – I’ll make a basket liner – and I’m going to have a basket of green & white mints. ^_^ So This new costume has gone from Alice In Wonderland to Mint Queen. haha.


Blog Title: The One That Got Away by P!nk

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Here Comes The Weekend

For a minute there, I thought what was happening with everything was slowly putting me into a depression. It didn’t though. I was able to turn things around so I’m not heading to a depression. I mean…I have no reason to be depression for doing what I knew was right. ^_^

This week I’ve spent making a stupid hat. I say it’s stupid because I seriously got a headache from making it. The only hat I’ve ever made before is a mini top hat – which I thought was just completely easy to make and loved doing it. This new hat on the other hand is not mini and is made from some fake leather I had. I don’t have pictures of it yet because I took a little break from it. I have everything pinned and I just have to do the finishing touches to it. One night I spent three hours working on it – yes, no joke. Then the following day I put another two hours into it. After all that work I think it looks like it should…I hope. I’m not an expert on these types of hats and I’ve never even owned one before.

I know it’s a bit confusing since I’m not saying the type of hat or showing pictures, I think next week I’ll have some pictures of the finished project to post. ^_^

I also made myself another belt bag. I made that one out of cotton, and lately I’ve been using it to put my necklaces and bracelets in – it works so great when I’m not at home and want to take all of that off. It just keeps everything in one place so I’m not searching all over the place for something.

Well this new one I made is out of fake leather and has this big button on it. But it doesn’t button or snap. The flap just covers the top of it. What can I say, it’s easier that way so I can get to my camera without having to fight with a button or snap. ^_^ I haven’t tried it yet, but I like how it looks. I really made two, the first one was just too big for me to use. I guess the good thing is I can sell it or something.

I finally have my corset and I think it fits. I say I think it fits because I haven’t really had it laced like it should be. I’m going to put it on tomorrow night, and I hope it fits like it should. I was considering wearing it out tomorrow, but I don’t know. I do have a leopard print skirt I’ve never wore and…it would look great with that.

Since everyone will be at con this weekend, I have a weekend free with no one around…which kind of sucks. But last night I was asked what I’m doing tomorrow night, and considering the person who asked…it made everything totally better. I can’t wait for tomorrow night. It’s just been a long week, well and last weekend is still figuring into everything. I can’t wait for some cuddle time and just relaxing. I need it.

Next week I’m going to finish Randi’s apron. I would have it finished this weekend but I didn’t push to get it done because I knew I wouldn’t be able to get it to her – and I know it sucks knowing something is finished & yours but you can’t have it. Plus I’m really taking my time on it since this is the first full apron I’ve ever made. I have a bit of extra fabric, just in case I mess something up. But it’s a lot of fun. ^_^

I’ve also added a photo album on facebook that I’ll be adding to when I get things finished – it’s an album of the things I have for sale until I get something better worked out…which is that darn online store I’ve been talking about forever. It’s just taking me some time to get things worked out. Plus the whole bank thing has to wait because the cash I have now is for my cell phone next month.

I’m going to be posting the information for a few paintings I’m selling on facebook later tonight or tomorrow. I’m going to sell my large “superman” painting, it’s going to suck to see it go but it just doesn’t fit with everything else I have hanging up.

I do have painting commissions open. And I still need to get pictures from my friend…I have basically done every painting in her house.

This will be my last blog entry before the weekend so I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend.

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