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It’s no lie, I enjoy shopping online. Mostly for the fact it means I don’t have to interact with people. Plus most of the places I normally shop at are either closed or super busy by the time I get off work…and well I’d rather go home & shop in my pjs. ^_^

Most of my packages lately have been Christmas related though. Which means after the layaway is paid off, I’m pretty much finished with all the shopping. I only really have my brothers left to shop for.

With that said I did shop a little for myself last week.


I ordered myself some new buttons. I do love buttons…I love them maybe a little too much. The “purse” I carry every day is covered in them. These few buttons are the first ones on my vest. ^_^


I bought myself a new patch for my vest too. It says ‘Yours Leaders Can’t Protect You But They Can Get You Killed’.


Last of all I ordered myself this skull scarf. ^_^

Stinky Tie

Stinky did get his Christmas gift early. I bought him a tie. ^_^ And to my huge surprise he didn’t freak out when I put it on him. Though the picture looks like something for a dating site. haha.

I also bought him a small “perch and house”. It’s one of those carpeted around “houses” that has a scratching post as the base and some balls that hang from it. Only problem is…he doesn’t fit in the “house”. Ugh. He has figured out he can lay on top of it and he does play with the stuff hanging from it. I just realize I should have bought a bigger one.

When I bought that for Stinky I bought my niece one of those fish tank animals that they show on TV all the time. I bought her the one that’s a unicorn. We’re not going to use it for a fish tank though. I can just see the water (and the fish) all over the place.

During that shopping trip I mostly bought food though. And I finally found the mint extract I need to make my holiday cookies!

New Pictures

Last week during one of the days I had off I did grab my camera and sit in front of it for a bit.






Chuck’s Steakhouse

So I know the title of this little section seems like I gave up and went to have steak, so not true. Some friends of mine played a show on the 15th and since I didn’t go in to work until 4pm on Sunday I was able to go! This was the first show I waent to since I seen Sundowner during September of last year.

I’m only going to post one picture of the other bands and five of my friends…I know it seems unfair, but hey they’re my friends!

Decepticon Theory

Minimal Concern


Skull'Rz Bane






And for the heck of it, here’s a post show shot of me. ^_^




We seen a few tiny flakes of snow last week, but we didn’t get the big snowfall until Sunday/Monday. We only ended up with maybe 5 inches, so we didn’t get as much as a lot of other places did, but as far as snowfall in this area of Ohio we did get a lot.





Food Porn


Spicy Pumpkin Seeds


Crispy Tofu with veggies in peanut sauce & brown rice


“Beef” noodles with garlic smashed potatoes


Breaded “Chicken” strips, Veggie mix, Garlic smashed potatoes


Tofu nuggets and Pasta salad


“Beef” tips and noodles

Blog Title: My Violent Heart by Nine Inch Nails


  1. First off, you have an awesome and wicked style. To be honest, I wish I had the guts to actually get a mohawk and get so crazy, but you manage to make it all natural. I’m too scared of what other would say, but alas, that’s it. I got scared about getting a pixie cut and the reactions to that was very disturbing. Oh well. One day, I believe!

    Beautiful photos! They feel so candid and so intimate, and yet not so vulnerable that you’d still be able to kick my butt 😛 Anyhow, that’s awesome seeing live bands, huh? I had the pleasure to see my friend’s dad’s band. Lol

    And yummy food photos. I’m so hungry! And SNOW! and ice. Lol

  2. Okay so, I love:
    – Your hair, and the color resembles mine (mine is Nuclear Red by Special Effects You’re the only friend I have who is brave enough to have a mohawk, which I think is just bad ass. It just suits you so well :3
    – Your food pictures because they’re making me want to eat today (I haven’t eaten much because my stomach’s been weird today)
    -Your photography (as always) is just rad! 😀 I love looking at the pictures you take, they hold so much detail!!

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