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Swing Dress

I finished my swing dress – except for the straps. ^_^ It took me two days – one day to cut it out and one day to sew it. In reality it took me around five hours to sew it. It would have taken me less time if I wouldn’t have had the kittens trying to hang on everything and well just not being help at all. I’m already looking for some more fabric to make me another! ^_^

Swing Dress

The above picture is kind of crappy, what can I say I clean the mirrors but with a two year old here every week…they don’t stay clean for long. I’m so excited to wear this once the weather gets warmer.

In the end though I learned I can make a dress like this in one day – but I have to admit I do enjoy cutting whatever I’m going to sew out one day and sewing it another day.

I’m also going to take the bodice (top) pattern and use it to make a corset. I have one corset that I use for pirate costumes, but I want one that won’t go in my costume closet. The bummer part is the fact of boning costing so much. I’m going to start looking online to see if I can find it super cheap some where. Boning is those thin hard pieces you feel inside a corset – they help the corset keep their shape.

Last week I spent a lot of my time reading and writing. I finished my first book for 2014 and have started on my second – this book is so much longer compared to the first but it’s a great read so far.

My writing on the other hand isn’t really much to talk about because it’s just fan fiction. I haven’t been writing fan fiction as much as I used to and I honestly just started writing this one story just so I could play around with my tablet. In the end it’s a three chapter – which is short for me – story. I only have the first chapter posted on my FanFiction.Net Profile [LINK] though. I’m still adding bits and pieces to the second chapter. I have dug through my files to find the last bit of one of my longer stories. I’m going to load it onto my tablet so I can work on finishing it.

I know writing fan fiction is such a nerdy thing to do, but it’s something I enjoy. But I don’t take it as seriously as some people do. It’s not a job, it’s a hobby.

All my fan fiction have the same characters in them, but in different situations – just like life. In every day life you’re around the same people but you’re always in a different situation.

Last night I did take a break from both reading and writing to try to make some kind of mark in the sewing I need to do. I finished the night with four skirts for aprons cut out. I wasn’t able to cut out any more of the aprons because all of the fabrics I want to use need to be ironed. That’s the one part I hate…well I hate ironing in general. Such a pain.

My goal was to have the aprons online by the end of the week, there’s still a chance that will happen but I’m not sure if it will or not. I’m going to try to at least get one finished tomorrow, but we’ll see what happens.

I also was able to cut out the fabric for a puppy sleeping bag. As in a bag for a dog to sleep in. The inside is going to be this blue fuzzy fabric. I’m suppose to make two but I thought I was asked to make one for a boy and one for a girl – I’m going to make sure of that before I cut another out.

I think I was just honestly burnt out on sewing so I needed a break from it. It also gave me time to clean out my sewing box and put all my thread away. I still have small piles of fabrics around my bedroom though –Ā  but some of those fabrics are mine so it’s nothing new.

Sometime next month IĀ  have a plan to go through all the fabrics in the sewing room. Just mainly to weed out the tiny amounts of fabric that I can use for baby doll quilts (I hope to make a couple to put online) and other small things. I think once that is done I’m going to find so much room.

My Desk

Today I popped onto twitter just to see what was going on and if I was missing anything funny. I seen a few people posting pictures of their desks and work stations. So I took a picture of mine. It hasn’t really changed much, but it is clean now. Haha. I still have a pile of boxes on my right that I really need to go through. =_= I just am scared of what I’ll find in them.


Last picture for this post is my sad little dinner. I found a flat bread in the bread box and used it. ^_^ The “burger” is a spicy black bean burger. The little salad is broccoli and radish with a little soy sauce and lemon juice.

After next week I’ll be down to only two domains. I’m going to let Twisted-And-Violent.Com go. I owned it for a few years, but I just think it’s time to move on from it. There is something else I’m slowly working on with two other people.

This weekend, if all goes well, I get to see Jason. We’ve been talking about going to see a movie this weekend too, which I hope we do but if we just watch movies at his place that’s totally fine with me too. I just miss him a lot.

Blog Title: Sheena Is A Punk Rocker by The Ramones


  1. That’s a pretty dress! I’m actually kind of fascinated to people who really are into sewing (I had a sewing class in high school but I didn’t get the hang of it haha~). Nice to see someone who has also an FFnet account! I’ve read one of your fics ehehe xD. I also checked out your etsy shop. I hope you don’t mind me being a little stalker (lol). Your workspace looks very personalized! I like it. Mine is boring without the posters and everything. Now I want to put posters on it too. >_<''

    Will you ever blog about the puppy sleeping bags? If you do, I'd really like to see it. And best of luck to the aprons!

  2. WOW, that looks absolutely amazing. šŸ˜€ I can’t believe that you also finished that within a day, it would take me years and I would never make anything that good! It also looks so awesome on you. šŸ˜€

    That is great you could spend time reading and writing and finished your first book for the year (I am assuming that was reading one?).

    Even if you are writing fan fiction that is still great because you are writing! šŸ˜€ That’s the main thing. Better to be writing something, then just sitting on nothing. šŸ™‚ I used to write it all the time, and it kept me inspired a lot, but then I kind of lost touch with it.

    Good luck with the aprons, hopefully you can have them online soon!

    OMG, the idea of a puppy sleeping bag is so adorable. Can’t wait to see this. šŸ˜€

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