See Me Cruising Down Route 666

It’s to believe yesterday it was in the high 60’s and today it’s well below 50!

The good thing is I think everyone was able to enjoy the weather in their own way. Puppy & Wednesday sat on the back steps. Wednesday was born around Halloween so this is her first true time figuring out what’s outside.

She could hear birds but she wasn’t able to spot them. The other kittens were outside from time to time too.

I used the nice weather to get out of the house for a few and use my camera. Boy have I missed going outside.

I also used yesterday to turn music up and hang up some paintings I’ve been putting off. That wall has been a while in the making and all three of those paintings are based on songs. One day when I have the extra cash – and remember – I am going to buy frames for them, but they’re fine the way they are now.

Last night I was trying to renew my domain. I made a stupid little accident and typed the wrong amount I wanted to transfer to my Name Cheap account. Well I think they acted on my request and refunded the money so I can add the right amount and renew my domain. The downside is I can’t get my online banking site to load so I’m not 100% sure – I want to be super sure about it so I’m not digging a hole with my account. Last thing I want to do.

Today my niece and I got new temporary tattoos. They’re the super cheap ones that start to fade within an hour though.

It’s so cold today I just wanted to stay in bed, but that didn’t happen since my niece was here…and well to be honest that would never happen.

With the convention coming up I did finally pick which outfit I’m going to wear. I’m going to wear my Little Bo Peep costume since I’ve had so much time put into it already. Tomorrow I’m going to try it on one last time to make sure everything is great with it, and then I’m going to get it on the hangers and in a bag so that’s one less thing I need to think about getting together.

I think I am getting more excited as it comes closer, but I’m still nervous.

Snacks and such are things that I’m trying to think about gathering a few before hand. I won’t have the extra money to eat out so I figure I can take a few things to eat. I mean most hotels have fridges and we have so many coolers around here.

As far as drinks go I’m going to take some empty water bottles and fill them with tea. So much cheaper compared to buying something at gas stations!

I’m also considering making some kind of bean dip, the kind I make is a take on hummus so there’s nothing like cheese or milk in it.

Easter is coming up too!

Last night my niece said she wants the Easter bunny to bring her a La La Loopsey…or however you spell it…the reason? Her mom told her she’s not going to buy her one, EVER! I can honestly believe she said that. So this just means my mo and I will be hunting down one of those dolls before Easter.

Oh yeah! Yesterday morning I woke up and one of the first things I did was I lost the ball for my nose ring. I spent so long looking for it and I finally gave up. So I ended up having to change my nose ring…and I realized how much I hate doing it. The nose ring I put in, I think is a bit smaller compared to how large the loop on the other one was. And the ball for this one is staying in so much better. I think the old nose ring was stretched out or something and that’s why the ball wasn’t staying in.

Blog Title: Horny In A Hearse by Nekromantix


  1. Wow, that is a big change in the temperature! I love the photo of Puppy and Wednesday they look so adorable. 😀

    It is so annoying the trouble with renewing the domain (and the WordPress issues you had) hopefully these can start working in your favor soon, without being such a huge problem.

    That is so annoying the ball to the ring fell off. I used to have a mental stud for my labret piercing and it fell out somewhere. Then I changed to use a plastic kind, that has been gentler on my teeth and I was starting to get worried I might swallow the mental one. 😡

  2. OMG! Your niece is just the sweetest thing! Look at her with her little tattoo. Aww! Does she live with you? Sorry, I’m nosy.

    The temps were pretty nice here as well. But now we’re back into the 20s again.

  3. Your niece is quite beautiful! It’s been beautiful here despite it having rained a few days ago. It felt nice and was great but I know it’s only a matter of time before the storm of summer comes with its heat and humidity.

    The photo is quite cute! ^_^ Man, I hate when I make mistakes, luckily, they were able to refund you.

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