Sang With Love, Love And Rage


I took the advice given to me by a friend. The basic advice is to make a change after a breakup. So I cut all my hair off – except for about an inch. I’m considering dying it too, but I’m just not sure about that yet.

And it really wasn’t a breakup, it was more of realizing a relationship wasn’t going to truly work. For me the problem was the distance. I know living 45 minutes away doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you live it…that’s like living 40 hours away.

I’m not high maintenance when it comes to being in a relationship, but I do highly enough a lot of time alone. That time alone is made better when it’s cuddling together.

In the end it was all mutual. No hard feelings, but I have been trying to keep my distance. I’m just trying not to text him as much as I used to. Which is hard because he’s really the only person who has been texting me for these past few months.

Don’t get me wrong just because it was mutual doesn’t mean it hurts less. It hurts a lot. He is everything I ever wanted in someone, and it was great not having to explain small things for once. I’m still in love with him and I will always be – but not in the way a psycho ex is…one of those exes who turns into a stalker. I just mean I’ll always think highly of him and I’ll always be there for him if he needs me.

When some people have a breakup they turn into children, I’ve seen it so many times. But if you’re in a relationship that makes you an adult, which means when the relationship is over you have respect for each other – at the least.


Blog Title: Love And Rage by Mischief Brew


  1. I think your hair looks great!!

    I can totally understand about the whole relationship thing.. It breaks my heart when I truly realize that a relationship is not going to work.

    & being in love sucks for me… because.. just because.

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