Recipe Monday: Chickpea Meatloaf

Chickpea Meatloaf

I admit, growing up meatloaf night was a horrible night. I hated it. My grandpa was a cook in the army, so my mom grew up with the same kind of meatloaf they used to have in the army. This lead to her cooking it the same way.  It was ground beef with white beans. There was no real flavoring put in it. Pretty much it was an eat it or have nothing kind of deal.

No on the other hand, vegan meatloaf is so much better. Well, since I’ve learned about flavoring and spices has helped a bunch too.

This meatloaf is a mixture of bell peppers, onions and chickpeas. You can always add more veggies to it – I didn’t want to overload it the first time making it.

Recipe: Chickpea Meatloaf

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