R.I.P. Odie

I know it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything, sorry. I’ve been working and well trying to sleep when I’m not working. My days off I’m lucky if I get dressed.

I’m blogging tonight to share some sad news. My dog, Odie, passed away tonight.

OdieEveryone is surprised by his passing because he really wasn’t an old dog. I guess he was considered old though because he is a “large” breed dog. Anyways he was fine when I left for work this morning but when I got home he just started going downhill. I spent a few hours laying with him in the floor crying. Stinky even laid with us for a little bit. Even though Odie didn’t like the cats being around his food when he was trying to eat, he didn’t hate them. The kitten I recently rescued, Odie let her lay with him a lot of the time. Odie and Stinky were my two old men – grumpy and picky about their food.

So now I don’t have a movie buddy, who would end up snoring mid-way through a movie…no one to share snacks with…no one to eat all the cat food…no one to sneak out the dog door with so I can take pictures of the trees/sky…

And when I get a bath now there won’t be any smelly dog farts.

I already miss him. He was such a big part of my life for so long.

OdieHe liked pictures, but didn’t know how close was too close.

OdieThis is one of my favorites. I think he was trying to get me to take him with me…even though I was only on the other side of the fence. I hope I can find someone to do a little cartoon version of Odie in this pose for a tattoo.

I’m going to try to sleep since it’s past 1am already.

I’m broken.


  1. R.I.P Odie

    I always thought it was unfair that dogs have short life spans, but the things that I realize is that we cherish them more. I’m here if you need a friend. Hugs

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your baby. He looks like a real cutie too. I love that one picture of him with his behind in the air. I love when dogs do that.

    Losing animals can be hard…and you’ll always miss them. But it does get easier. Just try to remember the good times.

  3. Aww. I feel your pain. Losing a dog doesn’t just mean losing a pet, it means losing family. I’m sorry for you lost 🙁 just keep in mind that he is in a better place now.


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