I work a lot.


I know I’ve been a little MIA over the past few months. Only blogging once every few weeks. I feel bad for doing that. Honestly I haven’t felt that I have anything worthwhile to blog about. Well nothing that is major anyways. My life has been pretty boring, all I’ve really been doing is working – and when I get a good day off I spend it with my boyfriend.

Work is still work. Still working toward that management thing, which means three weeks of training at another store. That is something that scares me, going to a different store with people I don’t know and having to be in “charge” of them. The highlight of all of that going on is the fact that I’ll have a hotel room for those three weeks. So it’s kind of like a vacation with work. haha. At the end of the training though, there’s another test. Yep, lots of tests to be a manager. In the end I’m hoping it’s all worth it.

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The Ohio State Reformatory

Last weekend my brother and I visited Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio.

Man people know the prison from films, mainly The Shawshank Redemption. I didn’t want to visit due to the movies that has used the building. I wanted to visit because I just like seeing old buildings in general. There’s just something I love about stepping into an old building, stepping back in time.

The Ohio State Reformatory

The tour we took was self guided. This meant we could take our time and look at things for as long as we wanted. There are arrows through the building that you just follow. The tour like this was great because I could take my time with pictures and not feel rushed to keep up with the group.

The Ohio State Reformatory

In total I think we spent around 2 hours (or more). There were other groups of people touring it too. The only downside is the kids.

Let me make something clear, I think taking kids (early teens and on) to tours and building like this is a great thing. Teaching them history through visiting a place will stick with them. Now that I said that, make sure you kids respect the other people there. The kids who were there were just running wild – seriously, they were running through the building. I found it very disrespectful to other people there as well as the building.

The Ohio State Reformatory

The Ohio State Reformatory

The Ohio State Reformatory

The Ohio State Reformatory

To view all the pictures from the tour: The Ohio State Reformatory.

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Making Things


On May 22nd my niece turned 5. We had her for the weekend, so it wasn’t just one day of stuff. Haha.

On the 21st we took her to Chuck E. Cheese. It was a long day. haha. Just so many people there in general. Somehow I was talked into buying coins, which led to me playing games.

Now on her actual birthday she wanted to go to the zoo. Zoo’s are horrible places and I didn’t want to go, but she asked my boyfriend and I to go with her & my brother. I was just incredibly sad the whole time I was there. Of course since my brother doesn’t have a camera, I had to take pictures.

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Louisville, KY
I know I’ve been super silent lately, but I’ve had things going on and just haven’t felt like writing or doing much of anything. I’m hoping to have that turned around now.

Over the weekend (April 8th – 10th) I went to Louisville (KY) with my boyfriend, brother & his girlfriend. It was such a good time and well honestly I needed a weekend away from everything. With that said, my wallet is still angry about the trip.

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Biopsy: A sample of tissue taken from the body in order to examine it more closely.

Biopsy is a word you never think you’ll hear in your life.  You always think it’s other people who will have to go through that, you’re the lucky one who won’t have to.

Just the word is scary, not alone having it done.

Cervical Biopsy: Procedure to remove tissue from the cervix to test for abnormal or precancerous conditions, or cervical cancer.

For a female cervical biopsy is the one thing you really don’t want to hear.


Well honestly, the first thing that comes to mind is cancer. Just because you have to have it done doesn’t mean you have cancer. There are other reasons you may have to have it done.

Today, I had a cervical (punch) biopsy done.

Yes, I was scared. Yes, I just wanted to cry.

Having the biopsy done has been the thing I’ve been most worried about. Honestly though, it wasn’t that bad.

The worst part is when they take the sample. It makes you feel like you’re going to start a heavy period – you feel like you’re having cramps. Now the downside is, the cramps last for a couple days. I’ve been dealing with them since the biopsy and sometimes they’re not as bad as other times.

You do spot a little and have some brown discharge due to what they use to control bleeding.

Now the next scary part is discussing the results in two weeks.

Just by what my doctor said before I left, it has me worried about what she seen. I’m hoping I’m just making nothing out of a stupid comment, and it was just her saying there’s nothing there. I honestly don’t know. I mean, two weeks is a long time to worry about something.

Thankfully, I’m sure my boyfriend will be able to help me get my mind off things.

I do have tomorrow off, so I’ll be able to spend the day relaxing. I figure by Wednesday I’ll feel better.

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Wow, 2016.

Hard to believe it’s 2016, isn’t it? It may be just me, but it seems last year just went by in a flash. As 2016 starts rolling I’m already planning the first trip of the year. The trip will be at the end of April and we’re going to Waverly Hills Sanatorium. It’s going to be a weekend trip since the drive will be 6 hours just to get there. I’m super excited over this trip because it’s the first one my boyfriend is going with us on. ^_^ I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.

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