I’m Like A Soda That’s Been Shaken Up

Sweet Lolita
My large project is finally finished! I started my sweet lolita cos in July and I finished it this week. Yes it really did take that long and most of that work was just on the skirt. The skirt is three layers. The petticoat is six layers, making the skirt have that classic cupcake shape that most of the lolita cos is all about. ^_^ I made a “bib” for the front of the top since it was cut too low. I’m not sure what my favorite piece of the cos is. I am looking for the perfect place to get some better pictures taken of the full cos.

I did make a few new items for my shop [LINK]. The first item are these. I made a leopard print tampon pouch [LINK], a cherry print tampon pouch [LINK], and a cherry print sanitary pad pouch [LINK]. I made myself a leopard print sanitary pad pouch. The idea of these pouches came to life because I always end up having to search through my messy bag when I need a sanitary pad…and well I don’t want to sit in a public restroom searching through my bag for one. I am pretty stoked about how they turned out. I’m going to do a few that are just solid colored too.

This is the major add to my shop today. My first plushie in my shop! I figured I’d make a kawaii onigiri plushie [LINK] for my first plushie for sale. I think he turned out so cute and well I kind of wanted to keep him when he was finished. I’m not going to keep him though because I’m sure there’s a home out there some where that would give him loads of love. ^_^

After I finished the plushie I started thinking about making kawaii onigiri earrings! I’ve made keychains before, but never earrings. So I figure tomorrow afternoon or so I’m going to start playing around with trying to make the keychain idea into earrings. If it works out, they’re going to be the cutest earrings ever.

Hello Kitty Bow Earrings
Today I went out and I found Hello Kitty ribbon. I couldn’t leave the shop without buying some. The roll I bought was turned into these cute Hello Kitty bow earrings [LINK]. I only have one pair of earrings finished right now and I hope to finish another set tomorrow. I’m also going to make at least two bow keychains. I just wish I would have bought two rolls of ribbon.

As I said before I went out today. I did buy something I shouldn’t have bought – these socks. I have a pair like them that are red and black. I guess the good thing is they were only $2.09 – so I didn’t pay full price. I do love them but the only skirt I have to wear them with is my black pleated skirt. I kind of want to make a tutu to match the socks. ^_^

I also bought some felt I needed to start on some new things for the shop. But the one color of felt I really needed I completely forgot! Ugh! Next time I’m really making a list on paper instead of just in my head.

Earlier this week I did go out with my mom and I finally found the right color of red nail polish that I’ve been looking for! I usually paint my nails red or black, but the red shades I’ve been seeing have all just been super dark. I was so glad to find the bright red shade I love – and it was only $1! Double win!

This week though I’ve been sewing a lot compared to the past few weeks. I’ve really been working on two rag dolls. The one rag doll I’m making for my niece for Christmas. I have her stuffed but I haven’t added the hair yet. The other one I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it – it does have a red mohawk though. ^_^ And I do have fabric picked out to make a skirt and top for my niece’s doll, as well as fabric for a nightgown and a dress. I’m considering making her doll either a pillow and blanket or a sleeping bag with a pillow attached – I’m just not sure which one I want to make. Either one is going to be a lot of work.

I have started working on getting some business cards made. I’m going to print them myself to save money – I’m sure down the line I’ll send them to a printer place to get them done. I’m just going to make them super simple and have my etsy shop url, facebook page url, and an email. But when it comes to the email should I make an email just for business related requests? I just know I’m horrible at keeping up with more then one email address – but I’m sure if I put my personal email on the business cards I’ll be asked to explain it. Haha.

I just haven’t really been stoked about this business adventure until this past week, and I’m not really sure why. And I know I’ve been talking about the shop a lot. Trust me on facebook I’m really annoying about it – but I really only post about it when I add something new to the shop – and I don’t post every single new thing I’ve added.

Next week I’m going to go through all my fabric and pick out some fabrics to make some new scarves. A friend wants to order some scarves from me for Christmas, so I’m going to make some more up so he has a few to pick from instead of just three.

As far as this weekend, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I know what I want to do though. ^_^


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I’m Laughing At Clouds

This weekend turned out to be a lot better then I thought it was doing to be. What can I say, seeing Jason just made the weekend a lot better. All we did was cuddle and watch movies – which I’ve missed greatly since I didn’t have the chance to see him for a few weeks. I really did miss him a lot.

When I was home this weekend though I was able to get some new things listed in my shop [LINK]. I listed a set (2) of coasters and a load of keychains and necklaces that are OSU related.

Today I picked out fabric to make a little pouch to put pads (or tampons) in. The first one I’m making is going to be able to fit at least two pads in. I know whenever I have them in my bag and I need one I always have to search for them, so when they’re in a pouch it will be so much easier. I’m going to sell them for around $3 (or at the highest $5). They’re going to have a metal snap on them instead of just a button.

I also made the pattern for my first rag doll! I have two rag dolls cut out right now too, I was going to sew them together at least tonight but I wanted to look up how to do the eyes and smile on the dolls. I was going to make both of the rag dolls for my niece for Christmas, but depending on how the one turns out I may put it up in my shop. It just depends. I think the hardest thing is going to be doing the hair for the dolls. I’ve never made yarn hair before. I figure by tomorrow night I’ll have one at least close to being ready for hair…or I hope.

Tonight I finished the last piece for my sweet lolita cosplay. I’m going to try the whole outfit on tonight to see how it looks. I’m still trying to find a stuffed lamb to make into a purse, I just haven’t been any where that sells cheap stuffed animals.

I’ve been spending a lot of time just thinking of things I can add to my shop, it’s just really hard to know what people are looking for. I do plan on doing at least a couple Christmas related things, I just haven’t really figured out what I want to do.

I did get the news today that I’ll be getting a laptop for Christmas. I took some time to look online at one place and I found an Acer [LINK] that I like. I’m looking for under $500 – under $400 would be better. And I don’t want one of those netbooks, and I want a nice sized screen so I can watch movies and edit pictures. I also looked at some Samsung laptops, but I don’t think I’d want a Samsung laptop. I guess there’s a chance we’ll be having internet changed over to wifi too, so that’s another reason to get a laptop so I don’t have to mess with adapters.

Short blog for me but I need to find something to eat.


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You Are Trouble Yes Indeed

First snow

First snow of the season happened last night. I didn’t really go out in the dark just to get a picture, I stuck my camera out of the dog door. Haha. It worked because I did get a picture in the end, though Odie had to see what I was doing. He’s a snow dog. There’s not really enough snow for him to play in yet though.

First Snow

First Snow

First Snow

I couldn’t sleep this morning, half of that is because of Lola. So I got up and went outside to take a few pictures of the first snow. ^_^ These are not all of the snow pictures I took, but they are a few of my favorites. The last one is the photo for the day on my photoblog – On-The-Streets.Net – I had to use it for today’s picture because of how great it turned out.

Boot Covers

With hearing there was snow coming I thought it was time for me to make my boot covers. So I’ve heard them called many different things, but I’m sticking with boot covers. I seen them in a catalog I get in the mail, but they wanted $35 for a pair. Overly priced! I knew I needed a pair though to keep my boots from rubbing against my legs and to make sure my feet are nice and warm in my boots. I made mine around 5 inches long – enough to fold over the boot and know there’s still more below the fold keeping it on my leg. I’m glad I finally made them and well even if I ordered them I wouldn’t have been able to get them in black and red! It only took me maybe two hours to make both of them – but I was piecing the yarn together since it’s two colors.

Pumpkin Pancakes

Sunday night I ended up making simple pumpkin drop cookies – I’ll post the recipe soon. I only used around a half of a can of pumpkin for the cookies so I had the leftovers to do something with. This afternoon I used a bit more of the can to make pumpkin pancakes! Oh yeah and they were vegan pancakes. So good. In the picture that stuff beside the pancakes is vegan bacon.

There’s still around 1/4 cup of pumpkin left, so I’m thinking about doing pumpkin french toast tomorrow.

I also have some blueberries. I’m not sure what I want to do with those. I was thinking about making turnovers – because I’ve been dying for a turnover. I just don’t want to make a pie – I know turnovers are like mini pies, but around here turnovers get eaten sooner then pies because you can take it on the go.

A special thing I’m going to be posting a recipe of soon is – well there are two things – the first one being the recipe for Date & Nut Whirl Cookies. This recipe is one my grandma always used around the holiday season. The second recipe is the raisin cookies my grandma always made – it’s a recipe that’s near to my heart because I grew up on these cookies and I’ve made them vegan now so I can pass the yumminess along.

Thanksgiving is coming close here in the US. Which means nothing to me really other then dinner with family. It also means me stressing out over what I’m making. This year though the stress hasn’t hit yet. I’m going to use the same stuffing recipe I used last year, I’m going to make the same mushroom gravy, I’m going to do the same noodles this year…and as always I’ll be making the pumpkin pies. I have thought about doing something else just to mix it up a little bit, but I’m not sure what I’ll do.


Today I finally took the chance to upload some new film ratings to TaV [LINK].

The first film I uploaded a rating (and very short review) is for Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006) [LINK], it wasn’t the first time I watched the film.

The second film is Sherlock Holmes (2009) [LINK], which I liked a lot more then I thought I would. I’ve already started watching the second film.

The third film is The Raven (2012) [LINK], what can I say I’m a John Cusack fan. ^_^

The fifth film is James And The Giant Peach (1996) [LINK], this was the first time I watched this film since I was a child.

The last film is Crush (2013) [LINK], which turned out to be a great little surprise since I didn’t have my hopes up for the film at all.

I still have two films left from when I watched films last week to rate and upload all that info. I’ve been trying to do rating at least once a week to keep on top of the website. So far so good. I even added a TV ratings section [LINK]! Right now all I have is ratings for Supernatural, but I’m working on ratings for Wilfred, Workaholics, Drawn Together and Bob’s Burgers.

Aside from website work I’ve also been working on something new for Cheri Delights [LINK]. I’m making a new kind of coaster. I’m making them in pairs because I honestly don’t know anyone who buys coasters in sets of 4 any more. Also look Cherri Delights up on facebook, I finally made a facebook page. On the facebook page I’ll be making posts of things you won’t find in the store, special order items and images of all the items I have available right now. ^_^

Well I’m going to get back to working on those coasters.

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How’d I Ever Know That It’d Sleep Until I Wake It Up

Now Watching: Master Chef Junior

This week has been filled with a lot of sleep, well when I’ve been able to sleep. I’m back to that bad habit of not being able to sleep during the night. Which leads me to sleeping most of the afternoon away. This sucks.

This morning I was awake at around 4:30am. I tried falling back asleep but it didn’t work. So I ended up turning the TV on in hopes there was something random on that would put me back to sleep. Well at that time in the morning there’s nothing on. I was lucky enough to see this weird bag thingie you put int he microwave. It’s like a pouch you put potatoes in – suppose to keep them from drying out. My thought was how great it was…until they said it was $10. No thank you. I’d rather cook a baked potato the old fashioned way.

I haven’t really worked that much on my Sweet Lolita cosplay. For the main reason that once I’m finished with it I won’t have anything else to work on for myself. I just don’t have any other cosplays in mind at this point in time. Which bums me out but makes me happy because my mind can rest for a while.

Yesterday I did start working on some coasters. The first two I kind of screwed up but I was making them to see how well they would turn out. I’m hoping to at least have one set (2) of coasters in my shop [LINK] sometime next week. They do take a bit to make, just for the pure fact you have to line everything up so it doesn’t look totally weird.

I am going to add a list of items I can make on my main shop page. I’m just going to try to list as much as possible in hopes of getting some requests for custom items. Don’t get me wrong I like making totally random things, but I enjoy it more when it’s a custom item. Because I know someone is going to love it because they want it.

Yesterday the big surprise was walking into the kitchen to see four boxes of chewing gum. Boxes as in the box you see at a store near the checkout. Missy’s mom got them some where and sent them here – which makes me happy! I don’t have to buy gum for a while. Three of them were mint flavors and one was berry.

Today I’ve spent the day at home…well that’s been pretty much the last two weeks. I had thought about going to the coffee shop today, but I just honestly didn’t feel like getting dressed. Yes, I’ve been in my PJs all day and I don’t care what people think.

Since I’ve been in the house pretty much non-stop over two weeks I can feel that depression creeping up. It’s far from the best feeling in the world and I’m trying to make sure it doesn’t happen…considering how I’ve been sleeping though that’s a huge sign that it’s already starting to set in. Sleeping the day away isn’t a normal thing…it’s kind of a way to just get through the day. I’ve just felt so alone lately. Those who I’ve considered friends I haven’t heard from in a month, I try to reach out but it ends there. I don’t know what to do. I know the usual thing would be “Go out and make new friends”…it’s not that simple for me, it’s not that simple for people with anxiety issues.

I guess there is a good side to all of this, the fact that I’ve been able to get closer to having all the pages formatted on TaV [LINK]. Once that is finished I’m going to go back and fix small issues on the pages – okay they’re major issues to me but they’re not as important as having all the pages look the same.

Vegan BLT

Last week I went and did some shopping. I came across vegan bacon, so I picked it up. I was only used to one brand of vegan bacon so since this was a different brand I was kind of excited to try it. One of the things I’ve missed the most since cutting meat out of my diet is a good BLT, this bacon worked so well for that! I did make a pig of myself and had one BLT one night and had another the next night.

I’ve been craving a good pot pie for some reason, maybe it’s just the change in the weather that finally says “It’s fall!”. Growing up we always had those pot pies you just throw in the oven, I really don’t remember anyone ever making a pot pie from scratch. I did last year.

I was going to make one tonight…well wait…

I was going to make one earlier in the week. I just got as far as writing the recipe down. Tonight I got a step closer! I cut up the potato and carrot. They’re in the refrigerator. Really I’m just down to the part of putting it all together. Considering I’m hungry right now I have thought about throwing it together and putting it in the oven. I just really don’t want to mess with it. I know I have a few quick fix things I could eat.


One last thing I have to share. I’ve been trying to get more used to being in front of the camera instead of behind it. I admit, I still enjoy being behind the camera. So while I was going through shots from a recent photo session I found this one and I just had to share – I love how it turned out. No worries, all body parts are covered.

Well I think I’m going to grab something quick to eat then finish watching The Raven.


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If Only I Was A Star Sewn Into The Sky

Tirck Or Treating

Happy Halloween!!

Okay I know I’m a little late, but it’s never too late (or early) to celebrate Halloween. ^_^ The picture is of my niece and I before we went trick or treating. They held trick or treating in my town on the 30th – which was good because it was raining and windy on Halloween.

I was a bear, she was a cow. I’m guessing she’s never been around anyone wearing tights before because she kept rubbing them – they were warm tights so they did feel different then regular tights.

Candy Haul

This is my candy haul! Yes, MY. I originally was just going up to the houses with my niece, helping her up steps and such. In the end people was putting candy into the bag I was holding. The bag I was holding was just to dump her bucket into once it got to heavy for her to carry. I guess my height comes in handy! ^_^


On Halloween I was out with my younger brother’s girlfriend and my niece. We took her to the mall to buy my younger brother something for his birthday – she’s only two so it’s more like us picking something. Anyways we picked a pizza up to bring home and as we passed the square in town there was a guy dressed like Batman waving at cars! We went around the block so I could get my camera out and take pictures. I really wanted to get out and have a picture taken with him, but it started raining.

Does anyone have a great recipe that calls for sausage? No I haven’t gone back to eating meat. I have half a tube of vegan sausage that I need to use within the next few days. I know there’s a casserole my mom used to make when we were younger that calls for sausage and I loved it – I’m just looking for some different ideas. ^_^

The reason I have half a tube of sausage is due to the fact that today is my younger brother’s birthday. So for his birthday dinner he wanted lasagna – so I picked up vegan sausage to put in mine.  I also picked up some vegan bacon, it’s a brand I’ve never had so I’m kind of excited to try it out. Best part of all is I got a few packets of noodles I can eat – just something quick when I don’t feel like cooking.

Over the past week I’ve been working non-stop on my Sweet Lolita cosplay. I made a bonnet within a day. I’m glad to say I’m so close to being finished with the skirt, finally! The skirt has been a work in progress for months. Earlier today I finished up sewing all the lace on the skirt. The only thing that’s left is sewing on ribbon. I’m not adding a lot of ribbon so it won’t take that long. Then next week I’m hoping to get close to finishing up the top. I used a vest as a pattern, it’s all sewn together and the sleeves are on – I just have to add buttons to the front then figure out how to fix it since it’s so low cut. I’m thinking of getting a white t-shirt to wear under it and adding big ruffles to the front.

This week I’ll be adding a few things my mom has made to my Etsy Shop [LINK]. I don’t know what all she’s making or the price of the items yet. I haven’t added any new items to the shop lately because I want to kind of sell at least two things that are in the shop now.

Well I’m going to grab something to eat and get back to sewing.

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It’s Just A Little Bit Of Blood

Listening To: Paper Chaser by White Wives

What a weekend!

Friday started off with having to do some running around town. Last minute things.

Nose Ring

The major thing I had to do was get a new nose ring. I still have no clue where my other one went to. I’ve searched the bathroom and my bedroom floor. But I did find this great red flower nose ring! I love it, but the jewelry is larger then the other I wore. So far I haven’t had any major problems with it. It just took me a while to get used to it. Jason only hit it once, haha.

And since I haven’t done it for a while, outfit picture!


This is what I wore Friday night. ^_^

The other thing I had to do was to grab some double sided tape for my Halloween costume. And finally – Halloween costume pictures!

Halloween Costume

So the costume was suppose to be a belly dancer, though I realized when my hair dyed it was more like The Little Mermaid. =_= Oh well, in the end I think it was a great costume no matter what people thought I was. So much work went into that top though – I have to find a reason to wear it again.

Friday night Jason picked me up and we went back to his place to make a little shopping list for what we needed because we were planning on making a couple things for the Halloween party Saturday. So we made the list and went shopping to grab what we needed.

We spent Friday night baking vegan cupcakes and making the sugar candy for the top of the cupcakes. We didn’t mess with the topping for the cupcakes until Saturday afternoon. The cupcakes weren’t finished until around 2am. So we were both tired and just wanted to go to bed.

Saturday shortly after we woke up we had to run to a few stores to grab a few things. I grabbed almost two yards of sheer green fabric to finish my costume off. They also had their Halloween items already 70% off so I grabbed a candy mold. I was looking for the ones you put pretzel rods in and couldn’t find one around here, with the 70% off I spent $1.19 on the one I grabbed.

We did stop at a smoothie place too. Yum! I got a soy peach smoothie. So good.

When we got back to his place we started working on the topping for the cupcakes, well he did that while I made lunch.


Here’s the cupcakes we made! Chocolate cupcakes with a basic icing, cherry “blood” and a piece of “glass” – 100% vegan. These were a load of fun to make with him, as always I loved sharing that time with him.

The party was a lot of fun, though near the end I started feeling like crap.

Sunday was spent sleeping and watching movies. ^_^

As always, I’m bummed the weekend is over. I was just enjoying being with Jason, it’s always a good time. I just keep finding more and more reasons I like him as much as I do.

Today was spent sleeping in, and watching movies. I haven’t felt that great all day. I don’t know what’s going on. Ugh. Just hoping I feel better tomorrow. Tomorrow I’m hoping to get a couple new items in my shop.

I was going to write a bit about a film I watched today, but eh, I’ll write about it and rate it tomorrow. I just want to get in bed.


Listening To: In The Mood by The Puppini Sisters


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Got Me Twisted All Out Inside

New Hair Color

First: New hair color! ^_^ Okay so it’s not a new hair color for me to use, but it’s new considering how long it’s been since I’ve had it this color. I have to say it feels amazing to have this color back. ^_^ Tomorrow I’m going to have the sides shaved and maybe a little length taken off.

Oh and I have to buy a new nose ring. I have a nose ring in but it’s an old one. See I guess it got stuck on my shirt when I took it off…no idea where it went to.

Since the weekend I’ve been sick with a dang cold. It was like just within minutes I was sick. I am feeling better then I had been though. My nose and throat are the two main issues. My nose is just stuffy, my throat hurts.

Yesterday when I went out to get the hair dye and something else I did pick up some lemon green tea bags. So I’ve been having hot tea every day.

Apple Pie Cookies

Saturday I made apple pie cookies. The picture above is an example of what the ones I made look like. The following picture is the two my niece made.

Apple Pie Cookies

Even though I’ve been sick this week I’ve still been hard at work on a few things.

I did finally get something like a closet! Okay so really it’s a bookcase, but at least I have a place to put my clothes. So I started working on that over the weekend. I pretty much have all my clothing in the bookcase, now I just have to finish cleaning where my clothing was. I was also forced to get rid of a lot of clothing because of lack of space – but it was a good thing.

I’ve also been sewing on my Halloween costume. Today I finished the skirt and belt. Tomorrow I’m going to finish my top – which is just adding an additional strap to it. ^_^

And the major thing I’ve been looking forward to for months…MY ETSY SHOP! Right now I don’t really have a lot on there. A few tote bags, earrings, nothing major. I’ve just waiting to get some business going before I fill the shop with more items. If there’s anything you’d like to see in my shop, let me know! ^_^

I do have a side order of a set of navy earrings, patriotic scarf and patriotic tote bag to finish getting together. The Scarf is finished, but the earrings I messed up. I kind of forgot they were in the oven and well…they look dead. Haha. I’m going to do them tomorrow while I’m cutting out the pieces to the tote bag.

And if you want a custom tote bag, it does cost more then the ones I already have finished – because I have to buy the fabric and some cotton is $10/yard. For a custom tote bag I’ll have to charge $25 to $35 (shipping included).

Since I have my bank account all worked out this means I have a paypal – so I’m totally willing to do orders beyond the etsy shop. ^_^ Shipping is just going to cost a lot if you’re outside the US.

Also I should have my photo gallery finished up by the end of the week, so I’ll be posting that link. It’s just a photo gallery of all my concert pictures and so far all the pictures I’ve taken this year.


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And You Look Into My Eyes

Well, I know I had a great weekend. Except for Friday.

Friday was spent driving around the county because my brother doesn’t think things through. Which has come to be normal. Ugh.

Saturday though Jason and I went to a benefit a couple of his friends (and one of their girlfriends) was working at. It was fun. ^_^

After the benefit we went to downtown Kent to look at some of the shops. All I can say is I hope we have a chance to go back when I have some money on me so I can grab a couple things for Christmas.

The one shop is called Off The Wagon [LINK]. It’s this great little place that has…a little of everything. I seen a lot of things that would make great Christmas gifts. Not to mention I seen a few things that I wouldn’t mind having.

We had to grab something to drink, so we went to Tree City Coffee [LINK]. They have cases of sweets that all looked so good. But we were just there to get drinks. I got a small black tea – so good.

Then we stopped at this place that only sold alcohol. I’m not a big drinker, but it was just cool to look at all the bottles. That was until I seen pumpkin wine. I’m kind of kicking myself for not getting  a bottle. I want to look around here to see if I can find any.

We then met his friends at one of their homes, then went out for dinner with them. We went to The Winking Lizard Tavern [LINK]. Great food! Though their menu is kind of small if you’re looking for vegetarian (or vegan). I got a roasted veggie wrap and could only eat half.

After dinner we went back to his friends place and played a card game. We were there until about 1:30am or so and we went back to Jason’s.

Today we watched Escape From Planet Earth [LINK]. It was a cute movie, but I wish it was funnier then it was.

Before he brought me home he put some ice cream in a container. We stopped at a fast food place and for two large root beers, no ice & half food. Then we put the ice cream in our cups and have root beer floats! ^_^ It was the cutest thing ever.

Tonight I worked a bit on my Halloween costume. I figure tomorrow I’ll be totally finished with the sequins. My goal is to get it totally finished with the costume by the end of the week. Which I should be able to do. It just takes a while to get the sequins done since you’re doing them one at a time. Plus the ones I’m using now I have to sit and pick out of a pile of mixed colors…so that just adds even more time.

This week is going to be a headache for me…I’m pretty sure of it. If all goes well I’ll finally be able to open my Etsy shop mid-week. Well that’s my goal anyways. Right now though I’m just mainly going to have earrings and keychains. I’m not sure what I should put up for sale right off the bat…any ideas?

I was thinking about doing up a few scarves, even some that are two sided.

I have a headache, so I think that means I should lay down.

Jason & Me

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The Ships And Parades Fade Into Dull Greys

Listening To: Fuck The Pain Away by Peaches








On the 26th I went to Cleveland to see Sundowner [LINK] with Jason and a few of his friends. When Jason had first mentioned I did take a listen to a song, what can I say I’m a sucker for acoustic music – as long as it’s good acoustic. And the show was at a venue I had never been to – Now That’s Class [LINK].

I had an awesome time at the song, even though I really only knew one song by heart. As usual I took a load of pictures so I had to share a few. I have the rest uploaded at my photo gallery, which is still under construction.

Yep, photo gallery. It will be so much easier to upload pictures on there and keep them up to date then it is the way I have pictures uploaded on here. My only question is what categories should I have? Right now I only have the Concert section up and done. I was considering making the main categories: Concerts, Nature, City, Countryside, Animals. There will be subcategories within those.

Aside from working quietly on the photo gallery I’ve also been busting my ass on my Halloween costume. Oh yeah! And I can finally share what I’m going to be. I’m going to be a belly dancer! ^_^ The idea sounded fun so I figured why not. I’ve made everything for my costume as well. Right now I’m in the middle of doing all the beading on the top. The colors are two shades of green and then blue. Right now I’m adding the blue beads to the top, then I have some clear ones I’m going to add on…and last of all is finishing/fixing the sequin work on the top. The other headache is the belt. On accident I put the hooks too close tot he edge so it doesn’t fit as it should.

I also have an apron I’ve been working on. The color combo is black, white & hot pink. It’s super cute and I think the person I’m making it for is going to love it. I have leftover fabric from the apron so I’m going to either make something like a tote bag or matching pot holders to go along with it all. I’m just not sure. I do have to re-cut one piece of the apron, but it won’t take that much fabric at all to re-cut what I messed up. I just didn’t measure the length right, but considering where I was cutting the fabric I’m surprised I wasn’t further off then I was.

I still have the goal of at least having an Etsy shop open by the end of the month. I haven’t given up on that yet, it’s just taking me a while to do it because I want to make sure the pictures for it are all great and everything runs smoothly with it. I also want to have a few envelopes on hand before I start selling so I don’t have to run out to stores to try to hunt them down.

This weekend started off with watching Jason and his friends play Magic [LINK]. People think I’m telling a lie when I say I like watching people play (even video games). I’ve always been a people watcher though.

After the gathering was over we cuddled and he had me watch the first episode of Continuum [LINK]. Yeah, it was new to me since I don’t really watch any channel side from Food Network [LINK] anymore. But it was a good show, I’m just not really into shows with that kind of storyline I guess.

Sunday afternoon we watched ABC’s Of Death [LINK]. Loved it! It was the first time we both had seen it. I really can’t wait for 2 to come out…but that’s not until next year! =_=

We went out for a late lunch after, then he brought me home. I’m always bummed when I know it’s time for me to come home, but it just makes me excited to see him when I see him the next time. I do think it’s good that we don’t see each other every day. It makes the time we’re together even more special.

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Taking A Risk For The First Time

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Thursday was loads of fun! Seriously, it was the best thing I’ve had out in a long time. Who knew dressing up like pirates and doing a basic pub (well bar) crawl could be as much fun as it was!

I did tell Jason before it all started that the idea of the whole night took me so far outside of my comfort zone it wasn’t even funny. But I’m glad he took me out of my comfort zone.

When it comes down to it every time he pushes me outside of my comfort zone I’m glad he does.

Friday was just as much fun…well for me it was.

Friday was just spent cuddling together. ^_^

All of last week though I was super boring while I was finishing up the last bits of my pirate costume. My computer was on the whole time so I could catch up on Supernatural episodes. I’ve finally made it to season 8, but the video I have for episode 5 won’t play on my computer for some reason!!! =_= Which means…I don’t know. It just bums me out.

Though the good thing is I enjoyed season 7 a lot more then I did season 6. Season 6 just seemed like it was the “okay we have to do this” season.

I do know I won’t be able to catch up totally by the time the new season starts, which is going to suck for me because I was planning on starting to watch it again.

Since I guess I’ve run out of Supernatural episodes to watch I’m going to hopefully watch The Raven at some point this week. I’ve had it for so long but I just haven’t felt like watching it.

So this week I’m back to costume working. This time it’s for my Halloween costume. I’m not going to say what I’m going to be until I finish the costume. I did have to sit and rework a skirt pattern for this costume due to the layers and such. Ugh. It was a headache. Good thing is the top of the costume I have my mom willing to help me at least do the major parts to do and I’ll have to do all the small pieces, which are the pieces that will take the longest – that’s why I’m starting on it this week.

I won’t totally be working on it nonstop though because I will be fitting in time to work on an apron a friend ordered from me. I have to have it mailed by the first week of November – which I should have no problem with doing it. I am kind of excited to do the fabric shopping for it.

I know Cherry Delights has been a very slow process when it comes to being able to do online ordering and such, but we’re almost there! ^_^ It’s been a lot of hard work and by the end of October – or sooner – it will all be ready! I re-took pictures of some of the first items that will be offered too – mainly earrings, hair ties and custom purses. I sat working on the logo last night and I know a lot of people won’t like it, but I freaking love it.

Talking about logo, I changed the layout! I’m sure it will be a 50/50 shot of people like it due to the fact that there’s a graphic of myself on the header. I think it’s more of me then the last layout was. I know a lot of people have a “tag line” for their blogs…I’ve been trying to think of one but I just can’t think of one that really fits me or my blog.

Tonight seems like a hot tea and hand sewing kind of night. ^_^

The weather has turned to fall and I’m not ready for it. I won’t have my quilt on my bed so I’m a little cold at night. I plan to get it on my bed tomorrow though.

I guess the only good thing about fall is the fact that it’s okay to lay in bed, watch TV (or movies) and work on little things. ^_^ During the summer if you say that’s how you’re spending a night people think you’re odd, but during cold nights it’s perfectly fine.

Today I did cut out like 100 bows to sew…I’m pretty sure it’s not 100 but it looks like it when they’re all laying in pieces. I only have six finished.

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