One Perfect Night’s Not Enough

What a crappy weekend.

Friday afternoon I was in town with my aunt, mainly because I needed to go to the bank to deposit money. The bank wasn’t the only stop.

Before I left my house though I was on my phone checking my bank account, only to see I had a few extra dollars in my account! The reason for this is there was something I was thinking about buying and I kept thinking I didn’t have that extra money…when I never ordered what I was looking at. haha.

I also had to mail a package before going to the bank so I only put $5 in my account – which is enough to renew my domain and still have extra left in my account.

And my aunt gave me some money to put in my account to order her something from ebay since she doesn’t have a computer. Which I’ve already ordered what she wanted.

I do have to get on ebay sometime to complain about a package I ordered nearly a month ago and I still don’t have it. I want a refund if I don’t get it any time soon.

Anyways…with the little cash I had on me I did buy a few things, but I bought nothing for me.

I bought my niece this magic wand that makes noise when you shake it and I found a piggy coin purse.

After I talked with my mom yesterday I think we’re going to do an Easter egg hunt for Easter…as long as there isn’t snow. We have a bunch of those plastic eggs so we’re going to get little candies and things to put in the eggs.

So we’re leaving for con on March 21st around 11am.

I know it’s so early to be thinking about things, but what can I say I don’t want to forget anything at home or not get something finished.

My goal is to be packed on the 20th – as far as a couple outfits, pjs and things like that goes. The morning of the 21st I’m going to gather up all my bath items and get a little sewing kit together.

The big thing is going to be taking the two outfits. One of them I have on two hangers with a plastic bag over it – I still need to fix the front ruffle on that one. So I’m going to be looking through the house for two more plastic hangers and another plastic bag that will fit over this outfit. I’m going to take both petticoats just in case I get there and I don’t like wearing one I have another one to wear. And I’m just not sure how to pack my wig. I still do have the net on it that it came in the mail with, so I may try to put it with my clothes. I don’t know.


This is the top of my new outfit, so far. It is suppose to have four buttons but two of them came off when I was trying to sew the white ribbon on it. But I love the buttons! I was going to use smaller brass buttons but when I found these huge white ones I had to use them.

The last major thing I have to do to the top is the collar of it. I have it sewed together, I’m just waiting until tomorrow to iron it…once I iron it I have to figure out how I’m going to sew it on. Fingers crossed what I have in my mind comes to life.


And this is the skirt so far. For the most part it’s finished. The only major thing left is adding a bit white bow to the back of it. I was thinking about adding some beading work to it but it’s all going to come down to when I finish the top if I have time for that kind of work.

I have tried the skirt and top on, but I haven’t tried them on together. I’m kind of scared to because I don’t want it to look horrible. Unlike some people I don’t have $300+ to spend on an outfit, so I know mine are going to just look so bad next to theirs. That is honestly the only reason I’m scared of going to con.

Aside from that I’m excited to go. As I said we’re leaving the 21st and won’t be coming home until the 23rd.

I am worrying about having the money to eat on. To get in the con it’s only $3, but eating isn’t going to be that cheap. Well at the con it should be because it’s a college and well college kids don’t have a lot of money. Fingers crossed it works out that way. But it’s around a 3 hour drive from home to where the con is so since we’re leaving around 11am I’m sure we’ll have to stop for a snack or something…same way with coming home – plus dinner Friday night and at least breakfast Sunday morning.

My mom is going to pick up some snack food when she goes to the store this week so at least I’ll have some snacks while I’m sitting in the hotel room.

Due to con and a few other things I am doing something special for blog readers with my etsy shop [LINK] – or not through my shop. This is for US people only – all bow earrings and (bow) keychains I’m offering free shipping! ^_^ If you order any of the bow earrings/keychains drop me an email and I’ll take the shipping from your order or drop me an email and we can do an order through paypal!

I’m also thinking about doing a mini giveaway to celebrate my blog turning 8. It won’t be a huge thing due to money and it will only be open to the US only, I’m still on the fence about doing and I’m not even sure what will be in the giveaway. I’m glad I still have a little time to think about it. haha!

Blog Title: Constant Headache by Joyce Manor


  1. I am sorry to hear that you did have a crappy weekend. Hopefully the next one will be better (and things have improved).

    I think the outfit you have made looks so cool and can’t wait to see what it looks like (if you decide to share)! 😀 That would be really interesting to see and I hope you do have a good time. 🙂

    The idea of a giveaway is great. I have thought about that too, but I don’t know what I would actually do. xD I think you should, especially since the blog is turning 8, that is old in blog years. xD

  2. Awe man, sorry to hear that your weekend was a total drag… I hate when that happens :

    Nothing wrong with thinking and planning ahead… I’m a firm believer in it. It just prepares you a bit more (and excites you and builds you up for the big day, haha) and there’s nothing wrong with that 🙂 I’m sure your costume is going to turn out perfectly, I usually make my own costumes for any occasion or event, and I like them better than the ones people spend a bajillion dollars on because they’re put together with love 😀

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