My Psycho Ex

No it’s not the name of a band, or a name of a song…

It seems someone has been feeding information to my psycho ex. Information about what I’m doing and such. Not only that but he made comments about how I look now – which means he’s seen me in public at some point recently.

This scares me.

All of this has been brought to light because he called my aunt last night. He was trying to get information from her about me.

I honestly don’t get it. It’s been four years and I’ve moved on. He needs to do the same and just leave me the hell alone.

With all of this being said I sadly am going to password protect any posts after this one. If you have me on facebook feel free to contact me for passwords, same goes for twitter or just email me. Those who comment a lot on posts I will send out emails to with passwords.

This new set of events scares me, honestly. I am fearful that he would try to do something – that’s why I broke up with him four years ago.

Thank you everyone for understanding the reasoning behind what I will be doing.


  1. Ugh… the case of a psychotic ex boyfriend. Typical. I know it all too well, too, as I mentioned on Twitter the other night. Someone actually had the balls to friend me who knew my ex and I had ZERO idea (this was back a couple of years ago). My ex sent me a message on my old Facebook account (which I deactivated all because of this situation I had!) and basically recapped everything I had been experiencing the year before he messaged me… he knew where I lived and what I was up to, and how I have a new boyfriend and everything and that he was “glad to hear that and I deserved to be happy” (even though he beat me up mentally and physically just 4 years before the message). People are FUCKED, and people are even more fucked to be feeding your ex information about you and your life – that is so NONE of anyone’s business. f you wanted anyone to know anything, I’m sure you would tell them yourself. I totally understand the password protection on posts, though! You do that, because it will protect you and you will feel so much better about everything! I might be doing the same thing myself with a good lot of entries for this year – I’m still in the hiding from my exes mode, and there’s a girl I’m friends with who’s been a real bitch to me. I’ll be asking you for the password as soon as I comment! I’m so sorry this is happening to you. You’re too much of a sweetheart to be toyed with like this. So ridiculous.

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