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I finally hung up one of the Sheet Music magazines. I had two and I picked this one with only Frank Sinatra on the cover. ^_^ I think it’s kind of funny to have Sinatra on a wall with all those other things that have zero to do with Sinatra or the kind of music he did.

I still have that other Sheet Music magazine that I will end up framing at some point in time.

I’m going to be moving bedrooms – again. haha. I’m going back to the room that I used to have because it’s larger. But I won’t be moving rooms for a while because some things need fixed in that bedroom first. The best part is there’s a closet in that room! So the bookcase I bought to use for a closet I’ll be able to use as a bookcase.

I have two bean bag chairs someone gave me too. So I think I’m going to try to put everything in my room so I can put those by the bookcase. And since my desk isn’t as long as my old one I think that’s going to help a lot.

Yes, I won’t be moving rooms for months but I’m already thinking about how I want the room to look. Haha.

I really don’t look forward to taking all my pictures down and trying to figure out how to hang them up in the other room. The good thing is the main wall that has no windows is bigger compared to the wall I have 90% of my pictures hanging on right now.

This week/end – Friday to Monday – I was at a craft thing. To my surprise it went super well, but I kind of spent most of what I made.

I got my pictures printed for the fair so right there was almost $3. I can’t believe how much they were, but I had to do the one hour thing because their instant print machines were down. But it did cost more to do the instant prints so in the end I saved money.

I also bought Pip his own little bowl. His legs are a little too short so he just gets in the bowl to eat.

One of the stores had 75% off their summer items, which included some plates & bowls. So I bought a plate and bowl that match – each were 62 cents! And they had a set of four prep bowls, which were $1 on sale – yes I bought those too.

I did buy razors too. I had a razor that you used to be able to get blades for and well I can’t find them any more. I just haven’t been able to talk myself into getting a new one like that because of how much they cost. So instead I found four blade disposable razors for $2 – a pack of 10. Earlier last week I bought two blade razors and well…those are just pointless.

Also went down to one store to buy my bubble bath. I bought the same kind I usually buy and I bought my niece a bottle of her own so she won’t use mine. I had to buy shampoo and while I was there I bought shower gel. Everyone is starting to put their fall stuff out so I was able to get the apple scented shower gel I love.

After my little shopping sprees I still have money to put in the bank, so I didn’t spend everything. haha.

The next “event” starts Friday and ends Sunday. The good thing is, this one has odd hours. Friday doesn’t start until around 6pm – so I don’t have to get up early!! Saturday though I will have to get up early and I think Sunday doesn’t start until like 10am or so. I have my fingers crossed this one is a good one. I didn’t go to it last year.

And I have around a month left until the large event. Ugh. This means I have to have a large stock of items. I um don’t have that large stock. I have some tote bags that I just need to finish sewing together – that’s what I’m going to be doing early next week. I also have a few crayon aprons cut out that I’m going to finish next week.

The baby bibs I was hoping to do I won’t be finishing. Instead of doing it like I was going to I listened to someone else and that just screwed them all up. >_< Oh well.

Potato Dumplings

Last night I made potato dumplings with carrots & corn in a “chicken” broth. So good!

Today I’m going to do zero today besides work on Anarchy Kitchen. I’m to the point of adding some recipes. I didn’t want to open it without any recipes on there, that would seem kind of sad to me. So I’m going to add the older recipes I have on here first. Once I really open it I’m going to be adding the newer recipes.


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  1. Those potato dumplings look so good!

    It’s a tedious process to move rooms. I went through that process last year and it was annoying. But at the same time, it’s a great way to get rid of stuff you don’t need and give some stuff away.

  2. I remember when I took down my posters from my wall I was a bit disappointed. They were ruining the wall and I can’t really get it fixed, I still live with my parents and the wall was annoying my mum, ha. I just took everything down, but I am wondering what would be a better place for it all. I might get them framed. But maintaining a wall of memorabilia did get a bit annoying because I wouldn’t know where to put certain things.

    I like the look of the dumplings! It’s nice not using real chicken actually, I don’t eat meat myself. I had some sesame and soy based soup at a restaurant once and it was sooo good.

  3. Back when I used to have posters on the wall I had a guy rip them all down. It was super disappointing to me because I’d spent so much time collecting them and thinking about where to put them.

    After that I didn’t bother putting them back up because, like with Georgie, they were ruining the walls 🙁

  4. I still have posters on my wall, but they are in frames. My husband decided it was a good idea, so we wouldn’t drill too much holes in the wall.

    Sounds like you had an excellent time at the Crafts fair! Hope it continues to keep going well for you!

    Yummy potato dumplings. I actually like dumplings, which is weird for me. Thanks for making something super yummy and fantastic!

  5. Oh man, $3?! What a steal!

    I had to take down all my posters and decor because I remodeled my room. It’s so empty now…but reading your post? I think it motivated me to go out and find some new things to decorate my room with!

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