Movie Wednesday: The Tortured (2010)

The Tortured (2010)

Director: Robert Lieberman
Writer: Marek Posival
Starring: Chelah Horsdal, Jesse Metcalfe, Erika Christensen, Bill Moseley
Genere: Horror

The normal thing I do when watching a new film is find one I haven’t watched and just start watching it. I never research the film before I watch it – making it a huge surprise for me anyways.

When I started watching the film the female I’ve noticed from other things. The secondary male lead I recognized his voice. I thought it couldn’t be the person I thought it was, at this point I did search out a cast listing for the film. To my great surprise it was who I thought it was – Bill Moseley. I have a deep love for him, which most people don’t know. I was surprised and happy to see he was in the film.

Besides that great casting, I mean it does play a crazy person very well, the story is your typical stranger danger story. Kid gets kidnapped, kid is found dead, parents go to the trail of the mad man.

That’s where the typical story ends. The two parents blame each other, until the father comes up with an idea that will give them the justice they seek. The parents are together again and hatch the plan. Kidnap him and torture him. It is an eye for an eye world after all.

The twist ending I don’t want to spoil because it is a true twist. I was taken by surprise when it all unfolded.

This film is totally worth a watch! I didn’t think I would enjoy it based on the kind of bad poster, but in the end it turned out to be a great film.


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