Movie Wednesday: Stripped (2013)

Stripped (2013)

Directors: Mark LaFleur, J.M.R. Luna
Producers: Electra Avellan, Josh Cole
Writers: Andrew Caldwell, Josh Cole, Nicole Sienna

Sometimes you just want to watch a crappy movie, I do my share of watching crappy movies. It’s kind of the idea of just having something to watch no matter how horrible it is.

When I read a couple lines about this movie, I thought it would be something fun to watch. A group of friends – two being brothers – go to Las vegas for a 21st birthday. That has fun written all over it! Now skip to the movie…not fun.

I originally started watching this movie only because I like to have something on while I’m sewing – usually it’s the news or a random movie. I was watching it while I was working on what I was doing so I was keeping up with it and knew what was going on.

But sadly the store isn’t so clear cut and you’re left wondering what’s really going on. Of course the last scene of the film you know it’s all black market related, but that’s it.

I only suggest this film if you want to watch something crappy or just need some kind of noise going on in the room you’re in.



  1. Hahaha. I agree with you about wanting to watch something crappy for no reason! Have you seen May? That would be another that falls under this category.

    1. I honestly love May and I’m not sure why. It does fall under crappy…but for some reason I connected with May.