Movie Wednesday: Hobo With A Shotgun (2011)

Hobo With A Shotgun (2011)

Director: Jason Eisener
Producers: Rob Cotterill, Niv Fichman, Paul Gross
Writter: John Davies
Starring: Rutger Hauer, Molly Dunsworth, Brian Downey, Gregory Smith

I ended up watching this movie by request of a friend. It didn’t take a lot of convincing for me to watch it though, it was on the list of movies I wanted to see since it came out. I just finally had a chance to find it and watch it. Totally worth the watch.

There was a part of me that was worried I was going to be watching and over done movie with a horrid story. I had this feeling mostly for the fact of so many people talking about how great the film is. I don’t usually buy into hype about a movie, for the pure fact that society seems to enjoy some horrible movies.

The story of the film I enjoyed a lot. There’s no better story to be told. A person who society has pretty much cast out sees the unjust around him and decides to stand up for everyone – because they’re too scared to do it themselves. Corruption is running the city.

He goes from the scum of society to a hero.

For me the way a film is colorized goes a long way. That helps to set the tone for the whole film. Maybe it’s all due to my love of art and understanding how colors effect mood.

When the film started and you see those rich colors, it makes your mind think you’re watching a film from the period in time when they were beginning to colorize films. At that period in time when a film was shot in black and white and color was added to it you never ended up with true colors, they always turned out to be a much richer color – and I LOVE films with rich colors. It excites my eyes and my mind.

I also have to say bravo for the well placed references to the Evil Dead trilogy. It made me happy and laugh.



  1. This movie is HILARIOUS! I love a good grindhouse movie. We rented this a few years ago and I still get a good laugh. Have you seen the movie Rubber? Equally mindblowingly odd.

    1. I haven’t seen Rubber, but it’s on my list of films to watch. I’ve heard so many horrible things about that I HAVE to watch it.

  2. Coloring effects the way I view a movie, too, I totally know what you mean by that and I think it’s an artistic way of viewing a movie, as well.

    I’ve never seen this movie, myself, but I’m willing to find it at the used movies/games/comic book shop I go to all the time, possibly see if I can find it anywhere 😀 It looks good and from the rating you gave it, I will definitely have to check it out!

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