Movie Wednesday: Found (2012)

Found (2012)

Director: Scott Schirmer
Writer: Scott Schirmer
Starring: Gavin Brown, Ethan Philbeck, Phyllis Munro, Louie Lawless
Genere: Horror
MPAA Rating: R

This was a film I went into blind – I knew zero about it. As well as not knowing what the storyline of the film was like. Sometimes doing this is scary, I’ve found some super bad films doing it.

Found turned out to be a good film in the end. It’s one that makes you think and view things differently – yes horror films can make you do that. Sadly these kind of horror films are always overlooked.

During this film you see what a brother will do for another, thinking he is doing the right thing that will make his brother happy. But what is done is something that shouldn’t be done. It’s done out of love and a want for happiness for a brother – in the end it leaves that brother sad and sure to be scarred for the rest of his life.


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