Movie Wednesday: Eaters (2015)

Eaters (2015)

Title: Eaters
Release Year: 2015
Genre: Horror
Director: Johnny Tabor
Writer: Johnny Tabor
Cast: Tristan Parrish Moore, Hannah Risinger, Jonathan Haltiwanger, Marcelle Bowman, Robert Dean
Rating: R

The poster looked cool. The tile is interesting. That’s where it ends though.

First we’ll talk about the acting. I understand when it’s one of your first films you’re going to be a little stiff and unbelievable. Or you go to the other side of the fence and over act. If you want to see both sides, this is the film for you. One of the female actors seems just uninterested in trying to be believable. While you have that though, one of the male actors is just completely over acting his part.

I don’t know if it was the story or the editing of the film, but it just really didn’t explain anything. You never find out what truly happens to the people – though there are some slight “clues” as to what happens. It just seems a bit cut up. There is another group of people that you never really know what happens to them. Which makes no sense due to the fact that you learn a lot more about them than you should if they’re just going to be a group of secondary characters. They just become too involved to learn nothing more about them.

There’s a lot about the “eaters” which you don’t learn either. I would figure you should know more about them considering they’re one of the main groups of the film.

When the film ends, you’re left needing – not wanting – to know so much more about the story. I hope it wasn’t ended like that for a second film because I will not be watching it due to the horrible editing of this first film.

If you want a film you can talk during, laugh about and in general pick apart – this is a great film. If you want a good story with acting that you can believe – this is not the film for that.


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