Make Your Entrance Long

Two days in a row of taking a two-year-old (almost three) shopping…that is the perfect birth control!

Wednesday I was going to go shopping with my aunt in hopes of getting a few items bought up for the bake sale at the end of the month – and she had to pay a bill.

Well that morning I got up and I made soup and was eating it at the kitchen table. While I was eating it my niece sat down at the table and was eating a hot dog and cheese.

For some reason she loves hot dogs, but she’ll only eat them cold.

When I was finished with my soup I said that I needed to go get dressed and ready to leave. I shouldn’t have said anything. As soon as I said that my niece said I can’t leave, and she looked at my mom and told her she was going too. My mom ended up calling my aunt and in the end my niece went with us.

So instead of dragging my niece into the place where my aunt had to pay the bill we just sat in the van. Before we went there we picked up the mail so I was able to entertain her for a little while with the ads. That only lasted so long though, we ended up outside walking around the parking lot and we took a little walk down the street.

As soon as my aunt was done we heard those words I was hoping we wouldn’t hear: I want something to eat, I want something to drink.

So we ended up having to go to a place and pick food up. The good thing was it was a nice day so we went to the park and ate at the park.

She’s also in the middle of potty training, so the good thing was where we parked was right next to the bathrooms so we went to the bathroom before we left.

We had to go to a craft store – it’s one with a $1 section. So I didn’t really get to look at things, I was in the $1 section. She had piggy bank money and her goal is to always spend all of her money. So she ended up with two new rubber duckies, a coloring book, new crayons and a crown.

We did go to the restaurant supply store, but they don’t carry paper products. Which was a huge surprise. So we have no cake/cupcake boxes still. >_<

The last stop was to pick up some baking items. And it also led to having to buy Spongbob Square Pants Mac-n-Cheese. The good thing is, it was on sale for 88 cents.

Before we got out of the store she also had to buy a ball.

I went down the drink section looking for Kool-Aid flavors to use for that popcorn. I found that they had the Watermelon Kool-Aid! So I bought two to make Kool-Aid with and one for popcorn. Another new flavor is green apple! I’m more excited over the watermelon flavor though.

Yesterday was another shopping trip with my niece.

This time I was just going to Kohl’s to spend a gift card. I LOVE that they mail out the promotional gift cards. My mom always gets one and gives it to me.

My niece somehow got her dad to give her $10 the night before, so she alone had $15 to spend.

The gift cards they mail out though are $10, so I always go in and have a goal of only spending $10 or a little over.

I did find a pair of boots that would have been $2, but when I tried them on my niece didn’t like them and told me I couldn’t get them. Haha. So I didn’t get them, plus they were a size 4 and the brand they were I needed a 3. I hate that shoe brands are not all the same size. >_< I mean the show brand that Payless owns (the shoes you find in their store for around $10) I wear a size 2!

In the end I ended up buying a pair of these awesome leopard print jeans. They’re a size 12 though so they’re not “skinny”, they’re baggy and I’m hoping after a wash or two they’ll look better. The original price was $40! My thought was…I’m never buying my niece $40 jeans! I only spent $4 on them.

I’m an underwear hoarder. I just can never have enough underwear, and if it’s cute – such as cartoon animals – I can’t pass it up. I looked through the underwear in the girls section because they had a lot marked down but I didn’t see any I really liked. So I ended up getting a couple pair in the juniors section. One pair was $1.80 (original price $9) and the other pair was 90 cents (original price $9).

The last thing I bought was a tube top. But this one comes with straps that you can attach to it. I’ve been looking for one, and since this one was on sale and I wouldn’t end up spending any money on it that’s why I finally picked it up. It was $2.80 (original price $14).

So in the end I spent $10.13 – including tax!

At first my niece wanted to buy underwear. I’m not even kidding. Most kids want nothing to do with buying clothes, but she likes clothes. I’m not sure if that’s going to be a good thing or a bad thing when she gets older.

In the end though she ended up finding a Dora The Explorer doll. It’s the one where she’s a gymnast. The original price was $32.99. Which I was shocked by. But it was on sale so it was only $16.49.

To make it a lot easier I just put everything into one checkout. So the total was $17.07. If we would have bought everything at full price it would have been over $100.

After we were done there my mom had the idea of going to the park to feed the ducks. Well when we got to the park we realized none of the ducks were hungry. So my niece ended up playing.

I always go on the playground equipment with my niece. I see nothing wrong with it as long as there are not a lot of kids playing on it. Well this lady there seen a huge problem with it and started yelling! No joke! We had been at two other areas of the park before this and none of the other parents said a word to me, they quiet enjoyed seeing me playing on the stuff too. But this lady was like parent from hell or something. When she started yelling I picked my niece up and we went to the car.

I just can’t believe a parent would like that in public and in front of their child. I mean, how could you act like that? Screaming because someone is playing with a child – and she didn’t know if I was playing with my daughter or my niece, she had no clue what our relationship is.

Just as Wednesday as soon as we got in the car she started saying she was hungry. So we went to get ice cream.

Outfit picture: Crop vest, plaid pants, The Adicts t-shirt

I’m just tired after those two days of taking her shopping.

Later today I have to go help set up for the arts/crafts event that’s this Saturday. We can’t get into the building though to set up until after 6pm. So I have a long wait. I really want to take a nap, but I can’t. If I take a nap that means I’ll be up all night and Saturday is an early morning. Ugh.

Saturday the event is 9am to 4pm. I’m just hoping it goes well and I sell a few things.

Last night the best thing happened. My brother broke up with that horrid girl, which means she moved out. Now I can put things back in the bathroom!

Thanks to a family friend though we did find out for sure why she doesn’t have her daughter and who does. Turns out her dad has her daughter. Why? She couldn’t keep her daughter clean so someone called CPS on her.

I’m just hoping this makes him realize that he needs to worry about his daughter and not finding someone to lay down with. Though I have a feeling that isn’t going to happen any time soon, which is so sad. My mom did tell him that he needs to get to know someone before jumping into anything with them and letting them around his daughter.

Now I’ve been single for about three months. I haven’t really been looking for anything. Just making a few friends really.

Well I’ve made a new friend recently and we’ve been talking a bit every day. And we talk until we pretty much fall asleep at night. We’ve had some great talks and have found out through all the talking we’ve been doing we really understand each other – and well it’s awesome to not have to explain yourself to someone.

This morning I made a joke that I think I’m dying because of the huge lack of sleep from last night. His response to that was telling me that I can’t die. Well, I had to ask why…

because… *shuffles feet around nervously*… i like you, that’s why.


And I know I had such a stupid smile on my face. I do like him, but I haven’t had a chance to really be around him so I’m not sure how it’s going to be with extended hours around him. I’m just trying to take my time and everything – I just hope that doesn’t scare him away.

We have been talking about doing a little movie night or something like that. Which I think will be a good thing.

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  1. Shopping with a small child is never ideal. I mean, I love kids, but they can be such a pain when it comes to things like that.

    I have a younger brother and when he was small, I used to play on parks etc with him at any chance I got. I love seeing people playing with their children (or siblings, neices, nephews etc). So many people don’t bother anymore, they’d rather stick them in front of a tv or computer and leave them to do their own thing. I can’t believe that someone would react that way. It’s none of her business anyway. I can’t be doing with people like that.

  2. I have to start this out with cold hot dogs? Really? Yyyyyuck but then again, she’s a little kid, and little kids have very weird habits LOL 😛 But I do agree, although I am a mother to a six year old, going shopping with her when she was three was DEFINITELY NOT my idea of a fun time. I don’t care what the new age parents say, shopping with your kid is NEVER fun. Especially where there are toys and/or food involved. She looks like she had a good time for herself, though, so I suppose that’s really all that matters 🙂 Definitely looks like she’s enjoying her ice cream!

    And that is the cutest thing ever what that boy said to you 😛 Awwwe I love new beginnings and cute little happenings like that XD

  3. You look awesome! I love your outfit especially those pants. They are so colorful! Yeah, shopping with kids aren’t very fun especially if made worse if they are fussy and such. I used to eat hot dogs cold too, but luckily, I grew out of it, and so did my brother.

    Just take your time and wish for the best. I’m crossing my fingers for you! *huggles*

  4. Shopping with a young one can be very tiring and hard to go to certain shops that they won’t like. I’ve been on shopping trips with my little cousin and she is always hungry or tired and never wants to look in the adults section. However I would ask her to help me pick out clothes and tell me if it’s good or not. That way I get to go clothes shopping too!

    That’s a sweet thing to say 🙂 I’m hoping it’ll blossom into a wonderful future for you. All the best ^^

  5. My daughter is the same age (almost three) and today she’s been super bad! I’m really thinking of not taking her with me shopping, lol. Target & the mall today were a total nightmare. She’s throwing a lot of tantrums too.

    I agree with the shoe sizes.. although I have bad luck buying shoes bc they end up never having my size.

    Aww, that’s super cute! I hope things work out. *wink, wink*

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