Louisville, KY
I know I’ve been super silent lately, but I’ve had things going on and just haven’t felt like writing or doing much of anything. I’m hoping to have that turned around now.

Over the weekend (April 8th – 10th) I went to Louisville (KY) with my boyfriend, brother & his girlfriend. It was such a good time and well honestly I needed a weekend away from everything. With that said, my wallet is still angry about the trip.

Louisville, KY Louisville, KYLouisville, KYLouisville, KYLouisville, KYWe got into town around 2pm Friday (8th). It took a bit longer because we ran into an accident in the morning. Our area had some ice on the roads and people weren’t paying attention while they were driving.

So we ended up walking around for a bit down town. We found the visitor center, so I bought my mom a chicken that has a “KFC” shirt on and I bought me a t-shirt that has all the ways to say Louisville.

After that we still had some time to kill before we could check into our hotel. We went across the bridge to Jeffersonville, Indiana for lunch.

We went to Big Four Burgers + Beer.

Big Four Burgers + BeerBig Four Burgers + BeerBig Four Burgers + Beer is a great little spot to visit if you’re in the area.

Jeffersonville, INJeffersonville, IN Jeffersonville, INAfter we ate we went to the outlook that was right now the street. Sadly, at this point it started raining.

Even though it was raining we went to the short distance to the Falls Of The Ohio State Park. Even though it was raining, it was a great visit. I really want to go back when it’s really into the spring/summer weather. I think it would look so great with everything around in bloom. I highly suggest a visit to the park. If it’s raining though the rocks are slick. It would be a great visit with kids because you can see the fossils every where you walk.

Falls Of The Ohio State Park Falls Of The Ohio State Park Falls Of The Ohio State Park Falls Of The Ohio State ParkFalls Of The Ohio State Park Falls Of The Ohio State Park Falls Of The Ohio State Park Falls Of The Ohio State ParkFalls Of The Ohio State Park Falls Of The Ohio State Park Falls Of The Ohio State ParkAfter we visited the park we ended up going back into Louisville for a little bit. The tour we had booked didn’t start until 8pm, so we had time to kill.

Louisville, KYWe found this chocolate place called Art Eatables. I think I bought chocolate for everyone I know on this trip. haha.

Art Eatables Art EatablesThe people who own and run this chocolate shop, well they really don’t focus on the chocolate. They first focus on the bourbon. They do a lot of bourbon infused chocolates in their shop, but they also have chocolates which have no bourbon in them.

Waverly Hills SanatoriumThis is the whole reason for the trip, Waverly Hills Sanatorium. This building is just beautiful in its own way. Sadly though they’re being forced to turn some of the building into a hotel, so they’re figuring within the next 10 years most of the building will be gone. Which honestly made me sad, not everyone will be able to visit places like this and learn of the history and the past.

I know many people think Waverly Hills was an insane asylum, this is wrong. This hospital was only used as a TB hospital. Though for a time it was turned into a nursing home after there was no need for TB hospitals.

Waverly Hills SanatoriumWaverly Hills Sanatorium Waverly Hills Sanatorium Waverly Hills Sanatorium Waverly Hills SanatoriumThis is a picture of the closed elevator doors. The nurse who hung herself, did not hang herself in room 502 – she hung herself in front of this elevator. Also, room 502 was a bathroom not her sleeping room.

Waverly Hills SanatoriumThe door of 502.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium Waverly Hills Sanatorium Waverly Hills Sanatorium Waverly Hills Sanatorium Waverly Hills SanatoriumThis last picture is from the death tunnel (aka body chute). We were only able to go a little bit down it due to people in the past not being able to make it down and thinking they could. Kind of bummed me out we were able to go all the way down, but at least I was able to go down in it a little bit. This tunnel is how they hid the deaths from others in the hospital, well not really hide the deaths but the reason for using this to get bodies to where they needed to go was a good reason. Think about it, if you were in the hospital and seen ambulance after ambulance all day long…how would you feel?

Nord's Bakery Nord's BakerySaturday morning we went to Nord’s Bakery. Nord's BakeryNord's Bakery

After the short bakery stop we headed to Louisville Mega Cavern for the first tour of the day.

Louisville Mega Cavern Louisville Mega Cavern Louisville Mega Cavern Louisville Mega CavernThere was a section of the cavern set up to show what it would have looked like if it were a fallout shelter. Yes, the government thought the cavern would have been a great fallout shelter – which it would not have been. Basically it would have been a big mass grave.

Louisville Mega Cavern Louisville Mega Cavern Louisville Mega CavernFor lunch we went to Feast BBQ.

Feast BBQFeast BBQFeast BBQThe rest of the day we spent shopping and walking around the city.

"Before I Die I Want To..."Butchertown MarketThe Comfy CowThe Comfy CowCrescent Hill ReservoirCrescent Hill ReservoirCrescent Hill ReservoirCrescent Hill ReservoirSidebarDinner was at Sidebar…after waiting 2 1/2 hours for a table. It’s right next to where all the big musical acts play in the city and there were two concerts that night. Ugh. In the end though, the food was totally worth the wait.

Jungle Jim'sOn the way back Sunday we stopped at this place called Jungle Jim’s International Market. We found a booklet for it at our hotel and when I looked at it, I fell in love. This place is massive and has pretty much anything you could ask for. My boyfriend and I spent over half of our time there looking through the international food. ^_^ And yes, I bought stuff.

Noodles & CompanyOur last meal of the trip was at Noodles & Company.

The trip was a lot of fun and I was so glad my boyfriend was able to go. I loved having him there with me.

Now the fun part….things I bought:

Bobby Pop VinylFriday The 13th Jason FigureFriday The 13th Jason FigureAsh Pop VinylButons Supernatural shirtRib cage JacketArt Eatables Chocolates Mega Cavern PostcardWaverly Hills PostcardsShower BombsBourbon Barrel Foods ItemsCellar Door ChocolatesGoodies from Peace Of The EarthLouisville jerky & primal stripsNew BuddhaOuija Tote

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