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So the past two week I had the same schedule for work. I think it was mostly because I was new, they were kind of testing me out to make sure I got the hang of things. Well now I have a new schedule that is more of the time I applied to work.

This week (as in the week starting Monday, today) I work Tuesday 4-10, Thursday 4-10, Friday 12-6, Saturday 11-5 and Sunday 4-10. In the end it means a lot more hours compared to last weeks check and this weeks check.

I did work Sunday for the first time last night, also my first 4-10 shift. After around 7pm it was starting to become a ghost town for the most part. Which I liked because I was able to do things I normally am not able to do when there are loads of people.

I also haven’t messed up any orders really. I noticed that sometimes the POS doesn’t ring things through like they should, you have to stand there and really tap on the screen for it to register the change.

Last night I did see my first walk out. Turns out there was some kind of error so his order wasn’t showing up on the screen for the kitchen or anything. So he got mad, wanted his money back and left. I mean yes sometimes the error is a human error, but technology makes mistakes too.

Also I made a milkshake for someone who ordered it and once he seen it he didn’t want it. Uh what do you expect a fast food milkshake to look like?! If you want a fancy milkshake go to Stake And Shake!

Holiday Shopping
Last week I did take my paycheck and opened a Christmas layaway. Downside is the restrictions for the layaway, meaning I wasn’t able to put half of what I picked out for my niece. But I was able to put the 18in doll in! It’s like a generic American Girl doll. Before Christmas I’m going to buy a couple outfits and a bed for the doll. I also put a TV in the layaway for myself…okay so in the end it may end up being my computer monitor, we’ll see! ^_^

As far as shopping for my niece, I know everything I want to get. I’m going to try to do a bit of shopping with every check from now to Christmas. It all depends on how much I pay on the layaway. Like this week I won’t be able to pay on it until Sunday or so because I’m going on a little date Saturday after work.

I’m also hoping to be able to pick up what I want to get my mom within the next week or two. I seen one store has it on sale, so I’m hoping they still have them and they’re still on sale.

New Music

Potato Pirates

On the 7th The Potato Pirates had a new album come out, and yes I ordered it. I woke up early just to order it. I’m still loving the album!


The insert for the album had a poster on one side, so I framed it along with the notes they’ve send in other packages I’ve received from them. ^_^

I’m not doing anything for Halloween this year, aside from going trick or treating with my niece.


My niece is being Little Red Riding Hood this year. Here’s a picture of her skirt and apron. I still have to put the holes in her vest to put the ribbon through. And since my work schedule is like it is my mom is going to sew her cloak when I finish cutting it out.

She has a basket with a little plaid “napkin” in it too.

I think I’m going to wear my Little Bo Peep costume. I’m going to go to Goodwill sometime this week to see if I can find a stuffed sheep.

Food Porn

Pasta, Chicken & Spinach

Dinner from September 26: Breaded “Chicken”, Tomato & Spinach salad, Pasta.

Creamed Spinach Pasta

Dinner from September 27: Creamed Spinach Pasta.

Hamburger & Potato Bake

Dinner from September 30: Hamburger & Potato Bake topped with cheese.

Crispy Tofu, Veggies & Rice

Dinner from October 20: Crispy baked tofu, veggies and brown rice.

Fried Tofu

Dinner from October 26: Fried Tofu topped with mushrooms & onions, and wild & white rice.

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