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This is Booger. She was my cat for 12 years, until be passed in 2008. I know it’s been years, but I still miss her. Now the reason behind posting those pictures and talking about her is a pure and simple fact: I want a tattoo of her. With that said, I don’t like portrait/picture tattoos. I just personally don’t like them.

I’m asking for some help. If you are artsy or know anyone who is artsy. I want the tattoo of Booger to be a cartoon style tattoo. So if you want to take a shot at it do so and please share with me, or if you know someone who would like to do it please share!

A bit about Booger: She was all white except for the marks on her head and her tail – at the base of her tail the black was almost heart shaped where it attached to her butt. She almost always was sitting with her tongue hanging out. Her eyes were green. When she was younger she did enjoy a good mouse hunt – and a few times she brought the dead ones to me, once she even put the mouse in bed with me.

I would seriously love it if anyone could help with the drawing. It would mean the world to me. I’ve tried looking for someone to do it before and well it didn’t work out. My birthday is at the end of this month and I want to get a new tattoo, getting this would just be perfect – but I need a drawing first. Haha.

When it comes to life, last week (My week is Monday to Sunday) I worked five days – Wednesday to Sunday – as well as Monday of this week. So it ended up being six days straight, which sucked but my check is going to be so nice tomorrow. ^_^ I’ll be able to put at least $110 in the bank & still have money for usual weekly needs. Last week I did put $40 in the bank – I’m trying to put away some cash for my birthday weekend as well as my next trip.

Today I was going to put what I have leftover from my check last week, but I ended up buying books. I still have money leftover but I have to go buy slippers – sounds weird since it’s so hot, but I need a pair. Haha. So tomorrow night after I get home from the store & work I’m going to put whatever I don’t spend in the bank.

On top of that I’m in the middle of trying to change cell phone networks. T-Mobile doesn’t have a lot of coverage in my area or where we’ve been going on these trips. Right now I’m sitting at home with zero bars. So when the wifi goes out I can’t even call – right now I can’t text but since the wifi is on I can call…but I don’t call people, I text people. I know a lot of the networks allow you to bring your own phone and it’s super cheap to do that – you just pay for the sim and the first month to activate your phone on their network. So depending on how my check really is, I may try to get on the Straight Talk network Friday. I did send them an Email asking them if my phone would work and they basically told me try it and see.

My whole reason with bringing my own phone is the fact that no one offers Windows Phones really…and I love my Windows Phone. I’ve thought about going back to an Android phone but see no benefits in changing. Sorry Droid lovers! I just love I don’t have to put my work schedule on two different places – it all syncs up. ^_^ Hey, I’m kind of lazy when it comes to writing my schedule on calendars. haha.

Sadly tomorrow it’s back to work, my regular noon to 6 shift. Saturday through Monday are the days I start at 11, they’re all short shifts which is fine – but I like starting at noon. haha. Means no alarm.

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  1. Booger looks sweet. I once had a cat named Gato. Original name, don’t you think? Regardless, I loved him until my brother chased him away and that’s the last I seen of him. I hope you get a chance to get that tattoo of Booger. Of course Gato was pure black and had an interesting story behind him.

    Still, I’ll be sad when Marley goes, but for now, I’m focusing on the here and now with her.

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