It’s happy time

Festival Food

Last night, to my great surprise, I was kidnapped. Okay not the usual “kidnapped” it was planned and I was very excited when I got the texts about it all. ^_^

Jason picked me up late last night, and I was beyond happy to see his face. We sadly don’t live that close to each other, but at least he’s not in another state or two hours away. When you look at the drive between the two cities, it’s honestly not that bad. And usually every other weekend I’m in his city with friends at the hookah place, so that’s a bright spot in it all. And well…I enjoy every moment I spend with him. He’s such a sweet guy – along with funny and a little nerdy. I’m so glad  we started talking when we did. He’s a total keeper.

But anyways as I said he picked me up late last night. I took the night Planet Terror (2007) [LINK] and we watched it. I admit, it had been a while since I seen the movie so there were a couple pieces of the film I didn’t remember. And it still makes me a little sad that out of the two Grindhouse films I liked Death Proof (2007) [LINK]. I mean in theory Planet Terror is a “zombie” film…and well I fucking love zombie films. To me Planet Terror was just missing a little something.

We ended up staying up until like 6am, which wasn’t the best idea but I know I didn’t care. I enjoy spending time with him even at that early in the morning. ^_^

This morning we spent it at the Italian American Festival in Dover. I haven’t been there in nearly 5 years and it was smaller then it used to be. We sat and watched a couple of the girls from a dance school in town perform. We also grabbed something to eat (picture above). And I think it’s some kind of law that if you go to a festival and there’s a lemonade stand you can’t leave until you have lemonade.

It’s kind of like at the county fair, I can’t leave without having fries and lemonade. That’s really one of the reasons I even go to the fair any more. Though I’m sure I’ll be going with my niece at some point, and I’m going to talk Jason into going at some point because it’s always a good time when you’re there with someone you enjoy.

I guess a lot of people have noticed how much happier I’ve been over the past couple weeks. I think I have a great reason to be happy. ^_^

Also, check out TaV for reviews of the films I’ve been watching lately.

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