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Mad Santa Paws

I know it’s been a while since I really wrote something. Well with worth and everything else going on I just haven’t felt like writing. I know that sounds bad, but I’ve just wanted to curl up and watch movies lately.

Today I was suppose to have a cervical biopsy done. It had to be rescheduled though due to mother nature wanting me to stress out for a few more weeks. Honestly I’m not stressed over what the biopsy may say, I’m stressed out over the process of having it done. I’ve just seen way too many movies where people die in a doctors office.

The biopsy has to be done all because my paps smear came back “abnormal”. My doctor hasn’t said anything besides that. I talked to a friend at work about it and she said her doctor just did another pap. So this leaves me wondering if there’s something that my doctor isn’t saying. Kind of just odd, I think.

From what my doctor said though she’s wanting to look at it with her own eyes. So once she looks at it and it’s something to worry about at that time she will take a biopsy of the area. Still, it’s nothing fun to go through.

Last week I had an eye appointment. In the end I found out I have astigmatism in my right eye, so I have to get glasses.

Taken DownIt’s hard to believe it’s December. I look at the weather and see the high for one day is suppose to be 65. Ugh. It has left me to get some non-snow pictures with my new camera. Which is good since I’m still getting used to it.

November 24December 09December 09I’ve really just been working and sitting at home. I haven’t seen my boyfriend in a while due to a freak car accident he was in. I guess I shouldn’t really call it a car accident. What happened was a drive shaft dropped out of a truck and hit his car, so it wasn’t the kind of car accident where someone hit in or something. The good news is, he finally got his car back yesterday so I’m just waiting to see him. I’ve missed him a lot.

Christmas treeWe do have a Christmas tree up. Both of the cats have never seen one before, so getting them to stay out of it was kind of an experience.

CallieCallie was the main one eating everything off the tree. Since the tree has been up for a while now though, she doesn’t mess with it. My brother brings his puppy here when no one will be home for hours, so that leads to a different issue…

She chases the cats and where do they hide? Under the tree. So I spent this morning re-wrapping gifts. I told my mom I’m not going to re-wrap anything else. I mean when we had dogs we would leave them at home and they would be fine. It all comes down to them not wanting the puppy to eat their stuff, but they bring the puppy here to eat everything in our house. It’s kind of crap and I’m sick of it.

For those who don’t follow me on social media, Ash does have a little sister now.

CarrieHer name is Carrie (after the Stephen King book). She’s a Dachshund and lab mix. She looks just like her dad though, who is the dachshund.

CarrieCarrieCarrieShe turned 6 weeks old last Thursday and got her first shots over the weekend while I was at work. She’ll be going through more of that kind of thing this week.

Ash has been doing pretty good with her. They play with each other but sometimes Ash does get too rough. I bought Ash a play tunnel that has a hole in the middle and they play in that together a lot of the time. The only mistake I made is the fact that it is a crinkle tunnel so every time they’re in it, that’s all you hear.

AshToday Ash got his new Pet Gift Box. It’s Christmas themed so it was fun to open. One toy is the big crinkle toy. He even got a stocking full of little toys, which he has shared with Carrie. The major thing in this box was a Temptations Snack Snowman toy. The issue is, Ash doesn’t eat cat treats…so Carrie found it and I think there’s only a few treats left in it.

Yes, Ash is a weird cat. I’ve bought loads of treats, every kind I can find and he wants nothing to do with them.

Tiny SnowOn the 18th we did get a tiny snow. Seriously, it was a tiny snow. Just a spotty covering on the ground that was gone by morning. It was exciting and depressing at the same time. Even with this tiny snow, it still doesn’t seem like Christmas is just days away.

While I was out getting pictures of the snow before is melted, I took a couple other pictures…

MoonMoonThese are my first moon pictures and considering I was shivering, I think they turned out good. I think I’m ready for the full moon on Christmas.

Tomorrow is my last day of work before Christmas. The sad part is I work pretty much all day. I’m not looking forward to it at all. I am looking forward to having Christmas Eve off though. I don’t want to miss Christmas Eve with my niece this year, like I did last year. I mean not everyone can work Christmas Eve due to family things, and I can’t help it that my brother gets my niece on Christmas Eve. It’s not like I’m going to go out partying. I’ll just be sitting in my pjs opening things.

I already know I got a blu-ray player for Christmas. It’s one that does streaming too. The bad thing is, I lost my remote for my TV so I can’t change the input. I ordered a replacement today and it should be here before the end of the year. Now the super sad thing is, I only have one blu-ray movie. haha. I found a copy of The Order (2003) and bought it. After I pay bills with this check I plan to order a few movies.

And I leave this post with a few food pictures…

Orange Chick'nButternut Squash RavioliHot Cocoa Brownies

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  1. I have had a couple biopsy’s done for the same reason, pap came up abnormal and they found nothing wrong with me…I think sometimes they just come up abnormal. I wouldn’t say it hurts, it’s just uncomfortable and you won’t die, I hope your doctor is good enough not to kill you during a biopsy.

    There isn’t any snow where I live either, it snowed last weekend but it melted as soon as it hit the ground. Doesn’t feel like Christmas without snow.

    Merry Christmas

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