I’m Running Out Of Air

Birthday is over…so life goes back to normal.

First thing I have to talk about has nothing to do with my birthday.

Thursday I heard a cat crying outside. I went out to check it out because I thought maybe Stinky was stuck some place or something like that. Nope. I was so wrong. Instead I found this little kitten crying. Turns out someone dropped the kitten off earlier in the day and the kitten found its way to the semi truck place next door. One of the guys was still there when I was picking the kitten up and explained what happened earlier in the day and told me one of the guys fed the kitten some tuna. I told the guy I was going to bring it home with me and try to find it a home.

Fast forward to Sunday, I was informed the kitten doesn’t need a home and that we are in fact going to keep her. Why? My niece is convinced the kitten is HER kitten.

The first night she was in the house she was scared, but wouldn’t you be if someone threw you from a car hours before? But now she’s doing great. She’s in love with Puppy, but is still scared of Odie. Stinky on the other hand…not so excited to have another cat in the house. She has tried to get Stinky to play, but Stinky just swats on her to get her to go away – he’s a grumpy old man.

When it comes to my birthday, I had the best birthday I’ve had in years.

Friday night we went to see Insidious Chapter 3. I was excited because I’ve been waiting to see it, I’m a fan of the other films and this one as well. It’s been a while since I was in a theater watching a horror film, and well I never remember as many people screaming and such during a film. Sad thing is, this movie wasn’t even scary.

After the film we went back to his place and watched Surf Nazis Must Die. Honestly, he watched more of it compared to what I seen…I fell asleep. I know that sounds horrible, but hey couch cuddles does that to anyone and I did work 7 hours Friday.

Saturday we started the day with getting coffee (& tea for me).

Following that we did some shopping – which sounds odd, but it was fun.

I bought two cookbooks. One of the cookbooks is the Top Chef cookbook. I’ve wanted it since it came out, and I found it on sale so I couldn’t pass it up. I know 90% of the recipes I can’t eat, but I’ve started going through the book to change recipes over to vegan. I’m super excited to do this! The other cookbook is a vegan junk food cookbook – woo!

I also bought a pair of Superman earrings, a mini metal Titanic model, Frank Sinatra CD, a new pan, and random junk food/drinks. Haha!

I ate so much great food and just had an amazing weekend. It meant a lot that Jason would take his weekend to spend it with me. And it really meant a lot to me when it made my cake – I helped too. The funny thing is the only cake pan he could find was a skull shaped one for Halloween – so I had a skull shaped birthday cake with chocolate icing. ^_^ Totally me.

Since my birthday is over it’s back to normal life though, working and doing nothing else. I am still in the process of getting everything ready to go back to school – it’s just taking a while. I have to get transcripts which is going to be a pain since everyone is out of schools right now since it’s summer vacation and such. Fingers crossed it doesn’t take forever to get that done.

Quinoa Pilaf & Curry Sweet Potato MashThis is dinner from last night. It’s a Quinoa Pilaf and Curry Sweet Potato Mash. The recipes are currently up on Anarchy Kitchen right now! ^_^

Tonight I’m making cheesesteak sandwiches for the first time. Fingers crossed! And instead of sliced soy cheese, I’m making a cheese sauce – this is, I think, the 3rd different kind of cheese sauce I’ve made this year. Haha. But they’re all great for different things.


  1. Sounds like a fun birthday weekend.. with delicious skull cake! 😀

    People can be so terrible to animals, lucky you found it and adopted it into your family 🙂

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