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Wow, it’s been a while. I know I’ve been bad at blogging lately, but I’ve been working a lot more. I just finished six days straight. I get one day off and I work two and get the weekend off. All I can say is, I’m ready for the weekend.

My birthday is Saturday and I have plans to hang out with someone and that’s pretty much it. Well aside from buying a printer at some point. Yes, that’s my big birthday purchase is a printer. haha.

I have the perfect reason for buying the printer though. Since I’m entering pictures in the fair again this year I’ll be able to print the pictures at home – as well as edit them on my computer. I’m excited at the thought of being able to print pictures at home and not spend so much just on one 8×10. Seriously, the price of printing is horrible. I’m not set on a brand yet – I don’t like Cannon, my mom has one – so I’m pretty much going in and going to compare each printer just to see what the best deal is. My printer is the one thing I’m willing to spend a little more on – just as a computer or camera. ^_^

Pet Gift Box
This month Stinky got his last Pet Gift Box – at least until later this year anyways. The boxes he got were great, but I just need a break from subscription boxes for a while. This box was dinosaur based since that movie came out. One of the things he got was two dinosaur shaped toys. ^_^

Box Of DreadAnd my Box Of Dread this month was Frankenstein themed. Well if you know anything about me, you know I’m not a fan of Frankenstein. I just never really got into the monster movies – and don’t for a second thing I don’t like what are considered some of the first (and classic) horror films. Even though I wasn’t thrilled about the theme, they still sent some great things. Box Of Dread just really isn’t a horror box for me, that’s what it comes down to. So just as the other box, I canceled my subscription.

I did find this one service that you sign up for and they send you a box each month from a different subscription company. If you find one you like you can sign up for that service – and they usually have some kind of a deal for first time sign ups. Once all my trips and new phone is all finished up I’m going to sign up for that. It is a bit pricey when compared to what I was paying for both of these boxes, but I admit it sounds fun to get a different kind of box each month. Oh and when you sign up you tell them what kind of boxes you want – so you’re not getting a box from a company that does makeup boxes and you don’t wear makeup. ^_^

Potato Pirates Record BundleEarlier this month Potato Pirates put the pre-sale up for their record bundle – their new album on vinyl, poster and slip mat! Well you can bet I pre-ordered! The slip mat was only available on the first few orders too, so I was excited to know I was one of the orders to get one. As the other vinyl that I own that gets played a lot, I’m getting a frame for this one. I know it sounds weird, but the frames I get are SUPER easy to open to get to the record, plus you use the records as artwork! Since this came in the mail too it now gives me extra motivation to get my player fixed. It doesn’t have to go to a shop or anything, I can do it myself. There’s a wire that keeps falling off the underside of the table, I’ve just been lazy when it comes to doing the simple fix. I have been considering buying a new one, but I don’t want a “new” one. I own 8-track tapes that are still playable and my player has an 8-track – so my player was a deck in it. I know finding a player with a working deck is hard to find, but I’d feel lost without one.

I guess when it comes down to it, I’ve kind of been hiding myself from even blogging. I just know mine is well…boring. I work, come home, watch movies – that is my life. I’ve been wondering lately if it’s even worth keeping up since I honestly don’t have anything worthwhile to share. I mean, I don’t go on dates so I don’t have anything to dish about when it comes to dating. My blog as just become a depressing place when it comes to real posts I write due to the fact I really only have the same thing to share over and over again.

I wouldn’t say that I’m depressed, I guess I just live a depressing life – if that makes sense.

Like tonight after work. I got off work, came home and watched movies. That is seriously how my night went.

Eh. I don’t know any more. I’m just burnt out on work and that just seems to burn me out on everything else and makes life even more routine. Even at work, it’s the same thing every day, nothing different.

Maybe my birthday weekend will help me bust out of the routine that’s been eating my life.

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  1. Happy early birthday! I hope you feel better and a printer is amazing, especially one that works. You get what you want, regardless of what anyone says, and besides if it is what you want, yeah, get it. It’s your money, after all <3 Man, I need to subscribe to some kind of box, because I'm getting jelly of what everyone is getting. Yup.

    I'll have to look around for a good one. You have a good day!

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