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Sweet Lolita
My large project is finally finished! I started my sweet lolita cos in July and I finished it this week. Yes it really did take that long and most of that work was just on the skirt. The skirt is three layers. The petticoat is six layers, making the skirt have that classic cupcake shape that most of the lolita cos is all about. ^_^ I made a “bib” for the front of the top since it was cut too low. I’m not sure what my favorite piece of the cos is. I am looking for the perfect place to get some better pictures taken of the full cos.

I did make a few new items for my shop [LINK]. The first item are these. I made a leopard print tampon pouch [LINK], a cherry print tampon pouch [LINK], and a cherry print sanitary pad pouch [LINK]. I made myself a leopard print sanitary pad pouch. The idea of these pouches came to life because I always end up having to search through my messy bag when I need a sanitary pad…and well I don’t want to sit in a public restroom searching through my bag for one. I am pretty stoked about how they turned out. I’m going to do a few that are just solid colored too.

This is the major add to my shop today. My first plushie in my shop! I figured I’d make a kawaii onigiri plushie [LINK] for my first plushie for sale. I think he turned out so cute and well I kind of wanted to keep him when he was finished. I’m not going to keep him though because I’m sure there’s a home out there some where that would give him loads of love. ^_^

After I finished the plushie I started thinking about making kawaii onigiri earrings! I’ve made keychains before, but never earrings. So I figure tomorrow afternoon or so I’m going to start playing around with trying to make the keychain idea into earrings. If it works out, they’re going to be the cutest earrings ever.

Hello Kitty Bow Earrings
Today I went out and I found Hello Kitty ribbon. I couldn’t leave the shop without buying some. The roll I bought was turned into these cute Hello Kitty bow earrings [LINK]. I only have one pair of earrings finished right now and I hope to finish another set tomorrow. I’m also going to make at least two bow keychains. I just wish I would have bought two rolls of ribbon.

As I said before I went out today. I did buy something I shouldn’t have bought – these socks. I have a pair like them that are red and black. I guess the good thing is they were only $2.09 – so I didn’t pay full price. I do love them but the only skirt I have to wear them with is my black pleated skirt. I kind of want to make a tutu to match the socks. ^_^

I also bought some felt I needed to start on some new things for the shop. But the one color of felt I really needed I completely forgot! Ugh! Next time I’m really making a list on paper instead of just in my head.

Earlier this week I did go out with my mom and I finally found the right color of red nail polish that I’ve been looking for! I usually paint my nails red or black, but the red shades I’ve been seeing have all just been super dark. I was so glad to find the bright red shade I love – and it was only $1! Double win!

This week though I’ve been sewing a lot compared to the past few weeks. I’ve really been working on two rag dolls. The one rag doll I’m making for my niece for Christmas. I have her stuffed but I haven’t added the hair yet. The other one I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it – it does have a red mohawk though. ^_^ And I do have fabric picked out to make a skirt and top for my niece’s doll, as well as fabric for a nightgown and a dress. I’m considering making her doll either a pillow and blanket or a sleeping bag with a pillow attached – I’m just not sure which one I want to make. Either one is going to be a lot of work.

I have started working on getting some business cards made. I’m going to print them myself to save money – I’m sure down the line I’ll send them to a printer place to get them done. I’m just going to make them super simple and have my etsy shop url, facebook page url, and an email. But when it comes to the email should I make an email just for business related requests? I just know I’m horrible at keeping up with more then one email address – but I’m sure if I put my personal email on the business cards I’ll be asked to explain it. Haha.

I just haven’t really been stoked about this business adventure until this past week, and I’m not really sure why. And I know I’ve been talking about the shop a lot. Trust me on facebook I’m really annoying about it – but I really only post about it when I add something new to the shop – and I don’t post every single new thing I’ve added.

Next week I’m going to go through all my fabric and pick out some fabrics to make some new scarves. A friend wants to order some scarves from me for Christmas, so I’m going to make some more up so he has a few to pick from instead of just three.

As far as this weekend, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I know what I want to do though. ^_^


Blog Title: Some Girls (Dance With Women) by Jc Chasez


  1. You sure surprise me a lot of the time! You are one gifted seamstress! I really like the fact you added long hair to the costume. Maybe you should try and sell the costume when you’re done. You may get some hits on it. Just a thought!

    I’m super excited to hear that you’re adding more and more cute stuff to your shop. Have you ever considered in doing shirts and what not? As far as your niece’s doll goes – why not do all of them? That way, your niece will never tire of her, and can actually say my dolly is sleeping! Or she’s on vacation (if she knows what that is). Or something that little girls do with their dolls! Sounds like a cute idea you got – and I hope you post pictures of the doll in question!?

    Again you are extremely talented. I wish I had your brain. LOL.

  2. oh wow you’re so talented! Even though it took you a long time you kept on with it and finally have a result!!! Love it! It’s so pretty!! I would like a sweet lolita dress myself but I’m no seamstress D:

    The ribbon earrings are cuute!! Maybe you could make mini charms or a necklace with the ribbon too!

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