I’ll Run Backwards

So the week wasn’t that great and weekend wasn’t that much better.

Instead of my niece being here until this afternoon, she’s here until Tuesday night now. Don’t get me wrong I like when she’s here because I know she’s okay – and I know someone is feeding her real food. It’s just a lot of work. Not to mention my brother has a new girlfriend…

This girl came here with no clothes – besides what she was wearing. And it’s been nearly a month and she’s still wearing the same clothes. Ew. Not to mention the same underwear…double ew! How can someone do that? Just the thought of it makes me want to get a shower.

Today I went into the bathroom to notice she has been using my face wash, as well as my fingernail polish remover pads. So tonight I’m going to be taking all of my items out of the bathroom.

I have no problem with letting other people use things, but you ask first!

She just came in and thinks she owns everything and is the boss of my niece. Like I told my mom, this girl is nothing to my niece and will never be.

Tomorrow I’m suppose to babysit since my mom has to go see her doctor. So I called my aunt, so tomorrow my niece and I are going to go over to her house for the day – well until my mom gets home from the doctor. Tonight while everyone else is asleep I’m going to gather some snacks up and pack a little bag and get her coat and shoes together so this girlfriend won’t have time to ask where we’re going. It’s none of her business.

I’m seriously just fed up with the way she acts. She lays in bed all day and watches TV – or plays on her phone. I’ve never seen her lift a finger to clean. And I’ve only seen her really cook once…and I ended up washing the dishes!

I mean I know I don’t have a regular job, but I sure as hell don’t lay around all day long. If I’m not working on new items I’m doing housework and such.

Plus this girl has a daughter, but doesn’t have custody of her and never sees her…I’m going to get to the bottom of that because I want to know why if she’s going to be around my niece. And if it’s a court order, it takes a lot for a court to take a child away from their mother. When I heard this information a little red flag stood up in my mind. I’m not saying she did anything bad or abused her daughter – I’m just saying I have a right to know if she’s going to be around my niece.

In other news…

I saved the jar from my Better Than Bouillon vegetable base – if you have never tried it, it’s AMAZING – in hops of getting the stickers off the jar…which seems like it’s going to take everything to get the stickers off it. I want to use the jar to put some of my oatmeal bath in for one of the upcoming craft events. I think once the jar lid is covered with fabric it will look cute.

Does anyone have tips for getting sticker labels off a glass jar?

Right now I’m only going to take two jars of the oatmeal bath to see if I can sell them. The downside is since we don’t have a working printer I have to write out the tags and directions for them. Fingers crossed people can read my writing! haha.

I would like to sell the bath online but the reason I don’t offer it in my shop is the cost of shipping. Shipping costs just suck sometimes.

Talking about mail…A friend from California sent me a cute little letter last week and I did finally write him back and I even put together a tiny package to send. It should cost right around $1 to mail it, which is right in my price range! haha. It was just great to get a little letter in the mail. Sometimes handwritten always beats something on a screen.

If anyone wants to do like a random note exchange or something along those lines just let me know! ^_^ I’m always up for it! And since craft events are coming up, it will give me something to do while I’m sitting there for a while. Which is another reason why I’m glad my mom got me a tablet for Christmas – I may not have wifi at most of the events, but I’ll at least be able to play games and read.

The first event is April 12. Which is coming up so quickly – I can’t believe it! The good thing is I have all the 1950‘s inspired headscarves finished. But the bibs I was hoping to make I screwed up on so I won’t be finishing them at all. The last thing I was going to make are some sleeping masks, but I can’t work on those until I get some elastic.

If the oatmeal bath sells at this first event I am going to be making more and offering it at all the events I attend.

I’m hoping to make enough money at this first event to order my niece her birthday gift. For Easter I’m making her “Backpack” – the backpack from Dora The Explorer. I’m still on the fence as to what to get her for her birthday. I was really wanting to get her a doctor pretend play kit, but she’s really into the idea of being a ballerina lately.

While talking with my aunt today I did figure out everything to do with the birthday cake. The cake is going to be a regular vanilla cake and the icing is going to be pink lemonade! I still need to get the stencil drawn for it. The hope is to do a large pig and do a baby pig – the baby pig will be just all for her instead of a cupcake.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve talked about dating…well I’m not dating. Weekend of the convention I had a hard time because it just seemed everything reminded me of Jason. That’s kind of why I spent most of my time alone while we were all at the cabin. I just needed time alone.

As of now there’s no one I’m looking to date or anything like that. I’m just going to be alone for a while. I think that’s just what I really need to do. I have been asked on a couple dates and I’ve turned them down.

A bit of a funny story…and scary…

Yesterday at around 8pm I realized I had not seen Wednesday since that morning. Well around 9pm I got a flashlight and went outside in the rain/snow to try to find her. As I was walking in front of the house calling her name, I looked over and see a little black foot stretching out from the siding of the house. There she was! She was stuck under the house all day, and when I got her out she was a mess. She had spiderwebs all over her head, stuff in her tail and she smelled like death. When I got her in the house all she wanted was food. In the end she was totally fine, but it was funny to see her leg reaching out.

Once she ate she was glued to me for the rest of the night, and today she didn’t leave the house. I think she realized outside is bad.

Blog Title: Roll Me Through The Gates Of Hell by Mischief Brew


  1. Wow, That is really rude of the girlfriend! You would think, being in someone else’s home that you would have some respect. :/

    I would want to know everything, if she was about your niece as well. You just don’t know what people are like sometimes and you do have a right to know!

    I have heard if you put hot water in a jar the labels can come off easy. But I don’t know if it would be that easy or not.

    It is a lot of fun sending letters in the post to people. I just have trouble keeping up with doing it. Plus, it is a bit expensive to send overseas mail now. 🙁 Price goes up all the time *sigh*.

    I hope that you can sell some things, so that you can get the gifts and have a good time. 😀

    That is really good that you realised she was gone and found her. Cats can be so tricky sometimes and end up in the weirdest places. Some of them won’t even meow that they are stuck either, which makes it hard. At lease the paw was a giveaway. xD Glad she was okay! 😀

  2. Wow, the girlfriend sounds like something special. I agree if she’s going to be around your niece. It’s better to be wrong and not have to worry.

    As for the labels on jars. Soak in hot, soapy water and then you should be able to mildly scrub it off with some fingernail polish remover or paint thinner without leaving any residue.

    I love handwritten letters over everything else. Getting mail is such a wonderful thing. But much like Kya said, as much as I love it I’m horrible about replying in timely manners.

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