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Over the past few days I’ve been getting anything together to make my swing dress!

I’ve always wanted one but due to my size it’s just been super hard to find one. So as I’ve said in past posts, I’m going to use one of the fabrics I got for Christmas to at least make the skirt part of the dress. ^_^

I found a pattern the other day, but it was in a size 10 – which I’m smaller than a size 0. So it took some doing but I think I have all the problems worked out. I ended up using some bad fabric to make the top (bodice) piece of the dress just to see how much cutting down needed to be done to the pattern pieces. So with that part done I can relax a little bit. The back piece of the top I almost had to cut down totally in half.

The best part is that I won’t have to really do any sizing to the skirt part of the dress! The skirt part is just going to be a lot fuller compared to someone who actually is a size 10. Since I am short though I will have to play with the length of the skirt.

I am hoping to make a long petticoat [LINK] for under the dress. ^_^ So it will be super puffy and fun. I’m pretty sure I have everything that is needed to make a long petticoat and they’re not hard to make at all. I’m not super sure on how I’m going to do the hem of the dress – a lot of them have lace around the hem. Which is easy to do but I really don’t have the lace to do it and lace isn’t cheap. If anything I could do a basic rolled hem for now and go back once I find lace and add it on.

I’m also slowly working out a pattern for my next cosplay. Due to the fabric I’m using, it’s going to be a bedtime (or naptime) theme. ^_^ So I’m going to make a cute pair of bloomers! This is going to be another two piece Lolita cosplay. Which I know 99% of Lolita cosplayers don’t do two pieces, but I like doing two piece because down the road I can swap the skirt out for a different and do the same with the tops. I’m also not doing my bloomers in a crazy color so I can use them with different outfits. As far as the head piece for this naptime cosplay I think I’m going to do another bonnet – bonnets make me think of naptime.

My swing dress is top of my clothing to do list because I want to have it finished for the little movie date Jason and I are having next month. I just think it will be so much fun to wear out for a date. But the problem is what shoes would I wear – aside from my mary janes. I do have one pair of heels but I’ve never picked up the thing to put in the back of the shoe so they fit better – they’re a size 5 so they’re a bit too big. I guess in the end I could always wear my boots – which is what I may do anyways. Haha.

I am looking for back seam stockings. I’ve found a few pairs for under $5- I just can’t pick which ones I want the most. I’ve always wanted a pair of back seam stockings and since I’m working on this swing dress it’s a perfect time to buy a pair. I may buy two different pairs. One pair being back seam fishnets and the other pair being back seam basic stockings.

Circle Skirt

This is one thing I finished today. I took one of the fabrics I got for Christmas and make myself a circle skirt. I just wish I had some red stockings to wear with it! I do have black though! ^_^ It comes right at knee length. I’m thinking about wearing it this weekend if I go any where – which as of right now I’m not.

Tablet Case

This is the other thing I worked on today. I still need to add a closure to it though. I think for the first ever tablet case I’ve made it’s not that bad. Later when I have more time and am thinking more clearly I’m going to make myself a better tablet case – but this one is just fine for now.

The sad part is I haven’t been working on shop [LINK] things like I was hoping to. I’ve just been catching up on sewing things for myself. I know that sounds selfish but I haven’t really made myself clothing in a while and that’s just what I wanted to do today.

Tomorrow while I take a break from cutting fabric for my dress – I know it’s going to take some time to get all the pieces cut for it – I am going to at least get the two pencil cases sewn together and ready to be ironed at least. I also have a couple birthday gifts for a friend that I should be working on.

I just really want a break from all the shop work and such to work on things for myself – I’m just holding myself from doing that because I know that’s not the right thing to do. I need to get some new shop items and I really don’t want my friends gifts to be late. Ugh. I think all of this says I need a vacation.

Since it’s getting late I think I’m going to load season 4 of¬†Futurama on my tablet and get in bed. I finally finished up season 3 and hoping to run through season 4 quickly. I just really want to get the show finished – not that I hate the show, I just told myself I can’t start any other show until I finish this one. I have a few episodes from season one of Supernatural on my tablet, and even though I’ve seen those episodes hundreds of times before I won’t watch them again until I finish with Futurama.


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  1. Wow, that tablet case almost looks too yummy to use! And I’m with you on the 2-piece outfits – they’re just so much more versatile. I have a few one-piece outfits, but sometimes I want to pair the blouse differently, etc. and it’s difficult.

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