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I received my second charm for my Origami Owl [link] in the mail last week. This one is a little teapot. Little known fact: I love tea. ^_^

I’m still trying to buy myself a charm that’s baking/cooking related. It’s just that when people see them on ebay the bidding goes crazy. =_= I just don’t like the idea of spending a crazy amount on this tiny charm. I also am trying to get a black cat charm.


Last Friday and Saturday I went to this huge yard sale that’s held at the fairgrounds. The money collected from the yard sale goes to community hospice. So it’s for a good cause. The first say everything is full price and the second day anything $5 and under you could put in a box and pay depending on the price of the box – Medium box $5, Large box $10, Extra Large box $15. Anything over $5 was half off. And all the clothing is $5 for a bag – the bags they use are huge feed sacks.

The first day I didn’t really get much. I did find a shirt I wanted for like 50 cents. I did buy something super awesome though…well two things. The first thing is train case. I LOVE train cases and I have one already that’s black, the new one I found is a pale blue. The best part is the mirror inside isn’t cracked and it had the tray! It’s from around the late 50’s – which was all the more reason to get it for $1. The other neat thing I found was a pasta machine…for $3! No worries, it works just fine. ^_^

Mom and I played with the pasta machine Sunday to make sure it was all there and works. The dough we made was kind of…wrong…but like I said it was the first time we were using it.

Saturday though since everything was on sale…I went kind of crazy. First, those pins in the picture I found in a few bags of odds and ends of jewelry. I also picked up a small art kit to use with my niece. And I found a Wall-E pillow! I couldn’t pass it up. ^_^ My niece really made out though, I ended up getting her so many new books and toys.

Every year I always get the sizes of family members and just look through all the clothing. This year, I think I only found myself two pair of jeans but I found around 10 pair for my mom. I also found her a coat, and I found my niece three coats – one will need put up for next year. Oh! And the best find was ballet shoes and tap shoes for my niece! I also found myself a pair of heels.


I also found a silver picture frame I thought would go well with all my black frames. Sadly when I got it home I realized it was too small for my Clockwork Orange print – but I found another use for it! A few months ago my mom sound this Sheet Music Magazine and gave it to me, well it fits perfect in the frame. ^_^

We’ve had some nice weather Sunday and Monday…


This is little Booger, she loves climbing trees…well climbing anything.


This is Stink, one of the twins…that you can never tell apart.


This is Stinky.

Flower And Rain

It did rain a little Sunday morning, but even with that it was nice outside.

Ms Lola

Here’s Ms. Lola.



Earlier this week I did start working on some new crafty things.

Hair ties

Some hair ties I have been playing around with. I am going to buy some better looking gems when I get around to actually making these to sell.

For the past two days though I’ve been cutting fabric. I’m not even joking. I’ve cut so much fabric that I have a blister on my finger. I was hoping to have some new things before Friday, but I don’t think I’ll meet that goal.

I completely sold out of lined tote bags. I have around 15 cut out but only maybe four of those bags are total bags – the rest are only the outside fabric cut out. I’m sure I have fabrics that will match well for the lining, I just haven’t looked through fabric yet.

The new bag I’m trying to make – a shopping bag – I  have maybe five of them cut out. I don’t want to cut a bunch of them out just to realize my measurements and everything is just wrong. So I’m going to sew together the ones I have cut out and see how well they turn out.

I’m also working on two small items that I’ll price between $1.50 and $2.00. It all depends on how much time it takes me to finish these up. The first thing I’m making are keychains to hold chapstick. The next thing is a thing that goes around a notebook and holds pens.

Tonight I sat and sorted the chapstick fabrics. I sorted them by color so it’s easier when I’m sewing them. I did get the first part of them finished tonight – well of the blue ones anyways.

Now…food porn!

Steak & Mixed Veggies

On the 29th I made bean steak and had some mixed veggies – and there was a veggie gravy for my steak.


On the 30th I made myself black bean tacos.

Chicken Fried Steak

Sunday I made myself a southern fried “Steak”, rustic smashed garlic potatoes, mushroom/onion gravy and a cucumber/tomato salad.

Southern Dumpling Soup

Last night I made a big pot of southern dumpling soup.

Pineapple Right Side Out Cupcakes

I did bake this week too! I had some canned pineapple to use, so I made these fun cupcakes. I’m calling them pineapple right side out cupcakes – a play on pineapple upside down cake. ^_^

I’m also working on the recipe for my “steak” so I can post it. It only came to be because I was playing around with some beans and spices.

Tomorrow though is going to be hell…well kind of. Saturday I’m going with my mom and her husband to West Virgina for a family reunion (his family). My mom – some how – talked me into baking raisin filled cookies…two dozen. =_= They’re not super quick to make or anything close to it. So I’m hoping to bake them all tomorrow so I can be done with it.

I’m also going to make some oatmeal cranberry bars. Two bags of dried cranberries need to be used, so I thought this would be a good way to use them up.

If you’ve read any of my tweets this week I know it seems like I’m losing my mind and super depressed…well I was depressed. It’s just like everything hit me at once – things I’ve been keeping to myself. And it doesn’t help when my period though “Hey this is a great time to visit”. UGH.

So I’ve been spending a lot of the afternoons this week sleeping. Which sounds super lame, but I really needed it. I am feeling better compared to how I was, but I still feel like I could crawl in a hole.

I’m sure I’ll have pictures from the trip to West Virgina when I blog Sunday. I did find out where the reunion is there will be electric, so the good thing is if I use my battery during the whole trip I’ll be able to snag a plug and charge it there.


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  1. Aw, I love The Little Mermaid pin! The teapot is really cute, too. I actually sell Origami Owl so it’s nice to see someone mention them. The black bean tacos sound good! I want to try to make some.

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