I work a lot.


I know I’ve been a little MIA over the past few months. Only blogging once every few weeks. I feel bad for doing that. Honestly I haven’t felt that I have anything worthwhile to blog about. Well nothing that is major anyways. My life has been pretty boring, all I’ve really been doing is working – and when I get a good day off I spend it with my boyfriend.

Work is still work. Still working toward that management thing, which means three weeks of training at another store. That is something that scares me, going to a different store with people I don’t know and having to be in “charge” of them. The highlight of all of that going on is the fact that I’ll have a hotel room for those three weeks. So it’s kind of like a vacation with work. haha. At the end of the training though, there’s another test. Yep, lots of tests to be a manager. In the end I’m hoping it’s all worth it.

The other day I did have something like a mini melt down at work. It was just the pure fact of me being the only one doing things. Being a team leader means I’m a mini manager, so if people need to be told to do things I can do that. I try doing them and nothing happens, so I had to use the “loud voice” thing. To my surprise it seemed to work. I was listened to for the rest of the night.

I do feel bad for having to use the loud voice. I told one of the other managers that I wanted to tell them all I was sorry for doing that. She told me not to and that if that’s the only way they’re going to listen to me, do what I have to do. Maybe though over time they’ll get used to me being in “charge” and take me seriously. I mean, that’s all I can hope for anyways. I just don’t want to become “the mean one”.

For the past few weeks though I’ve been trying to figure out how to get rid of the major grease stain I have on both of my work shirts. Dish soap did nothing to the stain. A lot of them at work use de-greaser, which I can’t do because of my skin allergies – lucky me. There is something that’s like de-greaser that I think I may try. I have my fingers crossed that it will work. I did get a new shirt, but it’s only a small. That means its going to be hard to work in. I have one small shirt and I just never wear it. The only time I wear it is if my extra small shirt is dirty.

Cherri Anarchy

For the past few weeks after work I’ve just been doing the Netflix thing and making little things. Right now I’ve been super focused on making rings and lapel pins. I enjoy making them more than I thought I would, which surprised me.

Strawberry Lapel Pin Leo (TMNT) Lapel Pin Hello Kitty Lapel Pin Bunny Lapel Pin Raph (TMNT) Lapel Pin Unicorn Lapel Pin Black Skull Lapel Pin Sweet Love Heart Lapel Pin Ice Cream Lapel Pin Black & Gold Lapel Pin Purple Skull Lapel Pin Captain America Lapel Pin Sailboat Lapel Pin Winnie The Pooh Lapel Pin Crown Lapel Pin


I do have a few things to make stud earrings, I have these super cute bunnies I think I’m going to make into at least one pair of stud earrings. I also have things that look like M&M’s, so I think those are going to make cute earrings too.

All of the rings I’ve been making are on adjustable bases, so even kids can wear them. I found awesome colored bases too, which you can get in a lot of different colors. Right now I just have pink, gold and silver. I personally like the silver more than I do gold – but that’s how I am with all jewelry I own.

I am still making the dangle earrings too, but just havens really been working on those as much.

My aunt has been taking some of my stuff to small shows she goes to and I’m kind of surprised at how well my things have been selling. I think I find it surprising because it’s just something I enjoy doing.

The last show my aunt went to she took my lip balm for the first time. I sold ten containers in one day! I’m in the process of getting more stickers and containers to make some more up before the next one.

I also need to order the stickers for the bath salt I’m making. I’m only going to make a few tiny batches of a couple scents. kind of just to see how well it goes.

The other thing I’m going to start making are bath fizzes! I know I love them. I’m going to just do a few, just as the bath salt to see how well it goes over. The thing that’s scary about the fizzies is making sure it doesn’t start to fizz while you’re mixing it. So I’m going to make to make a “play” batch before I seriously make any. I think it’s going to be more of a trial and error thing for me instead of just following a recipe like other things. Either way I’m excited to try something new…again.

Again, if I post anything you’re interested in just feel free to drop me a message. (Email, Twitter) I just ask you pay shipping for any item I have to ship.

This weekend I guess the heat index is going to be right around 100(F). Good thing is, I don’t work this weekend! I mean just when it’s in the 80s(F), the kitchen hits 100(F). So that kitchen is just going to kill when the heat index is that high. For the most part though I’ve never had any issues with the heat – aside from once when I was sick, I just couldn’t deal with the heat. I just hope everyone remembers to drink a lot of water during the weekend while they’re in the kitchen.

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